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If Lost

Port mafia/Soukoku one-shot inspired by that one omake where the Black Lizard find a lost baby.

Rating: T
Words: 4,100
No warnings.

If Lost

Higuchi had seen a lot of things in her time at the port mafia. The hierarchy here wasn’t the kind she thought she’d find in any organization chart; outside of the boss and the five executives, not all of whom chose sub-execs, positions were appointed individually, temporarily, and sometimes randomly. Authority shifted from hand to hand depending on the present needs. Higuchi’s went from bodyguard to secretary to handyman, and if she commandeered the Black Lizard’s deployments whenever her boss gave her the go, they were still led, in truth, by Hirotsu.

She wasn’t affected by the violence she lived in as much as some of them, even if her propension to worry for her coworkers made her vulnerable. Truly, it was this sort of situation that exhausted her the most—the eccentricities and quirks of the people she worked with and the disasters which they brought.

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The paper in front of you blurs, lines and angles and slices of pie… no, pi, less tasty, times x to the… something. A pencil clatters to the floor as your face whumps onto the table.

Dizzy dizzy dizzy, too warm– wait, too cold– but you have to–

“Jeez, what’s with you? Overworked again? Come on…”

Hands and arms and the smell of chocolate, trying to move you. “N-No, I have to finish, it’s late.”

“Nope. It’ll wait.”

Human draped over human, you bury your face in shoulder-blade-long hair. “Smells nice…”

“Ew. Cut it out.”


A sigh.

Footsteps, floating. You can’t keep your eyes open; everything’s blurry now. Minutes or hours later–

“Wh-What happened? Here, let me…”

You feel all floppy, clinging one moment and taken hold of the next, and the voices are fuzzy but loved and safe…

“Dumbbutt doesn’t know when to quit. As usual.”

“Oh, Frisk…” Warm soft white you cuddle into, paws patting your head. “Sweetie, you can’t keep doing this to yourself.”

I’ve told them that but they don’t listen to me…”

“Sorry…” More soft under you and around you. Pillows. Limbs splayed out, on your back. “But… But I have–”

“But nothing.” A weight lands across your stomach, and fingertips nudge yours.

“You’re heavy,” you eke out.

“Not going anywhere and neither are you.”

“Don’t squash them, Chara.”

“I’m not that heavy,” they half-whine. But then you feel Asriel settle in next to you, curving to bracket your side, and Chara slides off to take your other side, breaths tickling your neck.

You’re very tired. But you manage to open your eyes, and things are clearer now. You turn to look at Chara, who’s looking back, eyes half-open.

“Hey, dummy.” But their voice is soft, edged with affection. They raise a finger and poke your forehead. “You’re making us work too hard, y’know. It’s annoying.” Their finger slips down your nose, over your lips. “If you get really sick we’ll probably catch it too, and you know how clingy fuzzhead gets when he’s sick.”

Asriel makes an affronted noise.

“Clingy Azzy is best Azzy,” you trill sleepily, rolling onto your side to face him, smiling at his smile.

“Aw, thank you.”

Chara magnets to your back, taking a deep breath. “Well, I brought you here so you owe me this much.”

“Oh no, help, I’m being counter-smelled,” you mumble into Asriel’s chest.

“Rawr,” Chara growls quietly, making nomming noises near your ear. “I’mma eat you.”

You elbow them half-heartedly. “Eat me later, I’m sleepy.” Asriel snorts and you hiccup-laugh at your choice of words.

“Goodness, how forward,” Chara says. You can hear them smirking.

You groan, face heating. “Never mind, I’m a pure innocent cupcake,” and wow you should probably not word anymore.

“So that’s why you smell so nice,” and they actually giggle, which makes you feel all goopy inside.

“Settle down, you two,” Asriel says. You feel his arm reach across you, feel Chara snug up against you more. “Frisk needs rest.”

“‘Kay,” you yawn. Chara hums agreeingly, and you feel them stroking your hair.

The last thing you hear before falling asleep is Asriel singing quietly, and Chara joining in.

Full Moon Night- 1p2p AmeCan witches and werewolves

A birthday gift to my dearest darling little sister Miss Annie @vi-6w6

“What exactly… were you trying to summon tonight??” 

