ew get off me


• y'all are always hugging each other
• hand kisses
• laughing your asses off with eachother
• him staring at your butt a lot instead of just smacking, grabbing, or rubbing it cause he’s a lil punk
• jk
• “just touch it and stop staring!”
• “my eyes are touching it y/n..”
• happy weirdos
• he thinks that he’s the funniest guy ever but you don’t so you fake laugh a lot
• but it’s only to gas him
• you love gassing up your hard working baby
• after his performances, you’ll usually be backstage with a towel, water, and kisses
• “you did well baby”
• he’d hug you but you’ll just push his sweaty ass away
• “ew get the fuck off of me”
• he’d straight face you and walk away, taking the towel and water but he would understand why you said that when he got to the dressing room and laugh with the other members about it
• soft boyfriend
• he just wants his kisses
• you are the big spoon sis
• running your fingers through his hair
• he’ll fall asleep fast
• you taught him how to braid so when he’s at the dorms, he tries to braid the members hair but fails
• he always tells you and you-
• “baby their hair is straight af, now look at mine”
• “ohh right”
• for some reason, he loves kissing your belly like you’re pregnant or sum
• but he tells you that it’s because y'all dance in bed a lot so you could never know
• which scares you most of the time
• “chill you dick”
• foot massages
• him writing smol songs about you
• he calls you cutie or princess or just baby instead of sexy or any name along those lines
• sitting on his lap
• not caring if you play around with the members because he knows where your heart is
• “i love this what did you put in it?!”
• “it’s ham and cheese”
• y'all are so bubbly
• not really that innocent
• y'all barely disagree with each other
• singing karaoke together
• ‘thirsty for love’ faced ass
• but as your relationship gets older, he comes around with the butt touching etc
• he’s such a tease
• he keeps his arm wrapped around you a lot
• going shopping together
• he can’t go thirty minutes without checking up on you
• he randomly raps in your ear when y'all are cuddling
• which drives you wild
• his voice is so cute and-
• he adores you and he thanks you everyday for being in his packed schedule ass life
• it’s really hard seeing him late at night when he’s been practicing with two groups all day nonstop
• so sometimes y'all hold eachother the tightest you can and lowkey tear up.
• yeah, y'all fall asleep in each other’s arms often
• you pray for him every night
• you cook him his favorite meal when he says that he’s hungry
• he cleans the plate everytime
• he calls you his wife a lot because i mean, you will be his wife
• he loves you a lot, just as much as you love him and he would never hurt you
• vice versa
• seriously, y'all are in a deep ass love

Peppered Kisses

Characters: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff (so much fluff I’m drowning in it)
Word count: 1598 words
Requested by anon

A/N: Finally, Admin Caramel’s first scenario on this blog! I took a break in-between revision and just wanted to write this request (cuz I’m a sucker for fluff)

We will get to the other requests eventually, but it won’t be soon as we’re busy with school and life (Admin Dumpling and I are about to do our exams) - Admin Caramel

It was late at night and you were seated on the couch with a book in your hand, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table. You heard the door opening, but paid no attention to it, too engrossed in the plot to allow any distractions. It is only when you felt a heavy weight land on the couch did you finally look up.

You see Jimin sprawled across the entirety of the couch, with his head on your lap, looking up at you with tired eyes.

“Hey,” he tiredly greeted you. You noticed his hair was slightly damp with sweat, his shirt soaked from the intense dance practice they just had.

“Ew, get off of me Jimin,” you shrieked, not wanting to dirty the blankets or yourself.

“You stink,” you continued, attempting to push him off your lap and the couch. But to your dismay, his dead weight refused to budge no matter how hard you tried to push him. Seeing that your efforts were futile, he simply whined and latched onto you, burrowing himself in to your stomach.

You giggled at the ticklish feeling, and once again tried to push him off. He only latched tighter onto you, unwilling to let you go.

“Come on, let me go and I’ll draw you a bath,” you suggested with a smile on your face at his antics. It was only then was he willing to let you go,  but not without making you promise to cuddle with him after his bath.

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Number One Contender

Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Note: This is the re written version, I was really disappointed with my initial attempt on this fic and am now nervous to publish this one so please feedback would be really great for my peace of mind. I would like to thank @secretschuylersister and @wrotemywayoutimagines for proofreading and just letting me know that this version doesn’t suck. Also thank you to everyone who encouraged me and told me that I am good enough you all really helped me a lot and I don’t know if I would have re posted this without you. 

