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I’m Not Much Without You

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Alcohol consumption, idk man… subpar writing?

Words: 2,946

A/n: I feel like all my fics read the same for some reason…. BUT there’s more! I have another Steve fic and I’ll be posting that pretty soon today as well because I’m dipping out of tumblr for a bit again. So, I’d rather post the fics I have written rather than just make you guys wait for too long.

Summary: You break things off with Bucky and you both try to cope.

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Charlie Brooker on San Junipero

EW: You could have done this same story with any kind of couple. What made two women the best choice?
It was a heterosexual couple when I first put the story down. And then I thought, “Well, what if it wasn’t?” And I think it gives it an extra resonance because they couldn’t have legally got married in 1987, so we’re gifting them that in this world, in this story of second chances. And that added an extra layer to the whole subtext about reliving your life and exploring things you didn’t have a chance to do.

That deliberate-looking shot of the plane flying in the background at the beach near the the end — does that mean you can travel to other places and not just stay in ’80s dance club heaven?
You know what? I never thought of that! The idea is there’s almost different channels for decades you can select to enter in the same environment. So going to another place would be like in Grand Theft Auto going from Los Santos in GTA V to San Andreas. But I dare say there would be a nostalgic version of Britain and Spain and New York. So now, I’ve talked myself around to say: Yes, that’s what that plane is there to do!

Can you talk about the credits? The Belinda Carlisle song adds so much, not just to the ending but to everything you’ve seen before it.
I know, and I’m praying people don’t just stop the episode as soon as they see the first credit, because it unlocks [the rest of the story]. I started writing the script and I put together a Spotify playlist of music from 1987. I go running every so often and that song came on while I was jogging I was like, “Well, that’s gotta go in.” And that basically gave me the ending scene. So one of the first things we did is check if we could clear this song [for use in the episode] and I would have been absolutely distraught if we couldn’t have done it. It’s something we’ve done in previous episodes, where we have story continuing to unfold throughout the end credits, but it’s the only time we do it in this season. It feels like an nice way of adding an extra coda. It’s also a wry joke in a way, that heaven is literally a place on earth, as we reveal the absolute cold reality of what’s going on. Hopefully it leaves people with a smile on their face, which is an alien experience after watching Black Mirror.

EW Interview with Black Mirror Showrunner Charlie Brooker on Season 3

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