“Animal spirits,” Matthew answers. He doesn’t hear the strange tone in Alfred’s voice and he doesn’t quite turn around. “But I think I worked the spell wrong. They’re supposed to kinda appear out of the woods, but I haven’t seen anything so far.” 

“I think I found them.” 

Finally Matthew turns at his spot by the fire to look back at him. Alfred was standing quite still. One very large werewolf with pale fur standing on two feet was looming over him and snuffling at his hair. A second one- fur a glossy chocolate color- was on all fours, curling his body around Alfred’s leg and nuzzling his nose against his hands. 

Unsure what to do, Alfred strokes the wolf’s nose and head. 

“Yeah, I worked this spell wrong somehow…” 

“No kidding, dude.” 

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They, he? Stand in the bathroom staring at themselves in the mirror. It sucks being stuck like this, glaring at their reflection with void like eyes. Their face is scrapped and bruised from their arguments and there is blood speckling the front of their hoodie from a nose bleed they had earlier in the day.

Attempts at separating had been painful and frustrating to say the least. Their head still throbs with a headache that could be making its way to migraine territory based on Toms experience. Together you wince at the thought and memories, that you shouldn’t have, and that scares you. The more you act together and share memories and experiences together, the more you fuse together.

That terrifies you.

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disneyshamylove  asked:

Hi! I wonder if you can write a fiction where Amy visits the Sheldon at work and Kripke come to see them,so Sheldon doesn't want to let out the fact that he lied to Kripke so he start to be affectionate and Amy don't understand what's going on! Thanks!

Hi.  Thanks for the prompt.  I know it’s based on a TBBT Headcanon post, but I can’t find it right now.  I hope you enjoy.  Also, you have to put in your own Kripke speak again.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt based off your wonderful college news? Beca and Chloe are in high school and don't know each other well, but they both find out they're going to the same university and are forced to talk which ends in fluff? Thanks, and congrats by the way!!

First and foremost, thanks for submitting!! And thank you for being so kind and congratulating me!! You’re so sweet, anon! 

(If any of you guys know where I got the characters Carol Ann and Mitchel from , you are one awesome individual and I love you)

Also, dudes, this is TWO one shots in ONE day. I’m working hard on writing all of your submissions. There were a lot more than I expected actually. I hope you guys are enjoying these! If you are I would love to hear some feedback, if you aren’t I would also like to know how to improve! Now, without further ado:

Bechloe One Shot: High School Senior Beca Mitchell, overhears that cheerleader Chloe Beale will be attending Barden University with her in the fall. Beca must deal with having to talk to bubbly Chloe. Chloe tries to make a new friend out of Beca Mitchell.

Beca Mitchell saw the large group of Seniors standing outside the guidance office. That’s where she needed to go. The very big crowd with all the happy, smiling faces talking about what college they got accepted to and how far away from their parent’s grips they will be. Beca resented all of them because they actually had a say in where they went and their dad’s didn’t teach at the university they were attending. 

Beca got in the back of the line and put her headphones on her head, although there was actually no music playing. She just didn’t want anyone trying to talk to her. Her best friend, Carol Ann, already told Beca she would be late to school, and Beca had no desire to start making new friends.

 A group of bouncy blonds and one redhead got in line behind her. Beca rolled her eyes at how stereotypical the cheerleaders were. They all used texting acronyms in everyday conversation, almost all of their conversations were about boys, and almost every boy they talked about, the captain of the squad had screwed. Their presence made her cringe and she was about to actually play a song when she heard, “Well, Chloe is leaving us all and is going to Georgia.”

“Omg, Chloe, what’s in Georgia?”

“My new school. Barden University!”

Before Beca actually knew what she was doing, she wheeled around and stared at the group of girls behind her. She thought she knew which one Chloe was, but they ran in two very different social circles and had never talked. They all stared at each other in an awkward uncomfortable silence. The redhead met her gaze, and Beca immediately turned back around without saying a word.

She hoped that they all would just ignore her actions, especially the one with the piercing blue eyes. Beca had seen blue eyes before. Hell, she saw them every day when she looked in the mirror, but hers were a dark blue, and in certain light they kind of looked green. This girl’s were bright, bright blue. The fact that her hair was a unique shade of red made them pop even more. They took Beca’s breath away. When those eyes met her own, her mind went blank, and the only thing she knew to do was run away. But she couldn’t run away. 