Warnings: Fighting, blood, swearing. 

Word Count: 2.360

Tagged: @boss-headcanons @hercules-mullifan @hamiltonsquills @mehrmonga @iamgrayfox @rottwat

Hercules Mulligan is one of the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the world. Since he was 12 years old he has been training for one thing, the become the heavyweight champion of the world. By the time he was in college he was well known in the local amature boxing circles as one of the best in the area. Everyone know the kid was going to go far one day, that he could make it to the top if he kept at it.

The people around him were always there for him when he needed them. His best Lafayette stuck with him from when they first met in high school, went to college with him and eventually became his trainer because he wanted Hercules to succeed just as much as Herc wanted it. The older man, George Washington, who owned the gym he worked out at in college saw the potential in him and offered to be his manager. And then there’s you.

You were lucky enough to meet him in your second year of college, you shared a couple classes with Lafayette and after talking to him for a while he convinced you to come and watch one of Herc’s fights.

The minute the fight began you were mesmerised by him, the way his sweat drenched muscles moved, the way that despite his massive size he was able to move around so easily and so quickly in order to strike or evade his opponents punches. You couldn’t take your eyes off him the whole fight and when he noticed this Lafayette made sure to introduce the two of you afterwards. You became inseparable quickly.

With Lafayette, George and you in his corner, Herc felt like he could do anything. And within six years of graduating from college he was the number one contender for the world heavyweight championship.

The only thing standing in his way to the title is the current heavyweight champ Apollo Creed. A man who, while being an excellent fighter, is so obsessed with retaining his title that he refuses to fight southpaws, like Herc.

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Give the People What They Want

here’s my first fic of the seven that are going up this week!

An accidental like on Twitter brings Dan more than he bargained for.

“Hey guys! I’m joined today by Dan, and we’re going to be doing the chapstick challenge!”

aka the one where Dan and Phil try to do the chapstick challenge and it doesn’t exactly go as planned

words: 2.8k

tags: chapstick challenge, friends to lovers, fluff, making out, slight grinding but no real smut

read it on ao3

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  • 2013 Jikook: who are you?
  • 2017 Jikook: we're you but stronger
  • 2013 Jungkook: wait what? no just, no.
  • 2017 Jimin: Yes kookie, you love me.
  • 2013 Jimin: You love me? I knew it! *jumps on 2k13 jungkook*
  • 2013 Jungkook: Ew no, get off!
  • 2013 Jimin: You love me ~ you love me ~
  • 2013 Jungkook: NO.I.DON'T!
  • 2017 Jimin: yes you do
  • 2013 Jungkook: No-
  • 2017 Jungkook: Dude, you love him.
Aozora Clubbing Heart part 2

Plot: Everybody (except Ruby) is shit faced. The night is wild and everybody is lucky Dia is too busy to kill them all.

Pairings:  KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko, Dia x Mystery Girl

SFW: with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching] sex happens but it’s not written.

Summary: Ruby cannot believe what’s happening.

7k words

A/N: Still split in everyone’s POVs with some taking longer than others because quite frankly, they were too funny to cut short. Remember this is a college AU and everybody is aged up!

Dia spots a candidate. It’s hard to see well in the club and her beer goggles don’t exactly help, but she doesn’t need much help distinguishing breasts—her only real criteria.

She approaches smoothly, gracefully, working very hard at coordinating her legs and feet. It’s paying off, thank god. She doesn’t trip over herself as she gets close enough that the girl can hear her shy intonations.

“Hi.” Dia can feel her stomach creeping into her throat. The girl glances at Dia with pale blue eyes set afire by the club’s strobe lights. Her features are on point with Dia’s preferences and Dia is quick to admire her long blonde hair, like doll’s hair, left free to fall past her shoulders. She’s tall, but not imposingly so, and Dia guesses she’s probably a few years older than she is. “Are you having a good time?” Dia hopes she isn’t slurring or at the very least that this is actually going as smoothly as she thinks it is.

