ew get off me



• y'all are always hugging each other
• hand kisses
• laughing your asses off with eachother
• him staring at your butt a lot instead of just smacking, grabbing, or rubbing it cause he’s a lil punk
• jk
• “just touch it and stop staring!”
• “my eyes are touching it y/n..”
• happy weirdos
• he thinks that he’s the funniest guy ever but you don’t so you fake laugh a lot
• but it’s only to gas him
• you love gassing up your hard working baby
• after his performances, you’ll usually be backstage with a towel, water, and kisses
• “you did well baby”
• he’d hug you but you’ll just push his sweaty ass away
• “ew get the fuck off of me”
• he’d straight face you and walk away, taking the towel and water but he would understand why you said that when he got to the dressing room and laugh with the other members about it
• soft boyfriend
• he just wants his kisses
• you are the big spoon sis
• running your fingers through his hair
• he’ll fall asleep fast
• you taught him how to braid so when he’s at the dorms, he tries to braid the members hair but fails
• he always tells you and you-
• “baby their hair is straight af, now look at mine”
• “ohh right”
• for some reason, he loves kissing your belly like you’re pregnant or sum
• but he tells you that it’s because y'all dance in bed a lot so you could never know
• which scares you most of the time
• “chill you dick”
• foot massages
• him writing smol songs about you
• he calls you cutie or princess or just baby instead of sexy or any name along those lines
• sitting on his lap
• not caring if you play around with the members because he knows where your heart is
• “i love this what did you put in it?!”
• “it’s ham and cheese”
• y'all are so bubbly
• not really that innocent
• y'all barely disagree with each other
• singing karaoke together
• ‘thirsty for love’ faced ass
• but as your relationship gets older, he comes around with the butt touching etc
• he’s such a tease
• he keeps his arm wrapped around you a lot
• going shopping together
• he can’t go thirty minutes without checking up on you
• he randomly raps in your ear when y'all are cuddling
• which drives you wild
• his voice is so cute and-
• he adores you and he thanks you everyday for being in his packed schedule ass life
• it’s really hard seeing him late at night when he’s been practicing with two groups all day nonstop
• so sometimes y'all hold eachother the tightest you can and lowkey tear up.
• yeah, y'all fall asleep in each other’s arms often
• you pray for him every night
• you cook him his favorite meal when he says that he’s hungry
• he cleans the plate everytime
• he calls you his wife a lot because i mean, you will be his wife
• he loves you a lot, just as much as you love him and he would never hurt you
• vice versa
• seriously, y'all are in a deep ass love

wanna one as types of boyfriends

yoon jisung:

the walking meme. everything he does is fucking hilarious. you literally have 2000 photos of him on your phone which could be edited into potential memes. there’s never a sad/boring day in your life. he’s actually always super excited about everything and you always sometimes question his mental age but you still think it’s really cute. always makes stupid puns and jokes to make you laugh (that sometimes even results to self degradation). all that makes him happy is seeing you smile, so he makes that his daily goal. likes to send you weird pictures of him using different filters on snapchat that you obviously screenshot. he’s super funny and your whole family loves him, especially the kids. “auntie when are you getting married to uncle jisung?” “soon” “um jisung wtf stop lying to the kids” “i never said i was lying”

ha sungwoon:

the tea sipper. he has the dirt on everyone, and i mean everyone. knows what’s going on in your life, your neighbor’s life, and your second cousin’s uncle’s grandfather’s life. your dates consist of gossiping with the neighborhood aunties every week at the book club he organized. wants to know how your day is and knows you so well that he can tell when your feeling down. sings to make you feel better, and if that doesn’t make you smile, he’ll probably pull out the big guns and start dancing to girl’s day something. doesn’t mind embarrassing himself if it makes you happy :’). doesn’t like it when you call him cute bc he’s “manly not cute”. tries to fight other people when they talk shit about you. talks a lot!!! like when you’re trying to catch some z’s, all he does is talk about how your neighbor’s husband is cheating on her with her sister??? “omg don’t tell anyone but jisoo’s husband is cheating on her with her own sister” “wtf how do you know?? did you stalk her husband again??” “no way, i was throwing away the trash and i saw them?? coincidentally??”

hwang minhyun:

the perfectionist. a little ocd and always needs everything to be super clean and organized. he told you that he had perfect attendance in school and always had straight a’s. his skin is perfect, his visuals are perfect, and his voice is perfect. sometimes you feel like he’s too good for you, but then you remember how much of an awkward loser he is in real life. texts you the most romantic things, but can’t say it in person to you. you like to tease him a lot for being an awkward antisocial person. very easily embarrassed person. not a big pda person. blushes a lot. doesn’t know how to convey his feelings into words or actions, but it’s okay bc you know he’s trying hard. he looks like a cold tsundere but sike he’s a soft mochi on the inside. smiles a lot more now bc “you make me happy i guess”. 

ong seongwoo:

the prankster. he loves messing around with you and pissing you off. one time he put blue dye into your body wash and you came out of the shower looking like a smurf. you guys end up having prank wars and once you even super glued his feet into his shoes. when he’s not thinking of ingenious plans to prank you, he’s actually a really sweet boyfriend. sometimes he takes you out on spontaneous dates to that fancy restaurant across town to make up an excuse to see you wear a beautiful dress. but he loves taking you on midnight rides. like he’ll drive you in silence as you enjoy the night sky and talk to you about random things and let you rant about your inner thoughts. “stop staring at me ong!! focus on the road” “you’re just too beautiful. you distracted me”

kim jaehwan:

the musician. he confessed to you in broad daylight while playing the guitar and singing a song written for you. you guys were sitting on a bench in the city and he randomly whips out his guitar and starts singing. a crowd gathers around you eventually, and they cheer when you accept his confession. he likes to write songs in the middle of the night, so you’ll probably wake up at 3 AM and hear him playing random chords on the piano and writing lyrics in the dark. he writes songs thinking about you and likes to sing to you when you have trouble sleeping. also super extra!! likes to boast about things that he can’t do like karate and playing soccer. he told you that he used to play soccer in middle school, but when you actually took him out to play he said “yeah i played soccer. i played fifa” “ugh i hate you so much right now”