She had to be at school and wait in this God forsaken line just tell the guidance office where she planned on attending college so they could put her name and school up on a bulletin board.

“Next.” It was Beca’s turn. She stepped up to the table and looked down at the small woman peering over the top of her glasses that she wore low on her nose.

“Uh, Beca Mitchell…”

“And where will you be attending in the fall, Ms. Mitchell?”

Beca paused. She didn’t want to say. She didn’t want Chloe the cheerleader to hear. She was supposed to be the only one going to Barden University in Georgia, 18 hours away from Portland, Maine. Beca tried to keep her voice low, “Barden University.”

“I’m sorry dear, I didn’t catch that.”

A little louder, she said, “Barden University.”

The woman leaned forward shaking her head, “One more time, dear.”

Beca huffed, but raised her voice, “Barden… University.”

“Oh, okay. Very nice. Next?”

Beca heard the group as she walked away, “Oh that’s why she was being all creepy. She’s going to school with you, Chlo. If you hurry, it may not be too late for you to switch to somewhere else.” Beca felt the flame in her cheeks, and she pressed play on her phone, trying her best not to hear anymore comments.

She missed the redhead with the blue eyes hit her friend on the shoulder as she said, “Shut up. She’s not that bad. She’s just… different.” There was a touch of admiration in her voice, and she watched with intrigue as the tiny brunette ducked into the crowd in the hallway and disappeared around the corner.

Beca found Carol Ann sitting at their usual spot on the school’s courtyard under the tree. Beca was ready to give her best friend up the road about skipping out on her this morning. 

She sat down and immediately jumped into her story, talking more rapidly than usual, “Dude, I could kill you for missing the College Bulletin Board sign-up thingy. The cheerleaders got in line behind me, and they were all like ‘Omg, Jake and Zoe are on again. Can we say ew?!’ And I was trying to ignore them, but then they switched topics and I heard one of them say something about Chloe going to Barden. Chloe’s the redheaded one, right? So, I, being the awkward dumb ass that I am, turned around and stared at them because out of all the fucking people at this school who could be going with me to Barden, it has to be a cheerleader, and the prettiest one at that. So then I turn back around and it’s my turn. So I tell the lady where I am going and the head cheerleader, what’s her name? Um… Candice? Well, anyway, she is all ‘Meh, don’t worry, it’s not too late to switch schools, Chlo.’ Like I’m the one everyone needs to avoid. She didn’t actually say 'meh’ but in my head they all sound like babbling idiots,” Beca looked at her friend who had been staring at the ground and hadn’t looked up the whole time she was rambling. “Hey, Carol Ann, are you okay?”

Her friend looked at her with tear filled eyes. “I’m pregnant. That’s why I skipped this morning. I went to the health department. I’m fucking pregnant.” She burst into tears and buried her face in Beca’s shoulder. Beca, not being good with emotional type situations, gently patted her friends back.

 Everyone outside was starting to stare and whisper. Beca felt very self-conscious, so she knew Carol Ann was bound to be feeling it too. Beca was shooting death glares at the people who couldn’t pull their eyes away, and that’s when they reconnected with a familiar sparkling blue pair that made her stomach feel fluttery like butterflies were floating around inside. The look on the girl’s face wasn’t judgmental or curious. It was concerned, but she only held Beca’s gaze for a few short seconds and then turned back to her group.

Carol Ann sat up and wiped her tears away, “I’m sorry, I just broke down on you like that, but I’m a fucking wreck… Beca, what are you looking at?” She followed Beca’s eyes to the girl across the courtyard. “Chloe Beale? That’s the one who is going to Barden with you?”

Beca said, “Oh, so you did hear that? Good, because I thought I was going to have to tell it all again. But yeah, that’s the one.”

Carol Ann nodded, “You’re right. She is the prettiest.”

Beca turned to her, confused, “Wait, what? I never said anything about her being pretty…”

“Dude, you so did. In your huge rant you said 'and it has to be a cheerleader, and the prettiest one at that’,” she held up her hand and crossed her heart, “Scouts Honor.”