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Do Kyungsoo//Roommates - Part 3, Finale

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Summary: Kyungsoo’s new apartment has some quirks. Like you, the ghost who still maintains the fact that the apartment is yours, not his. (3/3)
Scenario: fluff, angst, mentions of death, violence 
Word Count: 6,161

Part 1 Part 2

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Cat Boy!Jin

Someone requested for me to complete the cat boy series (I’ve done yoongi, hobi and jimin so far) and since I personally love the idea of cat boy!bts, I decided to do it so next up is our beloved prince, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka can we take a moment to talk about his voice bc Jin has such a sweet voice like I feel like someone could fall asleep to his voice and I mean that in the best way possible its just so soft and sweet and it makes you feel all warm and I just wanna cuddle up into a blanket or tae and just listen to him sing bc it’s so relaxing and I’m s o happy he’s been getting a lot more lines lately

  • Okay so first up are the looks bc I wanna paint a picture for this entire post
  • Does everyone remember in WOH when Jin had that really fluffy hair
  • That’s cat boy!jin I’m so sold on this concept
  • Okay but honestly just picture that in your head for a second
  • Lil fluffy haired Jin with ears
  • And a fluffy ass tail
  • Tell me that isn’t adora bl e
  • Just a fluff ball in general tbh
  • At home, he likes a pair of shorts and a baggy shirt that’s his go to
  • In public, he likes to look all cute so he wears jeans instead
  • I mean this is Jin so he could make a trash bag look cute
  • He likes jeans but they’re a bitch to get into bc tail
  • You have to hold his tail whenever he puts them on but he also insists you cover your eyes bc boxers
  • “Jin I’ve seen you in your boxers like a million times”
  • “donT LOOK”
  • Favorite time is meal time but also nap time but also cuddle time he can’t choose
  • He gets tired of having to wait for you to cook for him so he teaches himself how to cook by watching cooking shows all day
  • You come to see about twelve tabs open on your computer, all with different recipes and videos on how to cook said recipes
  • At first you’re a bit !! bc bby Jin his hands are so soft and gentle what if he accidentally cuts his fingers what if hE CHOPS HIS TAIL OFF
  • But lol Jin’s got that shit down
  • You run into the kitchen and he’s totally chill and is just stirring whatever’s in the pot around all casually as if he’d been doing it for years
  • You check for any cuts and find none thankfully
  • He actually finds it really endearing that you got all worried??
  • Normally he’s the one hovering over you and making sure you’re all good but this time the roles were reversed and it’s really cute
  • He hugs you all tight and is just doing that thing where he hums really quietly and if you listen closely he’s actually purring
  • He has z e r o issues with you touching his ears
  • Lets you play with them all you want bc he likes attention
  • Lowkey likes to sleep on all of the warm laundry even though he just washed it himself hope you like your shirts to smell like his cologne
  • You often come home to find a few of your shirts hung up but most of them are tucked underneath him and he’s extremely content bc warm
  • Being warm and cuddly is his favorite tbh
  • Especially when it’s with you mmhMM that’s some good shit
  • He also really likes cuddling with Jimin bc he’s s u per fluffy and is the most likely to actually let Jin cuddle him
  • He’s tried cuddling Jungkook a few times but it always takes like 20 minutes to get him to give in to the cuddle session
  • “Ew I don’t want your germs get off of me”
  • But he enjoys cuddling with you the most
  • You’re the person he considers to be his best friend, the person he can trust completely
  • So you two are all cuddled up and he’s got one of your candles lit bc he likes watching the fire flicker in the background plus it smells like your favorite scent which makes him think of you
  • You two talk about anything and everything in those moments and it’s just all really cute
  • He would do just about anything to make you happy tbh
  • He lets you put bows in his hair for that one reason
  • He even lets you take pictures of it under the promise that you never send it to any of the boys
  • You don’t send it to them but you do set it as your phone background
  • Taehyung goes to play one of the games on your phone and sees it and he’s just “jungKOOK YOU ARE GONNA WANNA SEE THIS”
  • Jin ends up being really pouty that night and rambles about how he’ll never let you do it again
  • Two weeks later, he’s sitting there with about five bows in his hair and cute lil pigtails that stick up right behind his lil kitty ears
  • He can’t stay mad though bc you’re laughing and having the time of your life
  • All he really wants is for you to be happy so if he has to deal with the boys forever putting bows into his hair and cooing at him, he will if he gets to make you smile
Dating Johnny would include:

- “be there or be square, and nobody wants to be square”
- “johnny stfu”
- lots! of! hugs!
- he’s the type to squeeze you when you guys hug
- sometimes you’re like “ew get off me” and sometimes you’ll melt into the hug
- y'all i’m already crying i loVE JOHNNY. SM LET HIM DEBUT
- him towering over you (unless you’re tall then you guys can both be giants 2gether <3 )
- “lol you’re so short”
- “fuck you johnny”
- “fuck you? ok if you insist babe ;))))”
- “no johnny what the heck”
- sorry y'all
- traveling around the world together because it’s on your bucket lists!!!
- like you guys travel to a different country every two or three months
- picnic dates
- which leads to food fights
- which leads to make out sessions
- is that weird or does that happen
- fashion evaluation
- “what are you wearing- no take that off right now”
- “i’m not taking off this jacket now lets go”
- “i refuse to go out with you wearing that”
- “i guess i’m getting pizza by myself”
- “wait no i’m coming”
- i’m joking he’ll think you’re beautiful/handsome in anything that you wear
- hugs you while you guys are sleeping
- just imagining that makes me wa nna cry the thirst for johnny is re a l
- at home movie dates
- watching horror movies and commenting on everything
- “yellow and green together? what was she thinking”
- “istg if you don’t stfu i will shove popcorn down your throat”
- his contact name is “jhonny” just because
- him pulling lyric pranks on you
- and you doing the same to him
- him sending snapchats telling you what he’s doing every second
- “so i’m now heading to the gym and i kinda wish you were with me because i miss your face anyways-”
- putting his hair into ponytails or braids
- him braiding/playing with your hair
- pillow talks
- “sometimes i wonder why you’re dating me, but then i realize i am johnny seo aka the greatest person alive so then i stop questioning myself”
- “i can’t with you sometimes babe”
- ok but seriously-
- when you guys have pillow talks it’s a time for both of you to be vulnerable and you guys talk about your feelings and just get super deep
- or you guys have a discussion about why mice are attracted to the scent of cheese or why the color blue is called the color blue

overall dating johnny would be one hell of a ride since he seems like such a spontaneous guy. he’s more of the type to have a “friend-type” of relationship when it comes to dating, since he’s more of a chill and laid back type of person, but there will be times where he does show affection and you learn to cherish those moments just like the other moments you have with him.

ok imagine the gangsey having a movie night at monmouth and its after a long day and blue shows up and shes like ok i am exHAUSTED so exCUSE ME if i fall asleep during the movie

so they’re all squished on gansey’s bed, watching netflix from gansey’s laptop, and blue starts to drift off, her head on ronan’s shoulder

and ronan’s staring at noah over her head like ‘wtf what am i supposed to do rn???’ and by the end of the movie blue is completely out and her head is in ronan’s lap and her legs are across noah

and ofc ronan tries to act like ‘ew gross get this maggot off of me’ but as soon as the movie actually ends and adam and gansey move to get up hes suddenly all ‘dont u dare wake her up unless u want ur carcass framed on my bedroom wall’ and theyre like whoa ok so they dont even risk getting up

and thats how they all wake up the next morning sleeping on top of one another and w/ their limbs all tangled and gansey’s cry of horror when he realizes someone crushed his laptop in their sleep

Boys In the Girl’s Room - Marauders Imagine

A/N: hello everyone! I’ve got another request for you :D

kenziewrightson said: Hello, firstly congratulations on 600 followers and secondly, if it isn’t too much to ask, I would like to request an oneshot, where the marauders try to see what happens in the girls dormitories after hours. They try out many strategies (for example: just walking in, a spell to create oneway glass, polyjuice potion), they keep this up for a few days, but in the end get caught? You can mix it up and change it however you like, thanks for your time ❤️❤️ 

I am so sorry it took me so long, dearie! I did my best wrapping my head around the idea haha and this is what came out and I did mix it up a little and well, leaned towards Remus a little bit more because… well, who am I kidding you all know he’s my favorite ;) hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

Boys In the Girl’s Room


Remus Lupin turned to look up from his book when he heard the noise coming from upstairs followed by Sirius running with four furious girls behind him.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing?” (Y/N) said fuming.

“Uh… sleepwalking?” he tried with an innocent smile.

“Padfoot!” James and Peter stormed into the scene from the other side of the stairs coming from their dorm. “How did it go- I uh, I mean… what’s going on?”

“Oh, save it, Potter! I should’ve known you were behind this” Lily said glaring at him.