kang daniel:

the gamer. he’s a huge fucking loser, and he loves playing league and overwatch and basically every game ever. tried to teach you how to play league once but you never understood anything, so he ended up carrying the team and winning. spends 95% of his time indoors, but he also likes to cuddle with you when he’s gaming. makes you sit on his lap while he wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on your head when he plays. likes taking you to comicon or any other nerdy convention. but it’s endearing to see him so excited about cosplayers. “cosplay with me next year” “lol how about a no”

park jihoon:

the prince. on top of his handsome looks and dancing skills, he was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth. buys you everything you’ve ever wanted and then some. but you’re not interested in materialism ok yes you are but you’re more interested in him. so he doesn’t really understand love?? like he’s always been loved by his parents but he tries his hardest to convey his feelings for you without extravagant gifts. like this is the first time someone told him that they didn’t want a new car and he doesn’t understand why you don’t want a mercedes benz but it’s your loss?? he takes you to nice dates at super expensive high end restaurants while you assure him that getting a take-away pizza is always fine too. wears gucci and givenchy and saint laurent and tries to buy you clothes from there too but one dress is worth more than your life??? he likes to sleep on your shoulder while you stroke his hair. really cute relationship full of $$$. if you need a sugar daddy you know who to call. “you want a new car?” “wtf no i want a new boyfriend” “>:((((”  

park woojin:

the shy turned wild one. yeah he was really shy when you first met but now he wildin. you tried taking him to a family party once but he was getting too into his dancing and ended up grinding the floor. what happened to the shy bean that couldn’t look you in the eye?? sometimes he’s still really shy around people he just met, and he kind of attaches himself to you. but dancing really makes him let everything go, and he tries to teach you choreographies to your favorite songs. taught you how to dance to red velvet and exo and rap to okey dokey. dates consists of dance lessons and chilling at home watching smtm together. bet milk tea on who’s going to make it to the finals. “yo it’s gonna be nucksal” “oh hell no i’m betting on hangzoo” “wow it’s only bc you like zico & dean more smh i thought you loved me”

bae jinyoung:

the nerd that turned hot. you known him since elementary school but boy did he glow up in high school. the last thing you remember was him being that smart nerd that never talked, but now he has a whole army of girls chasing after him. outside appearance may have changed but he’s still a nerd. dates consists of chilling at home and watching the latest episode of the anime y’all like while cuddling. takes you to animecon where you cringe at the weebs but where he enjoys every moment of it. likes taking you to manga and anime stores. dreams of going to japan with you. also likes to buy you cute couple charms for your phone. “i bought you the touka charm bc you’re the touka to my kaneki” “you’re such a fucking weeb lmao but sasaki is better”

lee daehwi:

the foreign swagger. yeah he lived in america for 4 years, that’s why he’s here man. just kidding, he’s a super adorable boyfriend that sometimes mixes up his languages when he’s flustered. super caring and always frets over you. nags you a lot when you get sick. “i told you not to go outside without a jacket!” but really good music tastes. makes different spotify playlists for you to listen to when you’re sad or tryna to get turnt. likes shopping dates!! he is your personal fashion designer and buys cute dresses when he thinks you look cute in them. “i thought this color suited you really well, so i bought it!” “um but it says it’s $300″ “oops?”

lai guanlin:

the athlete. he likes every sport but he’s super obsessed with basketball dude. like he’ll take you out to the nearest basketball court to shoot with him even if you can’t make a shot for your life. dw he’ll teach you the proper shooting form and how to dribble. you’ll end up having lots of cute basketball dates and afterward he’ll probably take you out for ice cream. likes to rest his head in your lap as he practices his shooting form laying down. lots of after-practice cuddles. “ew guanlin you’re so sweaty. get off of me” “no i like staying with you like this”

Peppered Kisses

Characters: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluff (so much fluff I’m drowning in it)
Word count: 1598 words
Requested by anon

A/N: Finally, Admin Caramel’s first scenario on this blog! I took a break in-between revision and just wanted to write this request (cuz I’m a sucker for fluff)

We will get to the other requests eventually, but it won’t be soon as we’re busy with school and life (Admin Dumpling and I are about to do our exams) - Admin Caramel

It was late at night and you were seated on the couch with a book in your hand, curled up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table. You heard the door opening, but paid no attention to it, too engrossed in the plot to allow any distractions. It is only when you felt a heavy weight land on the couch did you finally look up.

You see Jimin sprawled across the entirety of the couch, with his head on your lap, looking up at you with tired eyes.

“Hey,” he tiredly greeted you. You noticed his hair was slightly damp with sweat, his shirt soaked from the intense dance practice they just had.

“Ew, get off of me Jimin,” you shrieked, not wanting to dirty the blankets or yourself.

“You stink,” you continued, attempting to push him off your lap and the couch. But to your dismay, his dead weight refused to budge no matter how hard you tried to push him. Seeing that your efforts were futile, he simply whined and latched onto you, burrowing himself in to your stomach.

You giggled at the ticklish feeling, and once again tried to push him off. He only latched tighter onto you, unwilling to let you go.

“Come on, let me go and I’ll draw you a bath,” you suggested with a smile on your face at his antics. It was only then was he willing to let you go,  but not without making you promise to cuddle with him after his bath.

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Number One Contender

Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Note: This is the re written version, I was really disappointed with my initial attempt on this fic and am now nervous to publish this one so please feedback would be really great for my peace of mind. I would like to thank @secretschuylersister and @wrotemywayoutimagines for proofreading and just letting me know that this version doesn’t suck. Also thank you to everyone who encouraged me and told me that I am good enough you all really helped me a lot and I don’t know if I would have re posted this without you. 

Warnings: Fighting, blood, swearing. 

Word Count: 2.360

Tagged: @boss-headcanons @hercules-mullifan @hamiltonsquills @mehrmonga @iamgrayfox @rottwat

Hercules Mulligan is one of the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the world. Since he was 12 years old he has been training for one thing, the become the heavyweight champion of the world. By the time he was in college he was well known in the local amature boxing circles as one of the best in the area. Everyone know the kid was going to go far one day, that he could make it to the top if he kept at it.