Beca shifted, feeling the heat rising to her cheeks again, “Okay, dude, we haven’t been in scouts since like what? Fifth grade?  And how do you remember?! As soon as I finished, you melted down on me. And I didn’t say it…”

Carol Ann eyed her friend, “I was listening to you the whole time, I just had to get what I needed to say off of my chest. And you so said it… Why does it matter if you did anyway? Oh my God, your face is so red right now? DUDE! You think she’s cute! You have a little girl crush! On Chloe Beale! My best friend, Miss. Dark Moody Depression has a crush on Miss. Bubbly Happy Go-Lucky Cheerleader!”

Beca reached for her friends mouth to try and muffle her loud words. “Shut the fuck up! I will end you! Shh… Stop! My God, you’re so loud! Stop!” Carol Ann did stop, but stared at her friend with analyzing eyes. “Dude, stop. I don’t like her. I don’t even know her. Stop.” 

Beca lowered her voice, “So, have you told Mitchel yet? Or your parents?”

She shook her head, “No. Just you. I told Mitchel that I thought I MIGHT be pregnant, but I haven’t told him what I found out this morning. I’m avoiding him, and my parents.”

Beca squeezed her friend’s hand, “Hey, I’m here for you. You know that, right?”

She smiled and nodded, “Yeah, I know, Bec…” She looked up and her eyes widened, “Cheerleader incoming, 12 o'clock.”

Beca looked, and sure enough, Chloe Beale was heading her way, bouncing along the courtyard. Several people called her name out and each time she would flash a brilliant smile their way and wave. Beca watched in awe at how gracefully she moved. She was light on her feet and all of her motions were so poised and neat, and if smiling and waving were a sport this girl would be the champion.

 Beca’s heart started to speed up and the girl stood in front of her smiling. “Hey, Beca. I was wondering if you had a minute to talk?”

Carol Ann had a smirk on her face. She looked at Beca, “I’ve gotta go. I’ve gotta find Mitchel. I’ll see you later, Beca.” She got up to leave, despite Beca pinching the backside of her arm as a warning about leaving her alone.

Chloe stood with her hands in her back pockets, “I didn’t mean to scare your friend off.” Beca wanted to say something, but her tongue was dry and her throat felt like it was closing off. 

“Okay… Can I sit down?” She gestured to the spot where Carol Ann had just sat. Beca, still trying to produce some saliva, only nodded.

Chloe sat next to her and ran her fingers through her curly red hair. “So, you and I are both going to Barden next year… I just thought maybe it would be nice to have someone that we know on campus, since our school is so far away from home.”

Beca finally managed to moisten her mouth enough to respond with words and not gestures, “Uh, actually, I will know someone on campus. My dad. He teaches Comparative Literature there.”

“Oh, your dad is Professor Mitchell? I’ll have him at some point when I’m there. I’m an English major. He’s actually pretty well-known among us English nerds.” She smiled at Beca, probably expecting some kind words to be said about her father, but Beca didn’t have any. 

He left her, distanced himself from her, remarried, and became nothing but a birthday card in the mail and a Christmas trip every other year. He was forcing Beca to come to Barden. He pulled all of his strings to get her a full-ride and this was his last stitch attempt to fix what he had broken.

Chloe sensed by the lack of response and the scowl on Beca’s face that her father was a touchy subject, “I’ve seen you around school, but I don’t really know much about you. Are you in any clubs or anything?”

Beca’s heart fluttered. She had noticed Beca. She had seen Beca around and had made a note of her name and face. “Well, sort of… I did the sound effects for the school play, and I sometimes make tracks for the school news team to play with some of the stories they cover.”

“Oh, so you’re into sound effects and stuff? Cool. What do you want to do?”

Beca kind of laughed, “If I had my way I would skip Barden altogether and go straight for L.A. I want to produce music, but my mom and dad both agree I need to get a college education first. And my parents never agree on anything so…” She shrugged and picked a blade of grass to occupy her nervous fingers. “What made you choose Barden?”

Beca watched the girl shift and she smiled as her face grew a light shade of pink, “Um… Well, I love to sing. It’s like my favorite thing in the whole world, and there’s this group at Barden, the Barden Bellas, and I want to go and audition for them.” She clicked her Converse shoes together like in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy was trying to go back home. Beca was surprised and couldn’t hide her shocked expression. Chloe looked at her, “What? I do other things beside cheer. I am in our school’s choir. I have been since freshman year. I was a choir nerd before I was a cheerleader.”