“Whatever do you mean, my dear Lily-flower-?”

Don’t even try, Potter” (Y/N) said glaring at him too.

“You boys are unbelievable!” Marlene said.

“Did you guys really think we were going to buy that?” Alice asked.

“At least you used to be more creative” Marlene added. “My personal favorite was the mirror they gave me turning out to be a two-way mirror” she told the others.

“Really? I thought them dressing like girls was awfully funny” Alice said.

“Mine was when you and James took Polyjuice Potion and pretended to be Lily and me” (Y/N) said glaring at Sirius.

“I actually found that one very insulting” Lily said crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“What? We were so good at being you!” James argued with her.

“You were not!” the two witches said at the same time.

“Oh, please” Sirius said flicking his hair back. “I’m (Y/N) and I’m the prettiest girl in school and I am in love with Remus Lupin” Sirius said in a girly voice mocking (Y/N)’s voice.

“I do not talk like that!” (Y/N) said feeling a hint of blush in her cheeks.

“Marlene and Alice bought it” James defended themselves.

“We did not!” the other two girls complained at the same time.  

“Yes, you did” James and Sirius said smirking at the same time.

“Guys, what is going on?” Remus said walking over to the scene.

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anonymous asked:

hi can I request a scenario where you and your boyfriend jungkook go on a camping trip with bts. you guys act all cuddly and cute together and the members tease you guys about it. you guys end up cuddling together in a tent and fall asleep and being woken up by the members taking pictures of you guys. please make it SUPER fluffy. YOUR BLOG GIVES ME LIFE 💞

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

Part 1 // Part 2


Words: 1286

“Jimin is not sharing a tent with us.” Jungkook snapped, crossing his arms stubbornly. Jimin looked in between your face and Jungkook’s, pouting his lips.

“It’s just for 2 nights.” Jimin said. Jungkook would hear nothing about it. Yoongi snapped his fingers to get your attention.

“Jimin, you’re sharing with Hoseok, it’s already decided. We drew straws, don’t complain.”

“Jungkook didn’t draw straws! That’s unfair.” Jimin hissed angrily, crossing his arms and looking out the window. You pat his arm, laughing at his saddened expression. Jungkook took your hand in his, glaring in the direction of his band mate.

“I didn’t draw straws because I’m not letting anyone share a tent with my girlfriend.”

Namjoon looked in the back seat where you, Jimin and Jungkook were all sitting.

“It sounds pretty fair to me, Jimin.”

“Me too,” Taehyung piped in, playing some sort of video game on his phone. 

You were all going camping, and it was 2 to a tent each. Since there was only 7 of them, they were allowed to invite 1 extra person. Jungkook won the little game they were playing, so he invited you to come along with them.

You said yes, of course. It was only a 3 day 2 night thing, but you were utterly excited. After the little dispute with Jimin ended, you mostly rode in silence. The car ride was long, so you let Jungkook fall asleep against your shoulder for awhile. It was kind of stiff, but you ended up falling asleep by accident as well.

You woke up with your head against the window, in the exact same position as the sleeping Jungkook. Jimin was snapping pictures, and the flash was on too brightly. You were blinded by his picture taking right as your eyes opened.

“Stop taking pictures, you’re so rude.” You snapped, pushing his phone back against his nose. Jungkook stirred awake, trying to get his surroundings correct, probably.

“It was so cute, I was going to post it on snapchat.” Jimin pouted, sitting back down properly. He flashed his phone at you, and you had to admit, it was a cute picture alright.

“Okay, post it.” You gushed, ignoring the innocent glances Jungkook was giving you. He was so confused. You smirked, patting down the back of his messy hair. Jungkook blinked tiredly a few times, nodding his head in approval.

“Did we make hot chocolate?” Hoseok wondered, and Jin reached somewhere as he drove, throwing it farther back into the car. Hoseok happily sipped away at steaming hot chocolate.

You arrived at the camping spot, and you got to work setting up the tents with the boys. You’d always loved camping when you were young, and just going with a group of friends was exciting.

Yoongi mostly sat in a chair, with a small blanket wrapped around him. It was so nice out, and you were close to a lake. The thing was, it was just past 3:30 by now, and it would take a little while to get everything set up.

“No, don’t help us.” Jungkook placed both hands on either of your shoulders. He’d gotten so tall within the past few months, you were surprised by how much he now towered over you.  “I don’t want you to help, you might get hurt.”