The people around him were always there for him when he needed them. His best Lafayette stuck with him from when they first met in high school, went to college with him and eventually became his trainer because he wanted Hercules to succeed just as much as Herc wanted it. The older man, George Washington, who owned the gym he worked out at in college saw the potential in him and offered to be his manager. And then there’s you.

You were lucky enough to meet him in your second year of college, you shared a couple classes with Lafayette and after talking to him for a while he convinced you to come and watch one of Herc’s fights.

The minute the fight began you were mesmerised by him, the way his sweat drenched muscles moved, the way that despite his massive size he was able to move around so easily and so quickly in order to strike or evade his opponents punches. You couldn’t take your eyes off him the whole fight and when he noticed this Lafayette made sure to introduce the two of you afterwards. You became inseparable quickly.

With Lafayette, George and you in his corner, Herc felt like he could do anything. And within six years of graduating from college he was the number one contender for the world heavyweight championship.

The only thing standing in his way to the title is the current heavyweight champ Apollo Creed. A man who, while being an excellent fighter, is so obsessed with retaining his title that he refuses to fight southpaws, like Herc.

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sincerely 3 cuddles headcannons; Jared

triple post because I didn’t wanna spread these all out lmao..


lez go;

-you and Jared are the classic ‘ew get off me nerd, you have cooties’

 ‘shut the fuck up you know you love me’ couple

- like literally he will wrap an arm around you and you will push him off and start screaming


- ‘i’m gonna need you to shut the fuck up and come sit down with me, y/n’

- you do a sassy little ‘hmph’ and cross your arms before sitting next to him and just clinging to him and n o t  l e t t i n g  g o

- ‘what happened to leaving space for jesus’

-you just look up at him and dead pan

‘we’re all going to hell anyway’

-he fucking dies laughing

- the first time you cuddled was very unceremonious 

-you were on Jared’s bed and his sheets were in the wash 

-he was playing video games on the ground

-you reach over the edge of the bed and poke him and he just gives you a sideways look of ‘why are you interrupting me’

- ‘im cold’

- he just groans and gets up onto the bed with you and just mmmm he’s so warm and you wanna be closer so you snuggle closer 

-you end up wiggling yourself into his arms and he’s smiling really wide but you can’t see because your face is nuzzled into his chest

- what a comfy boy

- you like being the little spoon just because he’s warm and soft

- he doesn’t admit it but he likes it too because he feels like he’s protecting you and it helps soothe his insecurities about how he’s not enough for you

- hngggggg he’ll cuddle in front of your friends but only if you give your little puppy dog eyes because he cannot resist you

- what a fluffenutter 

-yeah i said that

- f l u f f e n u t t e r

- k im done don’t forget to request some stuff!

Do You Have A Points Card

The unnecessary grocery store au that no one asked for



Chloe didn’t mean to notice her. She really doesn’t pay much attention to the customers she rings through. The regulars become vaguely familiar to her, coming through her till once in a while. Chloe didn’t mean to but the small brunette somehow only came through her till. Chloe’s only human, it’s not her fault that she finds plaid and eyeliner attractive.

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Kleinman Cuddles (Headcanon)


jared would hate to admit it but he looovveeessss touching you / when you touch him. obvs when ur out in public he is like “ew get ur gay ass off of me” but it’s a running joke. 

- would love it when you ran your thumbs under his eyes or behind his ear

he would probs not be touchy-feely in public. like most times people don’t even know that you are dating. you get mistaken for brother and sister more (yIkES) 

but when u get home its CuDdLe CiTy !!! 

he wouldnt be able to keep his hands off of you. he would obvs be the big spoon on the couch, pulling you into his lil tummy. he would do the thing where he would nuzzle his nose into your hair. his glasses would push up off of his face which would make you giggle. 

but when you were cuddling on his bed, Jared would tangle his legs in urs and be the big spoon. Then whenever you would try to move out of his grasp he would just mumble “noooooo” into ur neck

Devils waterfalls.

Okay guys can you imagine Like what happens when Barbra is on her period? And how she’s either super moody or super nice.
When it first happens she blames Stephanie
“ god damn it Steph this is all your fault”
“ hOw?”
“ because you fucking synced us ”
And like how everyone Jason Damson Tim and even Dick are afraid of her
“ that time of the month again Gordon?”
“ say one more word batbrat and the tooth fairy will be coming early. ”
And oh the threatening
“ whatcha got there Jay ?”
“ chocolate….?”
“ give it now ”
“ no fuck off ”
“ Jason ”
’ Barbra “
” Jason “
” that’s my name “
” give it to me or the fucking helmet burns “
And don’t even get me started on the mood swings
” Dick, cuddle me “
” alright “
” ew why are you touching me ?“
” you wanted cuddles .?“
’ get the hell off ”
“ ..okay ?”
“ who the hell said you could leave ..no wait come back ..no fuck off ”

And the nagging let’s talk about the nagging
“ Timothy Drake ”
“ yes babs ?”
“ do you know what time of night it is ?”
“ it’s ..three in the morning ”
“ it’s three in the morning so why the hell are you up ?”
“ I’m working …”
“ get your ass in bed ”
“ but ”
“ young man I am this close ”
And then the cravings
“ Alfred ..will you make me food ?”
“ of course master Barbra what would you like ?”
“ pickles…dipped in chocolate ”
Alfred : ????

Do Kyungsoo//Roommates - Part 3, Finale

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Summary: Kyungsoo’s new apartment has some quirks. Like you, the ghost who still maintains the fact that the apartment is yours, not his. (3/3)
Scenario: fluff, angst, mentions of death, violence 
Word Count: 6,161

Part 1 Part 2

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I Think I Wanna Marry You...(Part 7)

Summary: After a week of tip-toeing around his them, Dean musters the courage to acknowledge and maybe even do something about his feelings.