Beca looked at her skeptically, “There’s no way. I would’ve remembered you. I took choir freshman year. Trust me, I would’ve remembered your face.”

“No, not this face, because this isn’t what was in there. I had braces, really bad acne, and was about twenty pounds overweight.”

“No. No way. You’re making that up.”

“Why would I make that up? I’m not lying to you. Okay, you remember the spring concert, there was a girl in the soprano section who had locked her legs and passed out falling off backwards off the top riser?”

Beca thought back to four years ago, and she remembered it. In the middle of a German piece they were doing, a girl on the back row of risers, passed out and tumbled to the floor. The choir director didn’t stop the song. She just kept making them sing. Beca remembers two very terrified parents rushing to the stage, and the Dad picked up the girl and carried her off stage. Beca remembers seeing red curly hair falling over his arm. “Oh my God… Dude… That was you?” Beca’s mouth was gaped open as the realization set in, and Chloe laughed.

Her laugh was bright. It made Beca smile and no matter how hard she fought it, she laughed a little too. Beca imagined that the color of this girls aura was bright yellow. She was like a big ball of sunshine spreading light and warmth everywhere she went. 

Beca was frustrated. This girl isn’t what she expected. She isn’t like the other cheerleaders, constantly talking about boys, parties, and what not to wear. Beca found herself actually enjoying her company, and that scared her. That means that she may have to let down walls and let someone new in. That’s something she had done only a few times since her dad walked out on her and each time it ended with Beca giving up an intimate piece of herself only to be left alone. 

At this point, she would rather be alone than take the chance on getting hurt again. People always disappoint, and disappointment leads to feeling inadequate, which leads to Beca questioning why everyone leaves her and she then analyzes what is wrong with her. It’s a never ending cycle that Beca would much rather avoid.

But Chloe’s mere presence sparked something in her that she thought had died out a long time ago. Hope. Hope that maybe Beca could find someone to trust that wouldn’t leave her when she failed to live up to society’s standards of an ideal woman. Someone who didn’t mind a little bit of dark and twisty. Beca had never had a crush on another girl before, but Carol Ann was right. She was crushing on this girl, and this was only day one. She was attracted to everything about her physically, and the more they talked, the more her personality seemed to grow on her.

She must have been staring because Chloe looked at her and asked, “What? Do I still have lunch on my face?”

Beca shook her head, “No. No. Nothing like that. It’s just you aren’t really who I expected you to be.”  

Chloe smiled, not her normal pleasant smile, but a mischievous joking one. “Beca, hasn’t anyone ever told you not to judge a book by its cover? Stereotypes are for the weak who can’t figure out their own path. I am curious though. What did you expect me to be like?” She propped her elbows up on her knees and sat facing Beca with her face cupped between her hands like an expectant child at story time.

“Oh mockery, doesn’t suit you, Beale…” Chloe shifted and sat normally, but her eyes were still full of curiosity, “Well, I mean, you’re a cheerleader. You are beautiful. You have all these people who wave at you and say hey to you in the halls. All the teachers know you’re name, including one’s that you don’t even have. You’re… Well, you’re the popular jock. So I expected a snobby, stuck up, know-it-all, with a boyfriend as tall as Mount Everest who tackles things and beats up nerds for fun.”

Chloe’s jaw dropped and she put her hand over her heart, “Ouch… Why didn’t you just hit me in the face with your textbook. It would’ve hurt less.”

Beca rolled her eyes at Chloe’s melodramatic act. “Well, you asked… Please don’t send your hulk of a boyfriend to smash my brains in.”

“Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend.” Something about this sentence made Beca all tingly inside.

“Whatever… There’s no way a girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend. Guys are probably falling all over you.”

Chloe scooted closer to Beca closing the gap between them, “There you go stereotyping again, Mitchell. Haven’t you learned anything about me? I’m not typical,” She slid closer until she was just inches away from Beca’s face, “Who says I even like boys?”

Beca couldn’t help but swallow hard, and she knew she made the exaggerated cartoon gulping sound, but she couldn’t help it. Her palms were sweaty and Chloe was so close to her she could feel her breath. Beca looked straight into her mesmerizing eyes. They were sparkling with excitement. Beca’s eyes drifted to Chloe’s lips that were spread into a smile.

