When they have a crush

Matt: Matt notices how much he things about you, he thinks about you constantly which is weird for someone so self centered. He catches himself day dreaming about you, wondering what your doing right at this moment, how you would like something he’s found. Physically, his personal space is nonexistent which is also strange if you don’t like him that way, you notice how when you two talk he leans into you when speaking, his hugs linger, he rarely turns his back to you and slouches his shoulders when near you, he cares about what you say. He uses lots of eye contact.

Edd: Edd notices how you make him feel on the inside, he gets excited when he hears about you, if you text him, call him, or he knows you’re coming over. He gets a nervous feeling whenever he’s around you, it’s not bad but when ever you smile at him or laugh his cheeks get warm and his blood goes cold. His eye contact his bad, he stares at you from a distant and whenever you look back at him he averts his eyes. When ever he’s talking to you his body will be facing you but his eyes will be down. When he makes a joke his eyes go straight to you to see if you liked it.

Tom: Tom teases you, he pokes you and makes fun of how you act and what you like, harmless poking fun that isn’t hurtful and usually ends in you two play fighting, your reactions make him feel cold inside. When he talks to you or around you his voice speeds up filling up with more life then his usual dead pan one and he tends to ramble. He also had started paying more attention to how he looks, he wears nicer clothes, he grooms himself more often, his posture is better.

Tord: Tord gets jealous, if your attention isn’t directly on him when you two are together he’s sad, you can tell just by the look on his face. It’s relatively normal but his eyes give it away. If you talk about someone else that he thinks you could like he’s very moody towards you. If someone he thinks likes you is around a lot he’s aggressive and intimidation towards them. He try’s to act manly around you, his chest puffed out, he just acts dominant. He’s really nice and sweet to you. Buys you small things a lot like candies and texts you a lot of stuff he thinks you’d like. He doesn’t like the way he feels about you, a lot of the time for a couple of days at a time he’ll ignore you just because he doesn’t want to like you he doesn’t like feeling! >:v

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(this is a question for Edd, Matt, and Tom) Matt are you still a vampire? tom do you still turn into a monster? and Edd do you still have a little bit of power?

Matt: I dont know… Why dont you come closer and find out…

Tom: Monster what…?

((this is not canon to the plot at all,,, i just wanted to draw monster boiis))

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Matt, do you drink alcohol?

Matt: No, I dont believe in the effect that alcohol has. I have only gotten drunk about two times in my life and they have both been very unpleasant experiences. Not to mention alcohol doesn’t even taste good unless you drown it in tropical fruit.

Matt: In a lot of ways alcohol does more harm than good and I know the effect it has on people. It’s not a good coping method and people end up losing a lot because they get addicted to the stuff. If you think it’s a good idea to just drink yourself silly to avoid your problems. Please. Take a step back and look at your situation and instead try talking to someone, I really know its a hard subject and you may not want to face it yourself but..

Matt: There are people out there that genuinely love and care about you and want to make sure you’re alright. Most of the time it seems like it will be a lot easier to just drink and forget but you hurt yourself and others  when you do that. Finally realizing the problem and being able to talk about it is the first step for improvement  Please treat yourself like royalty because there’s nobody that can be as unique as you, and the world suffers greatly when your hurt yourself.

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What if they caught their significant other in an awkward position? (i.e. their ass was in the air as they were looking for something in a low place and one of Dem Boiz(tm) walked in to a sweet view of it.)

Edd: He would stand there very embarrassed. His face would be red and he’d make himself noticed by accidentally saying ‘um’. When you asked him what he was doing, he’d start stuttering and his face would get brighter. He would quickly turn around and walk out of the room, telling you that you looked nice on the way out.

Matt: When he saw you like that, he’d smirk with a slight blush tinted on his cheeks. He’d chuckle and say “what a nice view.”  He’d go over to you and kiss your cheek. “But i like this view much better,” he said, looking at your wonderful face.

Tom: He’d smirk and go up to you, pinching your behind. You shot up immediately wondering why he did that. He’d just laugh and say, “sorry, I wanted to know if it felt as good as good as it looked.” He kissed you passionately and responded to his question with, ‘and it does,” while gently putting his hand on your ass.

Tord: The second he saw you like that, a huge smile would grow on his face and he’d run over to you, smacking your butt. You’d turn around and almost smack him, asking him he was doing. He’d just laugh and say “sorry, I couldn’t resist such a fine ass. And don’t worry I’ll make it up later.” He’d laugh again and wink at you.

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personally id like to go back to school but i have horrible paralyzing anxiety about what? school! so i don’t want to but i actually rly do but i know how bad itll be so i dont it’s complicated

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It's pretty sweet that Matt looks out for you like that, Tom. You know earlier, he told us you were very strong, and mentioned your handsomeness. It's possible he could have a crush on you.

Tom: pfff~ , what? Matt? A crush on me? That’s completely ridiculous, Matts a sweet guy in general but honestly? Him liking someone else romantically besides himself, and me of all people. Is pretty much impossible.