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The wild plot bunny series - J2 Vampire/Werewolf AU {x}
Jensen is a vampire and Jared a werewolf. They own a bar in Brooklyn where Jensen plays piano all night and Jared runs the kitchen while they try to stay out of trouble and juggle a mixed supernatural relationship.
Or something like that ;)


((So guess what my asshole friends convinced me to start going through in 2017))

Another reminder Gil was alive in 2009 fuckign god dmanit dudes 

Fic, Virgil

Virgil said that it was weird when Thomas used his name. As a person who is trying to change their name I relate to this. So, here’s a fic about Anxiety getting used to being called his name.

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Warnings: Getting used to calling someone by their name. Dunno if that actually needs a warning but I know some of us are trans/nb and I dunno what triggers dysphoria for others so I’m putting that there. 517 words.

Abstract: Virgil. Verge. So weird hearing it out loud.

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I Hate You, I Love You

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader 

 Fluff, slight angst 

 TW: body image issues, mention of sexual innuendos 

 Word count: 2420

 • rival! Kang Daniel 

 • highschool AU

 • ft. rest of the Wanna One boys as besties and created character Eunji 

I actually hate this overused song sooo much but it isn’t terrible so I decided, heh why not. And I decided on a highschool AU bc I felt more comfortable with it. Please don’t mind it. I’m still really bad at writing angst im sorry :))) hope you like it anon !! requests are still open btw ;) Oh! and i’m really sorry i got this up pretty late :(

- Admin L


 "Will Daniel be there?“ you asked, popping another one of your candies into your mouth and crunching down with more force than intended. It must be from this upsetting news. 

“Uhhh…yes? Oh, c'mon Y/N! Please don’t be like this,” Jaewhan replied. “He’s a really nice guy once you get to know him!”

Nice guy my ass, you thought. The only nice thing he’s ever done is help me hand in my test but that’s only because the teacher forced him to. You gritted your teeth at the amount of shit Kang Daniel had caused. 

“You’re still coming with us right? We always go out together,” Sungwoon pleaded.

“It won’t be the same without you Y/N!” Daehwi insisted, tugging slightly at your arm. You sighed and gave in to your best friends pleading. I guess I’ll have Eunji … but that doesn’t solve the fact that I hate Kang Daniel. 

The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch and time for students to return back to class. You groaned, savouring the last bit of candy before stuffing it back into your pocket.

You and your friends were never in a hurry during Friday lunches for your teacher was always late. Daehwi, Sungwoon and Woojin broke off from you, Jaewhan and Eunji to attend their mathematics class while the three of you had science. Also the class that you shared with Jisung and… Daniel. It was the most annoying thing to have Kang Daniel sit behind you at your bench in the laboratory. For the whole duration of class, he either toyed with your hair, threw pens at your back or stuffed pieces of paper into your bag despite Jisung telling him to stop it repeatedly. Daniel was just a cheeky student and he didn’t exactly like you either. He just hung around you because his group of friends were friends with his friends and naturally they all bonded and became friends with each other excluding you. 

You were quite close with some of his gang like Jihoon, Guanlin and Jisung. They rest just seemed too close to Daniel for comfort. Seongwoo never left his side, Jinyoung was just innocent looking but evil and Minhyun seemed to care too much about that idiot to befriend you. It hadn’t bothered you much, it wasn’t like you were super into getting to know them anyways.

A scrunched up ball of paper hit your back, it didn’t hurt physically or emotionally. Daniel really just liked to annoy you to no end. It’s just his thing, Jihoon had told you. He’s like this with all of us too. You simply came to a conclusion that just because you were practically the only girl in the whole damn school that hadn’t fallen for his charms made him act this way towards you. He treated you like one of his hyungs or dongsaengs. Yet, it didn’t bother you at all.


“Oh! Hey Y/N,” Guanlin greeted, beaming at you. He had bumped into you on the way to the mall and the two of you decided to venture in together. This ended up in Guanlin dragging you into an arcade and being five minutes late for the movie. You blushed as Daniel tsked you non-stop but Daehwi reassured you that it was fine.

“Uhh, I’m sitting next to Jihoon!” Guanlin yelled.

“Wait what…I’m sitting next to Jihoon!” Jinyoung protested, stomping his foot.

“But- but I thought you agreed to sit next to me, Jinyoung.” In that moment, Daehwi felt more like DaeWHY. 