“I’m f-” You were cut off by a teasing Hoseok.

“Oh me too, Jungkookie, me too!” He bumped his hip into Jungkook’s, sending the younger boy onto the ground. Hoseok purposely landed on him, wrapping his arms around Jungkook. “Take care of me, too!”

“Ew, hyung! Get off me, you’re so, ew.” Jungkook shoved him off, grunting. You helped Jungkook to his feet, having to get on your tip toes just to kiss his chin. He looked smugly around at everyone else, but no one was looking. Hoseok had left to go bother Yoongi, who was throwing packets of hot chocolate at him in annoyance.

“You better clean that up, Yoongi!” Jin shouted, accidentally hitting himself in the face with the wire to hold the tent ceiling up. You went over and helped everyone, besides Jungkook telling you it was fine.

Once everything was up, it was around 5. Jin had brought food in a mini freezer, and cooked it all up on a mobile camping stove for everyone. He evenly distributed food to all of you there, even handing out some hot chocolate.

“Eat it and when you’re finished put the dirty dishes in the trunk.” Jin instructed, and you all dug in. Jungkook leaned over from his pull out chair, raising his eyebrows with a mysterious smile on. He reached over with a piece of food dangling near your face.

“I’ll feed you.” He sounded very serious, making everyone sitting around the fire burst out laughing.

“No, no! Feed me, Jungkookie.” It was Taehyung bothering him, this time. He got up from his chair, falling to his knee’s in front of Jungkook and taking one of his hands.

Jungkook was pouting, and he flicked Taehyung between the eyes. “Go away, hyung…”

“Stop bothering him.” Namjoon swatted a hand through the hair, gulping for air through his laughter. Jungkook crossed his arms unhappily, looking at each face with a pout.

After eating, you helped Jin clean up while Jungkook made the beds in the tent, and you were pretty tired from helping all day. You strolled lazily over to the tent, kicked off your shoes and got in Once you zipped up the tent door, Jungkook wrapped his arms around you and threw you down playfully.

“Jungkook!” Your back hit the light air mattress, covered in blankets. He laid his head down on your chest, holding you in his arms.

“Let’s just…lay like this for a minute…” He trailed off, sighing loudly. You didn’t reply, just lightly caressed the back of his head until he rolled off of you.

“Let’s sleep, okay? Want to share our beds?” You wondered, and Jungkook nodded. He shuffled under the blankets, obviously worn out from all the teasing he’d received all day. You followed him, reaching past him to shut off the flashlight he’d had on before you climbed into the tent.

Once you were under the sheets, Jungkook pulled you against him again. You laid your head on his shoulder, intertwining your fingers with his.

You didn’t realize you fell asleep until you were woken up by the sudden light hitting your eyes. Had Jungkook opened up the tent and left it open? No. You could feel his hot breath in the nape of your neck.

You also felt someone stepping on your foot.

“Hyung, hurry up.” Jimin whispered, and you could hear a swatting noise and a small yelp.

They were flashes from a camera. The camera that was taking pictures of you and Jungkook.

Your eyes snapped open, and you punched the nearest person to you. It just so happened to be Yoongi, who held the camera. Your fist went right into his crotch, and he keeled over.

“Don’t do that! Jungkook will be cranky” You hissed, pushing Yoongi away from you. Jungkook merely stirred in his sleep, pulling you closer to him.

All the others were around, too. They were giggling at the sight before them, sounding like excited 7 year old children.

“It’s so cute, (Y/N).” Taehyung pouted his lips, poking at Jungkook’s face. You punched him away, too. 

“Mm, stop.” Jungkook whined sleepily, burrowing his face into your neck. The other boys suppressed their laughter, only because of your threatening fist. After a little while of struggling, they finally got out of the tent alive.

Jungkook lightly kissed your neck, hands tightening on you.

“Thanks.” He mumbled, before falling back asleep.

My First Snow (Yoongi x Reader)

Member: Yoongi

Rating: Fluff

Words: 1640

Author: Admin Nan <3

Summary: You’ve always dreamed of being confessed to when the first snow of the season fell.

A/N: Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la—okay that’s enough of that. Happy holidays guys, I really hope you guys have a good one and please enjoy this little treat I wrote for you guys. Merry Christmas!!

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