Word count: 4.7k

Warnings: Swearing

Read the previous parts here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Tagging:  @julibelen​ , @ilostmyshoe-79​ , @scamanders26newtcase​ , @g-c-falorraquideo​ , @the-rain-pours-down , @explorersinwonderland​ , @babyblues915​ ,  @rizlowwritessortof@adoringjensen​ , @peaceloveandplumbots, @quixoticcat, @skymoonandstardust, @girliciousdreams, @captainbitchslap, @awkward–jay, @fandomlover03, and @daesunglg

I know I said this part would be the last, but I happened to write it out until I got to 8k and decided it made more sense to just split it into two.

Friday arrives sunny, warm, and busy. Anticipated Friday, a day away from ending this little game of play pretend, the false life they’ve been living for a week now—the good life, where they’re both brave enough to be in love rather than hide behind a “friendship” (because we all know how that story goes). And to say that Y/N, drunk of her feelings from this entire trip, is not even the slightest bit disappointed that this has to end would be false.

Because how can she not be? How can she not desperately cling to this life, to this simulation where Dean’s heart belongs to her? She has to, at least for now, because within less than forty eight hours the story has to end; she and her beloved must return to reality. To hunting.

To being friends. (Because we all know how this story goes..)

With the help of Castiel and his brother, Dean is ready for the rehearsal dinner by seven. His suit, intricate and pressed and oh-so-doubleO7, sits firmly on his burly frame, his shoes so shiny they glint like diamonds, and Dean, all five feet and eleven inches of gentleman, revels in the feeling. The magnificence.
Sure, his hair is a bit tousled and there’s a patch of stubble gracing his jaw (shaving hasn’t exactly been a number one priority of his these past few days)—but he’s looking sharp, and feeling twice so as he follows Sam and Cas down the hall from their room, the three musketeers all dolled up for the night.

“Don’t we look spiffy.” He can’t help but remark as Sam snorts.

“Man, I don’t remember the last time I had to look this nice and it wasn’t for a case.”

“That’s because you never have.”

“Is Y/N ready?” asks Cas, adjusting his tie, Dean’s gaze bouncing to him—even if he won’t admit it, the angel and his baby brother are quite the competition when it comes to the looks.

“Probably, yeah. She texted me like—“ Sam checks his phone, “—ten minutes ago? Said she’d be done in five. You think she’ll find us there or?”

“Why don’t we just go get her?” Dean shrugs then looks to them, finding smiles twisting into their faces as they share a knowing glance. He narrows his eyes at his brother who tucks his phone away in his suit then turns.

“Good idea, Dean—go ahead. We’ll meet you guys down.”


But Cas cuts him off, patting him on the shoulder with a smile and then following Sam downstairs. The elder Winchester, rolling his eyes, only shakes his head and then turns back to head to their room, running a hand through his honey-hued locks.

And there’s no denying he’s nervous. It shows in the rigid, stiff way he walks, pulling at his collar, the cuffs of his shirt, tucking away stubborn hairs that are already in place. Dean hates that he has become this. That her hold over him is this strong, and yet he can’t find the energy to hate her for it.

When he knocks gingerly on the door once and then three times more when he thinks she hasn’t heard him (just to be sure, you know?), the door swings open, revealing a dolled up Y/N.


Dean stills, eyes shooting to meets hers as he feels his heart thud faster and faster in his chest, and Y/N, realizing that it is him, it’s her Dean, stops mid-sentence

“Oh.” . Her face contorts into a surprised gape, brows raising. “It’s you.” She says.

He swallows. Blinks, and God, does she look…ethereal.

All starlet and diamonds in her eyes, pink lips forming a soft, shy smile. Her hair is pinned up and she’s wearing an off-shoulder dress that’s only a few shades lighter than his eyes..

The elder Winchester’s brows arch approvingly. “Wow. Stunning.

“Ditto. Did Sam help you pick that out.”

“Really? I can take care of myself even without Sammy.”His eyes rake over her form and then return to hers, a smile tugging at his lips upon its own accord. “Although I have to admit: even I’m no fair match for this.”

Snorting, Y/N draws on some matte lipstick, dabbing off the excess. It’s a deep red, burgundy almost, and definitely a better fit than the previous cherry. 

“So….” Dean sits down at the foot of the bed. “tomorrow’s the big day—you nervous?”

“It’s not my wedding.”

“You’re still a bridesmaid and I know how much you hate crowds. Not to mention the whole heading back to Kansas the next morning.”

“I thought we’re leaving Monday?”

“Can’t do Monday. Sammy has some thing that evening and he’ll need the car so,…”

“You’re seriously letting him drive?” An incredulous, mildly amused gape takes form as she meets his emerald eyes in the mirror. “Boston’s changed you, huh?” 

Tossing the necklace back into the box, he rifles through the rest of the jewels, inspecting a zirconium ring he digs up from the bottom. Holding it up to the light, he squints. “He’s a big boy, he can handle her.”

“And yet when I ask….”

“I don’t say no, I just….” He shrugs, brow knitted together and lips pursed. “…don’t say anything. And besides, sweetheart, you’re a terrible driver.”

When she meets his gaze in the mirror, her nose wrinkles. ” Sweetheart?” Y/N questions. A smirk tugs at his lips as he then stands and crosses the room in three long strides, tipping his head to the side

“Babes, baby, my honeybun.”  Dean teases as bends down and throws his hands around her waist, nestling his chin in her shoulder, the rumble of his chest firm on her back. Laughing, Y/N bats his hands away but his grip only tightens, springing giggles from her that shakes her shoulders. 



“So, get off me?” Her smile betrays the admonishing tone in her voice, but nonetheless Dean surrenders

His arms leave her waist as he straightens out, raising his hands in a defensive manner. They drop to his side and he looks back into the mirror, where Y/N shakes her head and continues dabbing at the corners of her mouth, precise and pink. 

The elder Winchester’s eyes follow her ministrations as she doles on some blush and mascara. He doesn’t think she needs it. The only time she ever sports anything more than mascara is when they have to get prettied up for a case, and even then it’s a bare minimum, but it doesn’t matter (he thinks she’s stunning either way.)

“It’s over…”He muses. “We did it.”

“Who would have thought—I thought I’d kill myself halfway through having to be your girlfriend.”