You turned to Eunji and Woojin, “Let’s sit together, okay?” You looked at them hopefully for a positive response but Eunji blushed and muttered something about arranging to sit with Sungwoon and Minhyun while Woojin just awkwardly shuffled his feet. He ended up in between Jisung and Seongwoo. You had to settle for Daniel and Jaewhan, Jaehwhan insisted on sitting next to Daniel instead of you. 

It drove you beyond crazy. 

Well, at least Guanlin won you a bunch of candy at the arcade. But you felt guilty for eating so much and decided to share them with your friends. 

“Yah! Don’t I get one? Y/N is so unfair,” Daniel whined playfully. You couldn’t help it but give in to his cuteness and scolded your heart for fluttering when Daniel acted cute and nice towards you, like a decent acquaintance should. 

He reached over for a lollipop and brushed over your hand when he did. He seemed unaffected but you, you were pretty much screaming on the inside and for once, it wasn’t because he had done something to anger you. 

Ew hormones, you shuddered.

“Did you eat breakfast?” Daniel whispered halfway through the movie, shovelling popcorn into his mouth. 

Truth was, you hadn’t eaten anything and your stomach grumbled in complaint but of course, you weren’t going to let Daniel know that. “Yes, shush,” you hissed in reply, shooting him an unamused look. 

He rolled his eyes. “Yes and I scored full marks for my mathematics test. Your stomach has been complaining loudly, it’s so distracting! Kindly shut up." 

Ugh, Kang Daniel. To your surprise, he handed you his bucket of popcorn that he paid for with his own money. "Eat." 

Eat? But I’ll become so fat and ugly after that everyone will make fun of me. 

"No thanks. I really ate something already.” You hoped he wouldn’t push you anymore but this was Kang Daniel we were talking about. Unlike shoving a handful into your mouth while you were off guard so you would choke and die, he waited and with your consent, slowly fed you kernel by kernel. Touched and shocked were both understatements. 

Why was Daniel suddenly acting like this? You hoped your other friends wouldn’t notice, this was incredibly embarrassing! 

After the movie was over - Daniel was clutching onto an empty box - everyone decided on going to a burger place for lunch. You groaned, mentally calculating the amount of carbohydrates you had consumed today and figured it had exceeded your daily intake. Time to juice diet then. 

Unfortunately, none of your friends was having it when you said you weren’t hungry. They bickered with you and created a huge ruckus which caused other customers to stare so to avoid getting kicked out, you ordered a small burger. It wasn’t like you planned to finish it anyways but it seemed to quieten your friends down. All you could pretend to do was nibble on fries and insist that you were full. 

Of course, Kang Daniel saw right through your facade. He knows too much. “Y/N? Why aren’t you eating?”

“I’m really stuffed. Sorry,” you replied, going back to sipping your water even though you could feel the hunger eating at you. 

Daniel rolled his eyes at your response. “After half a bucket of popcorn? Please, I’ve known you for four years in school, you need more than that, I think every human being does. Come on, say ahhh." 

You huffed and glared at Daniel for his stupid antics as he waved a forkful of burger in front of your face. Secretly, it was adorable, so cute you thought that your heart would burst. None of your friends were like this with you but you knew they still loved and cared for you. 

But Kang Daniel wasn’t your friend, you two were always restrained by your friends from ripping each other’s heads off. He messed up the results of your science practical so you hacked into his computer and stole his Korean project slides the night before. Looking back, it was just a petty and childish thing but in a way, it was interesting to have someone like that. 

You let Daniel feed you for the second time that day, it was entertaining, the tough, bad boy, prankster was actually being soft and tender towards you. 

When it was time to head your separate ways, you usually hugged all of your friends goodbye so today, Daniel was no exception. He was warm, cuddly and gave good hugs. He also smelt really good, like a Dior cologne. 

As soon as the boys were out of earshot, Eunji squealed and whipped out her phone, showing you all the Tumbr worthy couple pictures she had taken of you and Daniel. You told her you hated them and to delete them but when she wasn’t looking, you took her phone, sent them all to your contact and set it as your new home screen with a smile on your face.


Daniel: hi y/n

Daniel: did you eat? 

Daniel: please hydrate yourself it’s hot today

Daniel: are you going with us today?


You: ….. 

Daniel: ??? 

You: why are you like this? 


Daniel: let’s just say that being a nice person is better than being an irritating one 

You: please don’t play me like this Daniel: I won’t, don’t worry. 5.07pm You: okay, thanks jerk. and yes i’ve eaten and drank water. same goes for you okay! 

