ew god this is ugly


I had a rough appearance during my childhood because I pretty much started puberty when I pop out from the womb!

Here I was 7 years old with no eyebrows and a huge forehead (those are both staying with me forever) looking like I needed to take a shit.

I was 9 years old in this picture and I COULDN’T SMILE even when I tried hard. My sister tells me that I looked like a gremlin which was true lol (now you know why I hated smiling in the picture above)

During the summer of 2009, I was 10 and hitting the ‘really awkward almost done with puberty’ look.

AND THE FINALE, I am now 15 and finished with puberty! 

  • [random thought]
  • you were sitting on the couch next to your boyfriend of three years michael. the other boys were also at your place with their girlfriends, on there phones.
  • suddenly, michael was look through his camera roll reminiscing old pictures of the two of you.
  • "babe look"
  • "aw! that's like two years old, we're so cute." you said remembering the picture.
  • "well, you are at least, i look hideous. my hair is a mess, my piercing is ugly. ew god look at the burn on my face. it's disgusting."
  • you groaned in annoyance at your boyfriend. you were sick and tired of him talking himself down.
  • in anger, you got off the couch, stomping your way to your room, michael quickly stopping you in the hallway. this caught everyone's attention.
  • "y/n, what's wrong?" he asked.
  • "damnit michael!" you started.
  • " for once, just once could you stop talking bad about yourself? it makes me sick." you spat.
  • "but y/n-"
  • "no buts michael. i love you-" you began.
  • "-and not just because you're a talented guitarist who plays in a popular band. i love you because you're different. i love you because you dye your hair wacky colors, but only YOU can make it work. i love you because you have a "too the moon" tattoo. i love you because your skin is pale. i love that the scar, burn marks, and piercings on your face compliment you and make you look charming. i love you because you have a smile that can make my day no matter how im feeling, and a contagious laugh that makes my heart skip a beat, and makes butterflies in my stomach."
  • "i love the little things too, like when you poke my back dimples or when you cuddle me while we watch movies. and your cute bracelets that you always wear-." you paused, then sighed calming yourself down.
  • "-and every time you give yourself putdowns, it breaks my heart because i just want you to love yourself and see yourself the way I do."
  • you let a tear slip down your face. but not letting a sob come in front of your friends.
  • after taking in everything that you said, michael looked at you with that smile.
  • "y/n, for you i'll do my best i promise."
  • you hugged each other for what felt like forever.
  • michael then whispered in your ear;
  • "i love you too y/n, and as soon as everyone is gone, i'll show you."
  • everyone aww'd at your outburst.
  • true to his word, when everyone went home, michael showed you how much he really loved you.