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Imagine being Crowley's wife and bringing Gavin back for him, but accidently bringing him back as a two year old.

Being a witch was…interesting to say the least. Sometimes spells went right, and other times…you weren’t so lucky. With more training, you told yourself, you could be as skilled as your husband’s mother, Rowena. Until then, it was a trial and error process, but of all the times one of your spells could go wrong it was when it involved a life that was very important to you.

It was supposed to be a surprise, really, but it turned into a shock. Gavin, Crowley’s son, was brought back like you planned…but at a very different age. It wasn’t as bad as you expected it to be when the young lad smiled up at you and hugged your legs in pure joy. The days to follow were filled with laughter, games, and memories. Sure, it wasn’t the age you planned, but Crowley never seemed happier. He may had been a sucky ass father before, this time, though, he would change that. This was his second chance.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Gavin called out as he ran up to his father, toy car in hand.

“Yes, my prince?” Swiftly, he pulled his son into his arms and kissed his cheek with a small smile.

“Ew, Daddy! Your beard is scratchy!”

“Sorry,” he chuckled. “What was it?”

“I like her…”

“What? Y/n?” Gavin nodded with a smile before looking down shyly.

“Can she be mommy now?” he whispered.

Crowley looked at you, currently cooking a family dinner, and nodded. “Yes, lad, yes she can…”

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fight me but i am pro-bellamy’s beard ! i’m also pro-bob morley  feeling good about himself  so whatever he likes is good by me?? i hate seeing any comments, mostly on twitter, with people going ‘ew shave the beard’ or ‘ew get rid of it.’ like it doesn’t matter what it is?? don’t say ‘ew’ on a picture of someone you insensitive asshats? 

Fandom: omG CALUM sMokES
Me: Calum is a grown man guys

Fandom: oMG ASHton and BRYana???
Me: Ashton is a grown man guys

Fandom: Omggggg Luke’s bEARD EW
Me: Luke is a grown man guys

Michael: just wanna be in bed watching flash
Me: Michael you are a grown man

Me age 13: i really like boys with long eyelashes and round faces and full lips and soft eyes and muscles are gross. I think its really cute when a guy can wear a skirt and eyeliner. Soft pure skin and no beard ew. idk I think i just have really high standards for guys.

Me years later playing with my girlfriend’s hair while she lays in my lap:

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Shumdario: a cautionary tale

This fandom, so far, is really a positive wonderful place. And you can see it in the way the actors are so open and unguarded on social media with us. It is a real treat. Now I’m a big fan of freedom to ship what you like. Shipping is fun. I LOVE rps ships and think it can be a fun flip side to shipping a fictional couple. But I just hope we are able to keep things grounded in reality.

Shumdario is adorable. I ship the hell out of it! Matt and Harry are so fun and happy and open with each other, it would be a shame to lose that all because a few people couldn’t keep themselves from harassing and tweeting the actors.

I was in the glee fandom and people who shipped Darren and Chris (the actors that played on screen couple Klaine) RUINED it. We never got ANY interviews of them together even at comic con, they never talked openly about Klaine and never seemed happy to talk about it anymore, they actively avoided being seen in public together, their significant others still TO THIS DAY get death threats and hate from people who truly believe Darren and Chris were/are secretly dating. Anytime one of them would go to an event with their boyfriend/girlfriend people would (and still do) deface the picture or cut them out. They have harassed people who posted pictures saying they needed a “trigger warning” for having a picture of Darren’s girlfriend show up on their dash, for example.

Glee has been over for a year, and still I stumble across hatred and anger from people. People still flood Instagram posts and Twitter @ mentions hating on their significant others.

Imagine if Matt posted a picture of him and Esther, and there were 100s of comments saying “ew she’s a beard!!! Why wont you admit you are dating Harry!” “Shumdario 4 ever!” “She’s so ugly ughhhh. Stop lying you are gay!!” That’s what could happen if Shumdario goes the way Darren/Chris shipping went.

And I’m not saying it will! I’ve seen a few tweets that were super out of line, but obviously those people are the minority. All I’m asking is let’s please try and maybe be a better fandom. Even our real life shipping.

All I’m saying is, I know we can be better. Write fic, squeal over interviews. Im right there with you. But please don’t confuse fantasy with reality. Let’s all try and make sure this fandom is a fun and safe environment for us and the actors AND their significant others (who are precious and ship malec and are super sweet and we should appreciate them).