“You know you love it, babes.” Dean gives her shoulders a squeeze and she jumps up with a shriek, both their cheeks indented with dimples, hearts full and the air is jovial. He doesn’t want to be late—Cas and Sam have been waiting and the rehearsal is about to begin, but he wants to live in this moment—any moment with her, however short—forever.

But time betrays him, a long-term enemy that seeks him out whenever it can as Y/N hurries to get her shoes and spritz a cloud of perfume on. She maneuvers fast, zipping around the room, gathering the garments strewn across the floor and bed and tucking them away under the blanket.

“Remind me that there’s an arsenal under the blanket tonight before I collapse into it.”

“Before we collapse into it, you mean.”

Rolling his eyes, he lets her through the open door and then shuts it behind them. Tucking their key into his jacket pocket, the elder Winchester then takes in a deep gust of breath, hooks his arm with Y/N’s, and they head down.

When they arrive downstairs, the first half of the rehearsal is spent practicing for the ceremony, speeches and then finally, when Uncle Gary finishes his toast with a rancorous cheer, the party blooms with the steady opening key of a piano, and then it is full swing mayhem. Drinks are poured, some spilled onto exclusive fabrics, and Dean is immersed into the celebrations as Cas hands him another glass of liquor. He tries his best to stay sober, though, because Y/N wouldn’t want him to be anything less.

Instead, the evening is spent with her.

In her arms dancing and in his head, combating his thoughts and trying not to laugh at how terrible she is or at the scrunch of her nose when she takes a sip of his scotch. They’re friends again, now. Conversation once seemingly stifled flows freely, no awkward breaks, no intimate stares that divert from the topic at hand, and all throughout the night, Dean is glad to even be a half of her whole in any way.

When Saturday blooms with the sound of birds humming outside and Y/N’s whisper pestering him to get up, Dean fights the exhaustion that glues him to the bed, groaning and swatting away his partner.

“We’re going to be late, get your ass up.”

“Five more minutes.”

“Dean, I’m not kidding,” Her voice is thin, dripping with acid that warns that dare he not get up now, the consequences will be dire. “It’s already eight o’clock, we’ve got ten minutes.”

“Piss off, sweetheart…”He mumbles into the pillow.

Y/N scowls and smacks his shoulder. 

Groggy eyed, Dean surrenders, mustering up the strength to push himself to sleep. He rubs his eyes open. His muscles ache and there’s a tumultuous pounding on the left side of his head that reminds him of the four beers he downed last night. Fervently blinking, he squints when the harsh lighting bombards his tired state.  

Craning his neck, he searches the room for Y/N who, if the sound of running water means anything, has disappeared into the bathroom. He gets up and pulls on his pants, then ambles across the room, pushing the door open to the bathroom. A wave of steam wafts over him instantly, tickling his numbed skin as he goes to wash his face.
When she hears the sound of gushing water, Y/N immediately stops showering. The running water then goes dead silent and she peers out from the curtain, befuddled and drenched.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting ready”

“I’m showering, Dean. Some privacy?”

Filling a glass of water, he gargles, spits and wipes the corners of his mouth clean, looking up to meet her gaze in the fogged mirror. “I need to get ready, too. The ceremony’s in three hours.”


“Hello?” There comes a knock at the door. Startled, the pair both turn their heads, eyes weary and the sound of the sink filling up echoing in the back.

“Is that your mom?”

“Sounds like Aunt Steph—go tell her I’m in the shower?”

“What? No!” He vehemently protests. “I don’t wanna see her, I’m not even dressed and….” Suddenly, the elder Winchester’s words die out as color springs to his cheek, his adam’s apple bobbing. From behind the curtain, Y/N’s brow knits further in disconcert, urging him on.

“…it’s….morning—you know…?” Averting his gaze, Dean awkwardly waves a hand around his waist, clenching and slackening his hand, and when the realization dawns Y/N’s face, too, splits into a feint blush as her eyes widen.

Her mouth forms a little ‘o’. “Right, sorry I—“

“Y/N? Y/N, honey, are you awake?” A feminine voice slices through the chatter and the knocking intensifies.

“It’s your mom. Crap. Okay, uhm,” Eyes skittering left and right, Dean bites his lip in thought. “—okay, you stay there and….bathe. I’ll handle this.”

“What about your whole dude situation?” Eyes flitting to his waist, Y/N immediately regrets looking, her cheeks heating up.

“Really, Y/N?”

“I’m genuinely asking!”

With a sigh, the green-eyed hunter disregards her remarks and hurries out, grabbing a nearby catalogue for greatly needed shielding. The knocking is annoyingly incessant, and he yanks the door open, exposing none other than her mother.

Her hand raised in the air, Marilyn’s hundredth knock is halted as she drops it back to her side and sighs. “Sorry for the impatience—where’s Y/N?”
“Morning to you, too, Marilyn.”

“God, the reverend is complaining that he can’t make it here on his own. We tried telling him to catch a cab and get here by two but the soonest he can get one is three. I don’t want to say anything to S/P/N about it in case she loses her head.” Eyes softening, Marilyn’s voice calms and she sighs. “Dean, would you please be a dear and go fetch him?”

“Like, right now?”

“What do you think?”

The elder Winchester bites his lip in contemplation, cornered, trying to hide his lower half behind the door. His fidgeting then draws the elder woman’s attention, and her gaze lowers. Dean’s face flushes.

But out of desperation for her to leave, he quickly acquiesces. “I, uhm—yeah, okay. Yeah. Give me half an hour.” 

“Oh, thank you, sweetie.” Marilyn’s face lights up and then, within a heartbeat she’s steadfast on her heels, heading back downstairs to cater to the commotion.

When he shuts the door, Dean feels a swarm of regret and frankly, irritation come over him. He waddles back into the bathroom where Y/N stands in nothing but a towel, combing her fingers through her hair and their eyes meet in the mirror.

“Well?” Her head is tipped to the side as droplets trickle from the tips.

“It was your mom.” He explains. “She wants me to go get the reverend, so….”

“So you’re going right now?”

“What do you think?”