Chloe pulled away and laughed. “You know, I could’ve just stuck with the stereotype that you are a dark, brooding, lone wolf type who listens to strictly Screamo music.  But I think you’re actually a very protective caring individual who has just had a rough go of things and has some trust issues. Admit it, you’re a big softy aren’t you?”

 She nudged Beca with her shoulder. “Come on, I saw how you comforted your friend today. Even if you did look confused and completely lost. You still did it. By the way, is she okay?”

Beca didn’t really know how to answer that question. For one thing, she didn’t really know, and for another she didn’t feel like she had a right to state Carol Anne’s business. “I think she’ll be okay.”

“Good.” The bell rang indicating they had five minutes to get to their next class.

Beca stood up, and then reached down to help Chloe to her feet. Beca could still feel Chloe’s grip even after she had let go of her hand.

“Thank you for talking with me. This was really fun! I’ve enjoyed getting to know a little about the mystery that is Beca Mitchell. I think we are going to be really fast friends.” She smiled her bright smile at Beca.

Beca couldn’t help but smile back. “Well, I guess I’ll see you at Barden then?”

Chloe pulled out a pen from her bag, “Or…” She grabbed Beca’s arm and started writing. “You’ll see me this weekend at the movies. You’re choice. There’s my number. Just text me and let me know.” She bit her lower lip then flashed her smile one last time before bouncing over to her group of friends.

Beca looked at the numbers written down on her forearm. She stared in disbelief.

 “Hey, Beca. How did the talk with the cheerleader go?” Carol Ann was standing next to her holding hands with Mitchel. “Beca, what is that?”

Beca felt a smile forming across her face before the words ever left her mouth. “I think… I think Chloe Beale just asked me out.”

I don't remember you (Supernatural One Shot)

Imagine: You are on a hunt with Sam and Dean, but you are hit by a witch spell and forget all about your boyfriend, Sam.

Warnings: none

Word Count: around 1300

A/N: I can usually write better than this. :) And I am taking requests for one shots.


It wasn’t that hard to figure out what was attacking people. In every place that we searched, we found a hex bag. It meant witches, Dean’s favourite.

Everywhere we went, we were one step behind them. People would always be dead and we couldn’t do anything for them. We couldn’t even find out where they were hiding. It was one of the hardest cases I worked on, but we didn’t give up.

We looked for every little clue and discovered that they were meeting in a library. It was one witch that was training students.
“I just find it s funny that they are meeting in a library.” Dean laughed.

“Shut up, Dean.” Sam punched his shoulder.

“Maybe (Y/N) is a witch student too, since she likes to read that much.” He teased.

“You would be the first one to get a bag, don’t worry.” I winked at him.


Dean parked in front of library and took weapon out. The three of us stood outside. Witches were horrible.
Dean went first, then I did and finally Sam. He was always worried for me and always wanted to watch my back. Literally. I didn’t mind because he was my boyfriend; I liked when he took care of me.

When Dean entered room, I saw people sitting around book. They held hands and chanted something in a language I didn’t understand. There was around 15 people there. Plan was to catch lead witch and leave no one behind.

They started to run away and I heard Dean and Sam were shooting. A woman in front of me took a book and started to run away. I ran after her. Few shots were fired from my gun, but she didn’t react. After a while, I didn’t see her in front of me. I was lost and I never saw this part of library.

“Where is that handsome, tall man to protect you now?” I heard a voice behind me and quickly turned around. No one was there.

“I don’t need him to protect me, I can do it myself!” I shouted back at nothing. I couldn’t see anything, so I took out my torch. It lit up a room just a little bit, but I still couldn’t see anything.

“Are you sure?” Suddenly, something pulled me to wall and I felt trapped. I couldn’t move and my gun wasn’t in my hands anymore. I was trapped. I saw witch appear in front of me.

“What should I do to you, considering you just killed all of my children?” She opened book.

“Maybe turn you into a rat? You can be a pet to your friends back there. I could torture you, make you burn… or I could make you forget a person you love the most. How about that?” She laughed.
“You just watch your ass because any minute now, Sam and Dean will find me. And they’ll show you what torture is.” I tried to wiggle out again, but I couldn’t. Damn, this one was strong.

“Oh, honey… You don’t really know how good I hid you. They won’t be able to find you unless I want to.” She started to look for something in her book. I heard same words like when we entered.

