got curious an asked jade wwhat human parents are

kinda wwish i hadnt

puts a lot a these questions into a neww perspectivve honestly

i mean i aint really into human biology but one thing i knoww for sure is that wweird shit happens if you reproduce wwith your genetic forebears

an if anythin flushed is happenin betwween you an your lusus then somethin is DEFINITELY wwrong

anonymous asked:

Hello this is the nonbianary anon from earlier. thank you for your advice and i really do want to bind, but my mother wont let me purchase a binder. she said i "dont need to strap down my chest" and i dont know how to make her understand.

CA: evven if you completely ignore dysphoria its your chest and its safe so i dont see wwhy shes complainin about wwhat you “need”

CA: humans technically dont “need” to wwear clothes at all but i doubt shes evver complained about that

to any gamzees out there i just wwanted to say that youre all absolutely amazing. gamzees wwho wwere controlled by lil cal and face so much hatred because of actions they did not commit of their owwn vviolition are amazing and youre all so strong for stayin strong against the people wwho try to blame you. gamzees wwhos timelines wwere completely different and get blamed for things that nevver evven occured period in their timelines are terrific. gamzees wwho dont remember anything about their timelines are spectacular. all gamzees are beautiful an pure and i wwill personally beat up anyone wwho says otherwwise. keep up the good wwork you wwonderful clowwns. :o)

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HOW HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF THE PUPPY BOWL BEFORE TONIGHT IVE BEEN WATCHING IT AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER WHAT EVVEN WJRJRJJFKENDNCKCHJSKS but all that aside I agree 100% with what you say and I'm laughing really hard now because the idea of Tim squealing like a little girl is hilarious to me

THE PUPPY BOWL IS THE GREATEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME AS OF NOW AND I WISH I’D LEARNED OF IT YEARS AGO. Also I think we can all agree that Tim would secretly be a huge puppy fan and has to physically restrain himself from screaming and snuggling with every fluffy baby he sees. The only people who know this are Dick, Barbara, and Garfield and he would go to any lengths to keep it that way.