“Geez, okay,” She’s defensive, expression warping into one of confusion but Dean overlooks it. “No need to be snappy. This whole thing is almost over, just one more day.”

“Don’t remind me.”


But he’s already out of earshot, out of the room and stalking down the hall with the keys clenched in his fist. Then on the way down, as if he wasn’t wound up already, he bumps into Rick in the lobby, and it feels like someone has just stuck a thorn into his side.

“Dean-o” Rick smiles, always smiles, when he sees Dean approaching. The green-eyed hunter’s eyes flicker from him to Marilyn standing to his left with a clipboard in hand and impatient scowl in place.

“Where to?” Rick asks him.

“He’s going to go pick up Reverend Loyd.”

“Really? You know where the church is?”

“I’m picking him up from the church?” A defeated expression forms and Dean lets his shoulders sag. Great. More work he’s not willing to do. Rick seems to notice his sudden disdain as he glances to Marilyn. 

“What did you think?” She prompts.

“That I’d meet him half way?” Dean’s voice is strained now, on the brink of yelling. He’s worked up. He doesn’t care that he’s worked up or that he’s on the verge of ripping Y/N’s mom a new one because this is all so sudden and ludicrous. I don’t have time to drive all the way out of town—I don’t even know where the bloody church is.” He bellows.

But right in time, when the elder Woman’s brows slowly climb higher up and a challenging, almost bored expression takes form, Rick steps in.

“I’ve been there for a couple of services.” He says, trying to calm the flame, eyes flitting from green to coffee brown—fire on fire, a shimmer of a challenge in both their eyes and Dean knows that it’s probably best they stop him from saying something he’ll regret later.

Clenching his jaw, the elder Winchester takes a step back. There still lies a stiffness in his posture. An unease as he glares at the woman before him. Rick plays the role of the pacifist better than anyone could in this situation as he focusses on Dean.

“If you don’t the way, why don’t I come along?”

“I’ve got GPS.”

“Sure that will be enough?”

“Dean…” It’s the sound of Marilyn, worn so thin her voice is acidic as both head turn to her. She’s growing impatient and you can see it in the way she clamps her eyes shut and paces her breathing. “Take him with you, or do I have to go do something this trivial myself?”

The elder Winchester swallows. “Yes ma’am.” Come his terse response and then with a roll of her eyes she sidesteps him and hurries off. 

The drive out of town is pungent with stilted conversation and an uncomfortable silence so ripe you could pop it with a pin.

Dean keeps his eyes on the road all the way, trying to ignore the man beside him. He’ll occasionally have to acknowledge Rick’s presence whenever he pipes up with directions, advising to go left instead of right or to go straight down the hill, but the elder Winchester stands firm in his abhorrence for this man. Blue-eyed Rick, charming, all smugness and no faults Rick. 

He despises his perfection because it is nothing short of a reminder of his own inadequacy: he didn’t grow up with Y/N, didn’t date her like some people did—didn’t touch her. Wishes he did.

But a wish, a mere yearning is as far as it goes.

The car skids to a sudden stop when Rick yells out that they are here. Dean hits the breaks lightning fast, and they make it fast enough to miss hitting a fire hydrating, both whipping forward with the stop. A stifled breath leaves Dean as he shuts his eyes, relieved.

“This is it.” Rick announces as he peers out at the colossal cathedral. Archaic and worn down by the years, it’s obviously a dinosaur, chipped pillars and intricate design and some sort of vine grown over the lower expanse of the building.

“Should I go get him, or?” He asks, turning in his seat. Dean is mum, staring straight ahead at the church. The air only tenses further until rick, waiting for a response, gives up. 

With a sigh, he then leans back in his seat, deflated as the ever-present smile melts away. Glancing at him through the corner of his eye, Dean catches him shaking his head.

“Look, Dean, I know you don’t like me, okay? You’ve…made  that….evidently clear by just being, well—“ Pulling a face, he waves a hand at the elder Winchester. “—this. So, I’m not gonna keep on trying to be your friend.”

“Good, ‘cause that’s the last thing I want.” The hatred brews potent. He knows it is petty, disillusioned and ridiculous and frankly insane to loathe a man who has been nothing but amicable since they got here, but he refuses to concede anything less than animosity. Rick is an enemy, his mind has already decided. A threat. A token, showing him a life he could have had. He is everything Dean is not.

“What is your problem, huh?” He snaps. “Seriously? When Y/N talked about you, I thought the Dean I’d meet was gonna be a cool guy who didn’t act like a total dick, instead I’m met with this grumpy old crow. Hell, if I didn’t know better, I’d think Sam was her boyfriend from description.”

“Alright, you know what? I didn’t agree to this, to this bullshit gab session and picking up the fucking reverend and all this crap, I agreed to be Y/N’s boyfriend. Just because I don’t do things the way you did when the two of you were horny teenagers, doesn’t mean shit.”

“Is that what this is about? Y/N and I dating?”

Dean says nothing as he shoves the door open with a shrill screech and clambers out. His blood is pulsing and he’s trying to think, he wants to think, but it’s hard with how heavy his heart feels.

At the sound of the passenger door opening, he whips around, finding a bewildered Rick staring at him.


“Fuck off”

“You know that was years ago, right? I was bloody nineteen. We grew out of our feelings for each other.”

“Really?” His tone is acerbic and strained and he hopes you can’t pick up on the underlying hurt. “So on Thursday evening the two of you were just supposed to meet and catch up, yeah?”


It goes quiet for a moment. Dean’s voice catches in his throat, his glare suddenly beginning to weaken. A stillness takes over him like a warm hug. His blood, formerly coursing through him like a violent storm, begins to calm, and it takes two seconds before he realize how stupid he sounds. How stupid he is.

Because, in a moment of insecurity and vulnerable jealousy he has just made a complete fool out of himself—and God, does it show in crimson-colored cheeks.
Clenching his jaw, the elder Winchester swallows. Straightens. The blood has drained from him and he suddenly feels cold, like he’s just seen the devil himself.

Rick stares at him incredulously. “Seriously? What else would it be? Y/N and I, we—“ With a defeated sigh, he snorts sardonically and then shakes his head. Belittles Dean; it says it all in the pitiful stare, in the way his head is tipped to the side and he looks at him like he is the smallest, most pathetic creature walking the earth.

