That’s my girl!

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Character: carlos !
* sings that’s my girl by 5h*

You waited by Audrey, fairy godmother and Ben. Wishing these villain kids would hurry up, you hate being close to Audrey for this long.

The limo finally pulls in and two girls first come out, then two guys who are also fighting over who gets to keep the stuff in the limo. You try your best not to laugh.

“ just leave it! ” fairy godmother told them and they threw the stuff back in.

“ Hi! Im Ben and this is y/n, king Arthur’s daughter! ” you wave. “ and this is audre- ” that’s when Audrey cut him off and started talking about how she’s his girlfriend. Pathetic. You just roll your eyes and you hear someone chuckle, you look up and meet eyes with a boy. He’s cute.

6 months later, that cute boy is now your boyfriend. Honestly, you didn’t know how much somebody could mean to you. Currently you were training with the Excalibur. Your father gave it to you for your birthday last year.

“ y/n! ” Carlos yelled while running into the training room with the.. wand?!

“ Carlos? Why do you have the wand? ” you ask him, confused.

“ don’t worry it’s fake! Ben got kidnapped we need your help” Carlos told you, obviously you say yes because Ben is one of your best friends.

you guys head to the limo.

“ hey y/n ! You coming too? ” it was none other than Lonnie.

“ of course! ” you reply walking up and giving her a hug, then you all head in the limo.
You guys finally reach the isle and head out of the limo. You see Mal and Evie and run up the help them.

“ I’m glad you’re here y/n! ” Evie told you.

“ of course! Anything to help” you smile.

“ come on guys! Let’s go! ” Mal yelled heading into the tunnel. Carlos dragged you back for a second.

“ be careful okay? I love you ” he said and you lean in and connect your lips.

“ you be careful too, I love you ” then you guys head into the tunnel.

When you guys got to the other side of the tunnel you seen all the ’ pirates ’ I bet you could beat all of them in a fight.

that’s when the captain started singing,
Let’s get this party started, I swear I’m cold hearted.
It was finally time to trade the ’ wand ’ for Ben. They wanted proof so luckily dude came along and helped out.

They took the wand and passed Ben over, finally. before we got out they realized it was fake so we all start fighting. One of the pirates. Son of Captain Hook walked up to me

“ looks like they brought a preppy princess ” he chuckled. That’s when you pulled out the Excalibur. His face was priceless. You kept fighting and that’s when you got a hold of his hook and started teasing him.

Little did you know Carlos was watching, cheering you on every second. That’s until you heard Carlos yell
that’s my girl!

Alternate Descendants 2 Song Titles
  • Ways to be Wicked: G-Rated Revenge Fantasy Dream Sequence
  • What's My Name: Apparently, It's Uma
  • Chillin' Like a Villain: The King of an Entire Nation is Way Too Eager to Become a Delinquent
  • Space Between: It's About FRIENDSHIP!
  • It's Goin' Down: This Only Happened Because of Hamilton
  • You and Me: No Actors Were Harmed in the Making of this Dance Sequence (Probably... Hopefully...)