Daniel: drink more 

Daniel: because i can sense you’re still thirsty for me ;) 

Daniel has now been blocked and can no longer contact you. 


Daniel: unblock me pls im sorry 


Daniel: unblock me pls im sorry


Daniel: unblock me pls im sorry 


Daniel: unblock me pls im sorry 

Daniel is now unblocked and is able to contact you. 


Daniel: im not 

Daniel: you know you want me 


Y/N: stfu asshole

Y/N: im busy rn 


Daniel: dreaming about me? :0 

Y/N: no, homework 

Daniel: why do that when you could do me ;) 

Daniel has now been blocked and can no longer contact you. 


Daniel’s constant, worried texts always made your heart flutter and butterflies came alive in your stomach whenever you a notification that contained his name. Sometimes he would send you memes at two in the morning and you’d reply at two thirty. It had been going on like this for a few weeks and even in school, he offered to help you, be it with homework - ‘Y/N, watch, i’m going to beat that guy up if he doesn’t give us his answers’ - carrying your heavy books - ‘you know i just take pictures of every page of the textbook and use my phone in class’ - or even grabbing you something from the cafeteria in between classes - 'Daniel, this is a cinnamon roll.’ ’…so? Are you allergic? I’m sorry!’ 'Why did you say in your note that you’re a cinnamon roll?’ 'You are what you eat? And if so I wouldn’t mind being you." 

It took you awhile to understand that. "Daniel!” You shrieked as he burst out laughing. Luckily it was just the both of you walking to the laboratory from your locker. Your entire face burned a bright red, almost as red as a tomato.

Oh god, why have I fallen for such a man, why couldn’t it just be a temporary crush, you thought bitterly. He made you feel special and he cared for you despite how much of a prick he could be. At the same time, you really wouldn’t have it any other way.


Wind blew your hair up in about twenty different directions but Daniel still claimed you looked gorgeous, you wanted to believe him. 

It was Friday again, the two of you were still in school despite how late it was getting. You sat on one of the large picnic tables and Daniel had laid his head in your lap. He spent most of the time talking about his cats and how you must come over to play with them. Subconsciously, somewhere and somehow, your hand had begun curling and tugging on Daniel’s thick hair. You only realised it after he had let out a soft, breathless moan. His eyes seemed to be shut in bliss. You giggled and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead without giving it a second thought. It appeared that he had wanted to open his eyes but didn’t want to seem affected by what you had just did. 

Unfortunately, he was the worst liar you’d ever met and he blushed pink. You awed in amusement, he was so loveable! 

But Daniel would never like someone like me, you sighed sadly in realisation yet, you couldn’t keep away from him. 

You continued running your hands through his hair and traced the outlines of his features. Now you knew why everyone had fallen in love with him, he was absolutely breathtaking. 

“Y/N…” Daniel murmured, seemingly half asleep in paradise and he now knew that your hands were made out of magic. 

“Hmm?” You hummed in response.

“…why did you starve yourself so much?” he asked hesitantly. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to though." 

"No…it’s fine. I guess it’s a habit that all of our friends tried to talk me out of but, but I guess I never felt as good as they said I looked. I wasn’t as pretty or as skinny as a lot of my friends, take Eunji or Daehwi for example. So, yeah. I supposed I doubted my-myself a lot. I didn’t feel l-like-” you were cut off by Daniel sitting up and embracing you in a warm hug. 

“Y/N, don’t compare yourself like that. Everyone is special and beautiful in their own way." 

"I-i know! It’s just…i hoped that at least someone would notice me b-but.” you gave up and cried into Daniel’s shoulder. “But I want to say thanks, for caring for me like a best friend…even though my best friend does the same but on a lower scale because it would be pretty awkward if she did but-" 

"Can I kiss you?” Daniel blurted out, he blushed even redder but held his ground. 


"Can I kiss you?” he repeated. 

You wiped your face clean using a spare tissue in your pocket. “Uhm, i guess so? Wait! Do you want a candy? I know you have a huge sugar addiction,” you rambled in a bunch of nerves, pulling out your constant candy stash. You popped one into your mouth, then proceeded to wave one in front of Daniel. “Say ahhh." 

Deja vu washed over Daniel, he smiled, remembering that fateful incident. He obliged, he really liked candy, he’d eat it for every meal if he could. ( he’d eat you for every meal if he could )

Too bad he liked you more.

Your lips met and they tasted like sugar but at that time, nothing else in the universe could matter.

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