“Wow. Talk about being insecure in the relationship.”

“You…” But he doesn’t give the hunter time to finish.

“Look, man, I’m gonna go get Loyd. Ceremony starts in two hours.”

And then just like that he pivots around and saunters into the church.

Dean is left alone outside. Stationary, gaping and somewhat disoriented. Ashamed—God. God, this is a new level of low that he cannot climb up from, and he hurries back into the car to save himself from being seen by anyone else. Shuts the door. Lets out harried breaths he’s been stifling. This is a mess. He is a mess. When Rick gets back a few minutes later he interrupts the hunter’s rumination as he enters the car with the reverend in tow.

The drive home is worse than he’d imagined. A collection of hasty side-glances and wooden conversation. Dean is grateful to get to the hotel. He parks the car then lets the pair out, but remains, hands still curled around and the wheel and heart heavy as they leave. He ponders. Tries to muster up some confidence, faux-excitement for the wedding all for Y/N.

And apparently it works; when he makes his way out onto the terrace, his friends can barely decipher his mood.

“How do we look?” Y/N asks as soon as she sees him, grinning like the wild child she is. She turns around a couple of times to show her dazzling dress.
With a breath of a laugh, Dean nods his approval. “Great. You all look great. Hell—even you Cas.”

With a subtle smile, the angel nods. The mood is jubilant. Guests are gathering and taking their seats, Y/N practically bouncing out of her shoes as she watches familiar faces fill the garden.

She holds his arm like an ecstatic little girl, awe-struck eyes trained on a dark woman with her hair done in bantu knots. “Miss Aubrey Peters.” She states. “I remember her from childhood. She worked with my mom and, practically every afternoon she’d be at our house helping out with the accounting for the business.”

Y/N’s mother is a florist so Dean doesn’t know how much accounting goes into flowers, but he politely nods along, bemused by her enthusiasm.

“Oh—and there’s Mister Kheal, S/P/N philosophy professor.”

He almost scoffs. “Who invites their professor to their wedding?”
“My sister, apparently. I can’t blame her. They were close, she aced all his classes.  A drawn out sigh follows her explanation. Resting her head on his shoulder, her grip around his arm doesn’t loosen.
“I’m trying to keep in mind what you told me—about starting a new life? You were…right. Seeing these people now reminds me that any good I had before I left Boston was abundant enough to be taken along and even leave some behind.”

“Sooo what you’re saying is that I’m right?”

“In a way. Dean?”

He tips his head and looks down at her, meeting grateful, doe eyes.

“Thank you for doing this. I’ll never forget it, the fun we’ve had. Your help. I know I can always count on you, and…well….that’s a nice thing to be assured of.” Y/N finishes with another one of her warm smiles and it is routine. Dean splinters. Falls further. Harder. He can’t help it, but he wants to lean down and kiss her, he can lean down and kiss her if he’s brave enough but he is too big of a coward. And when he opens his mouth to speak, the words are stolen from him as Aunt Steph then appears to drag her niece away to begin the march.

“Take your seats, if you will, everyone.” Marilyn calls from the altar, yelling over the buzz of conversation. People shuffle aside and perch themselves in their chair as the ceremony begins. 

Clearing his throat, Dean shakes himself and scuttles to his seat in the front.
The garden quiets almost instantly once everybody has sat down, the voices reduced to hush mumbles and whispers that soon die out when the Reverend and the groom’s party walk in. He swallows. Weddings have never been easy. They never will be. Reverend leans in to whisper something in Japheth’s ear and the entire congregation waits patiently, before he nods, straightens out and then instructs for the music.

The guitarist is Y/N’s cousin Jacob and he is brilliant, starting the service with the steady pluck of the strings. He plays the instrument like it is the body of his lover, attentive and intimate, eyes shut in focus. Beautiful. Beautiful, but not enough to ease the hammering in Dean’s chest. He gulps, adjusting the bowtie around his collar. The symphony picks up then slows, and then the elder Winchester turns his head when he feels a tap on his shoulder.

“Look….”Sam whispers, pointing down the aisle.

He turns.

And surely, there they are, the bridal party, floating in like angels on a cloud. All elegance, all poise. The music, so ethereal and sweet, is the perfect ode as the girls one by one make their way to the altar. Dean feels sweat bead at the nape of his neck. He watches each go by: Jackie, Emma…

And then there’s Y/N.

Dressed in that dress, his dress, his choice he just half-heartedly pulled out from the rack, but looking at her now, Dean can’t help but think that maybe it wasn’t so incidental. Maybe this is a sign, a furtive hint from the big guy that they have a chance, maybe he knows her more than he thinks, and he tries to hold onto that hope for the rest of the night.

She is still at the start of walkway, waiting for Emma to align herself at the front, and then she is ushered on by her aunt standing behind her.

Even with all the intricacies of the day, even with the focus being solely on S/P/N and her vows, Dean, watching her saunter down the aisle, is as sure as he is that the sky is blue, that Y/N is the most beautiful part of the day. He watches her intently, awestruck, stunned into silence. Cas and Sam chuckle behind him. He’s pretty sure one of them even pokes him in the side at one point, but he’s too engage to even notice.

And when she passes him, eyes lingering for just a second too long on his face, the furtive smile and wink thrown his way do not go unnoticed.

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Give the People What They Want

here’s my first fic of the seven that are going up this week!

An accidental like on Twitter brings Dan more than he bargained for.

“Hey guys! I’m joined today by Dan, and we’re going to be doing the chapstick challenge!”

aka the one where Dan and Phil try to do the chapstick challenge and it doesn’t exactly go as planned

words: 2.8k

tags: chapstick challenge, friends to lovers, fluff, making out, slight grinding but no real smut

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  • 2013 Jikook: who are you?
  • 2017 Jikook: we're you but stronger
  • 2013 Jungkook: wait what? no just, no.
  • 2017 Jimin: Yes kookie, you love me.
  • 2013 Jimin: You love me? I knew it! *jumps on 2k13 jungkook*
  • 2013 Jungkook: Ew no, get off!
  • 2013 Jimin: You love me ~ you love me ~
  • 2013 Jungkook: NO.I.DON'T!
  • 2017 Jimin: yes you do
  • 2013 Jungkook: No-
  • 2017 Jungkook: Dude, you love him.

