ew gross ewwww

There is blatant sexism plaguing our society and this disgusting 5 Seconds of Summer Rolling Stone article highlights it. These four men (???) are blatantly misogynistic and flaunt their objective treatment of women in this article. YET young fans are praising/drooling over their nude-ish cover shoot, which would be torn to pieces if it were women. And women, such as those in another band called Fifth Harmony (you’ve probably heard of them) are deemed “sluts” for the clothes they wear - more likely it is just because they’re powerful women who other people feel threatened by. And people think this is OKAY. As disappointed in the men*** of 5SOS as I am, I am more troubled by the fact that many people–a lot of them women!!–are supporting women’s/our own subjugation. Women are people, too. Not men’s objects. Thanks.