ew boybands

im honestly heartbroken. i used to be that really annoying girl who didnt even give 1D a chance in like the 8th grade because “omg ew boybands” and just recently i started listening to them and i really ended up liking them alot and i bought 1D tickets for my mom and i for her birthday and i actually felt excited to go and shes been wanting me to listen to them for awhile and idk i just feel sad that i didnt like them sooner and idk i just hope zayn is aight ..

So, like La Banda on Univision has become a guilty pleasure for me. Like, it’s about making a latino version of One Direction so I’m already like ew bc boybands. But it’s surprisingly good bc it takes the time to humanize these guys who are struggling to win a spot on the band and it’s personal. You get to know them and you feel for those who get eliminated. Like, there are people I am a mother hen about and will fiercely defend. 

TLDR La Banda is worth watching even if you hate boybands and I will cut you if you insult my favorites