Rooming Together (SETH ROLLINS)

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Seth Rollins for anon


Seth and Reader hate each other but have to share a room together. Will one night rooming together change things? :ANGST AND FLUFF




“What the hell do you mean you have Seth Rollins booked with me?” I whispered threateningly to the desk clerk. “You need to fix this or else there’s gonna be some bloodshed for your little friends to clean up.”

The desk clerk picked up the phone. “If you’re gonna threaten me, I’m gonna have to call security, Ms. Y/L/N.”



Seth rolled his eyes just thinking of what mess Y/N could have gotten herself into.

But thank goodness he walked up just in time.

“No. Security’s not necessary.” Seth spoke looking at the lady being the desk, all the while flashing a smile. “She won’t be a problem tonight.”

The lady behind the desk smiled in return. “No bloodshed Mr. Rollins?”


Seth gave Y/N a what the fuck look.

Then shook his head at the clerk. “I don’t know what my friend has told you but of course not. ” He said grabbing Y/N from behind and pulling her away from the desk.

“Ew. Get off me Rollins.”

Seth lowered his head. “Stop making a scene and walk.”


“What the fuck was that?” Seth’s voice screeched through Y/N’s ear. “And bloodshed? Are you trying to cause a publicity hell for WWE?”

Y/N scoffed. “If I didn’t, in sure it wouldn’t measure up to your leaked nudes.”


That was a low blow, Y/N thought scolding herself before Seth could.

“Seth, I’m–” She started to apologize but couldn’t finish from being cut off.

“No fuck you.” Seth screamed making her jump a little. “I should’ve just let that woman call security so they could take your ass off to wherever.”

Y/N stood there frowning for a second trying to process Seth’s outburt.

They’ve had their share of arguments.

She’s even took a swing or two at him in the ring.

But damn.

This kinda topped all of that.

“Well.” Y/N said crossing her arms. “Why didn’t you? Then you could have the room to yourself.” She finished in a petty tone.

But she couldn’t help it.

Petty was a defense for her.

“Cause I fucking like you.” Seth said in a low whisper but since there was literally nothing but silence in the room, Y/N still heard.

She just pretended she didn’t.

Until pretending started to eat her alive.


The next morning Y/N got up early, slipping on some sweats and a t-shirt to go downstairs for some breakfast.

“You look like shit.”

She turned around from putting her hair in a messy bun to see Seth now awake and sitting up in bed.

His thick upper body on full display.

“I barely slept.” She mumbled.


Seth smirked playfully. “Too scared I was gonna roll over and try to cuddle with you last night?”

“Nope. Couldn’t stop thinking about you saying you like me.”

“Oh.” Seth replied his breath hitching in his throat.

Fuck man, did you have to say that? He asked himself.

Especially knowing she was probably gonna hear?

Or did he want her to hear?

He’s been keeping his feelings bottled up for so long, maybe he wanted to get it out in the open.

“Yeah…” Y/N mumbled coming over and taking a seat on her side of the bed. “So what gives, Seth? You just said that to get under my skin right? You didn’t mean it?”

What did she mean just to get under her skin?

Was she trying to convince herself of that or…?

“I said it because that’s how I feel.” Seth finally replied. “I do like you, and have for a long time.”

He searched her face for any kind of sign as Y/N satyed quiet.

Finally she did but it wasn’t what he was hoping for.

“I’m sorry Seth.”

Seth nodded.

He wasn’t used to being let down especially now that he was The Man but hey, you can’t always get what you want, right?

“Oh.” Seth faked a quick laugh. “It’s fine. I don–”

Y/N placed her index finger to his lips, signaling for him to shut up. “I’m sorry for last night. You know the nudes thing? You wouldn’t let me apologize then so that was it.” She smiled a little. “And I kinda like you too, Rollins.”


“Kinda?” Seth said out loud.

“Kinda.” Y/N giggled. “I’m not 100% sure but maybe after a couple of test dates, I will be.”

Seth smiled. “Test dates are good.”


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Exo reaction to you suddenly fainting in public.

nemogirl02 said:Exo react to you suddenly faint. Like you’re out in public or something and BAM! You pass out


Suho: He just thought you were playing around. “What..ha ha very funny, get up y/n”

Originally posted by suhomysuho

D.O: O H F U C K I N G S H I T! He was just having a conversation with you then bam! Every little piece of sense he had just left his brain.

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Lay: You: *Faints* Him: “OH MY GOD BABE-” Bystanders: “Did you just see that man attack that woman? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!” Him: wtf did I do..

Originally posted by tellyouwhatislove

Baekhyun: He just froze, you fainted right there all of sudden. He didn’t even know until he turned around, to see someone helping you up. You fell so quietly, he wasn’t aware of it.

Originally posted by grinding-on-baek

Xiumin: You complained that you were burning up, he didn’t feel hot, even though it wasn’t the best pleasing weather outside. You ended up fainting from being too hot and walking too much. After he got you up to recover and cooled you down with some cold water, he was all worked up over the incident, burning up into flames.

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Kai: *In this reaction he doesn’t know you* You wake up to surroundings that aren’t familiar with you, and a weird man standing in front of your eyes. You: “Who the hell are you?…Where am I?” Him: “You fainted, my lady” You: “DID YOU KIS-” Him: “No….chill, I just put a wet towel over your head”

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Chen: You two aren’t really the close of friends. You awake to find him calmly watching TV, while laying his head on your shoulder. He laid there till you woke  You: “Ew, get off of me” Him: “Well hello to you too” Both: *Laugh*

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Chanyeol: “Um……babe……ARE YOU FUCKING OK OH MY GOD”

Originally posted by mickyawesomnessninja

Sehun: He wasn’t sure how to act, the way you fell was very dramatic. Which that completely threw him off right there, he wasn’t aware that you actually fainted. 

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