ew cant believe i tagged that


taehyung is too cute for this world :/ 💞💞

i was tagged by the beautiful @supersaiyum & @imeightout

i did this with hwi last time so i decided to do it with tae for this one 💞💞💞 his signature v is so cute :((( i lov my man

im tagging: @ilysanha @leeminpuppy @princechani @pinkhoodiemark @myraqeul and anyone else who wants to do this!!

remember dw if you don’t want to do this!!! only if you’re comfortable doing so :))

me in the ow tag: ew disgusting dva and all these dicks this is so disrespectful and i cant believe Men™ are like this she doesnt even look like that i cant believe this is what the fandom is like why do they over sexulise no one except for her is this a form of racism whoknows probably i blame the Cis problematic and i hate this fandom disgusting i just cant click through another page im never coming back here and i am Disgusted

me in the ow tag seeing mcree in the same compromising positions: Wow. Nice. 

i want to hug jimin and hold him in my arms and tell him how wonderful and lovely he is because he’s always putting himself down and the members always call him ugly as a joke and i get its a joke but i just really want to tell him myself that he’s perfect to me