She put her hand on my head and started to chant something. I couldn’t pick up words and I never heard of a language like that. My head was in pain and I yelled. After she finished, she started laughing and went away. She just disappeared.
I fell down to floor and started coughing.

“(Y/N), are you okay?!” Someone picked me up and helped me stay on my feet.

“Yes, I’m… my head hurts. The witch, she went away.” I held my head and tried to walk. I looked up and saw some guy I’ve never seen in my life before.

“Let me pick you up if you can’t walk.” He started to pick up my legs.

“No! Stop! Who are you?!” I yelled and started to kick around. I fell to ground and then I finally saw familira face enter. It was Dean.

“Hey, calm down. Sam’s not gonna hurt you. What happened?” He asked guy, who apparently was named Sam.

“I don’t know. She was here alone and wasn’t able to walk properly, so I offered to carry her back. She just started screaming.” He looked confused and hurt.

I got up and walked behind Dean. I was still confused because I had no memory of ever knowing someone named Sam. He looked at me like I was someone important to him.

“(Y/N), what were you doing here alone?” Dean asked leading you out of the library. Sam was close behind.

“I wasn’t alone. I was after the lead witch who carried the book. She was in front of me and then she disappeared. She pinned me to wall and put her hand on me. I tried to escape, but I couldn’t.” My tears filled with tears. “It hurt like hell. I couldn’t do anything. I guess she escaped and then he came in. You know the rest.”

“(Y/N), don’t you remember Sam? Do you know who he is, what he is to you or me?” Dean questioned.

“I never saw him in my whole life, until now.”

“Just keep walking in front of us and follow the light. I’m right behind you.” Dean went away and joined Sam.

They seemed to talk a lot. I continued to walk out and sometimes lookedbehid me to see if they were still there. I felt afraid beause I know what happened. I am under spell and they are talking about me. They are trying to figure out how to remove it.

Sam’s POV

“Uhh, it’s not good news.” Dean said when he came to me.

“You don’t say.” I sassed him.

“She’s under a spell and she doesn’t remember you. It’s best you keep your distance until we figure something out.”

“And what if we never find a way to remove the spell? Should I just keep my distance forever from the girl that I love?!”

“I already called Cas and he’s waiting for us in the bunker. Everything is going to be fine. It’s just few hours.”

“Yeah, just few hours where she’ll look at me like I killed her dog or something.”

(Y/N)’s POV

I was staring. I tried to remember who he was. Dean doesn’t have friends, so I guess that was his broher. But what was he to me? Was he just my friend or more? He caught my look a few times, but looked away and focused on road.

We were soon home and I wanted this day to be over. I just wanted to take a shower and go to sleep, but when I saw Castiel, I knew it wasn’t over. They sat me down on a chair.

“Just keep still.” Castiel put his fingers on my forehead and I felt warmth coming through my head.

“She has some blocked thoughts and I need to get rid of it. The spell is pretty strong, I don’t know if this will work.” Castiel looked at Sam.

“Just do it.” Sam said.

“You’ll feel pain.” Cas put his fingerson my forehead again. At first I felt warmth, but then it was cold. It was so cold that I screamed again.

I was relieved when he finished, but I couldn’t talk. I suddenly felt sleepy and everything turned black.

When I woke up, I saw Sam sleeping next to me. He was snoring, but woke up when he felt me moving.

“How long was I asleep?” I asked cuddling up to him.

“For three days. I thought you were in coma.” He hugged me.

“I’m sorry I was screaming when I saw you there. This part of me who knows and loves you was trapped. I could see you and how hurt you were, but it wasn’t me.”

“It’s not your fault. Only important thing is that you are back.” He smiled and pulled me closer to him.

Like I Can

I think maybe I took a different direction to what you wanted… but heyoo. SFW, NSFF.

Enjoy x

Like I Can

He could be a sinner, or a gentleman.
He could be a preacher when your soul is damned.
He could be a lawyer on a witness stand.
But he’ll never love you like I can, can.

Things have been different since that night.

Well, of course things were different. How could they not be? Things can’t stay exactly the same after something like that. You can cover up the truth like filling in a hole you’ve dug, but there’s no doubting that things have been altered, that the dirt has been disturbed.


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