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sollux wakes up with a start and realizes it was all a bad dream. he wasnt really a cuck, right? he hops out of his recuperacoon, planning on grabbing a glass of almond milk. striding over two his fridge, he realizes something is off. his fridge was shaking. what the actual fuck? upon opening it, he was greeted by eridan and equius banging each other on the top shelf of his fridge. how the fuck did they even fit in there? he sheds a single tear. he truly was a cuck and there was no escaping that

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Dan and Phil were a couple to bicker about small things constantly but rarely have real fights, but they weren’t perfect. They did have fights. But they were never too bad.

They argued about domestic stuff often. Phil being his messy self, leaving cupboard doors open, leaving dirty socks around the house, drove Dan crazy. Dan being his usual nagging self had Phil losing his temper every now and then, but normally Phil gave in, unless he was really adamant he wasn’t wrong. But they always came to a compromise.

They argued about real stuff occasionally. Every couple does. Things get stressful. These arguments rarely really put each other at fault, just act as a way to vent about their current stressful situation. 

These fights often end in tears and cuddles or, sometimes a break from each other to cool down, but as they never really blame each other for anything, it’s easy to make up. 

Dan will burst into Phil’s room, angry about something or the other. Usually how much they’d planned to do and how little time Dan would have to himself, sometimes about fans, sometimes video ideas going wrong, but whatever it was he was upset about he’d take it out on Phil.

Sometimes, Phil was smart enough to talk it out calmly, but sometimes he snapped as well, yelling right back, which ultimately led to no good but being able to vent a while.

Most of the time the yelling fizzled out, and Dan would have tearstains on his cheeks and Phil would be out of breath, and they’d meet each other’s eyes and melt, because the last thing either of them want is to hurt each other.

So finally, one of them would open their arms and the other would fall into them and they’d hold each other like it was their first time making up. They’d stay like that for a long time, and they’d know that these fights were just life kicking them down, but they’d always be able to get back up again with each other’s help.

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Eridan! Do you and Karkat move fast in your relationship or do you take it slow?? ((If Karkat runs up to eridan during this ask then kisses him then runs off I will laugh forever

i kn0ww that relationships d0nt have to be vvery physical but g0d

bein dead… makes me feel like im h0ldin back s0 much

IF II c;;ou\ld . bbeginn  t,to  be
 Halff ;of Whtt . youu thhiink  O;Of m.e,
r Icouluudd do aBout ,,anyttHi..ngg
II coccuu..ld devenn,, ,leaerr,,n ho;ow to lo,,ve
WWhhen  I ssee.. tthee wwa,ay You,, atc

Wonddeerinngg when,,n I'mc oom  irnggb acc;;k
I ccouldd ddooabbout  aanyythhiing
I;;g  ccolu ,evven  l,,eaarn hwo  t ,loovveLkie , you
.II always,, thhogg;ht;;t  wI mighht tbbee bad
Noww I’’m suree htt att  iits  trruu ‘accusee ,, I tthhiinnkk    yyo,,u’r eso gooo,,d
AAn dI’p  Im,, noothin,,g  lliike eyou

LLoo, kaat y..yo uo go
I, jju;;us t..aoddr'ee uo
I  ,wish taht I   knn;ew;
Whqatt mmaakees; y;;Ou tthhiinm  k I..’m so. ssppecci.all
IIf ,I  ccouhl;d beginto do.o
.Soomme,,e/thhi in;g;; tthhuat `dooeess  rii;;gt by,,y yyouo

I. wwouldd do;oaa,,b].outt anyyt,thi  ingI wouxold ev;venn LLe;arnh  o W;;too  sl;;olV;;e

WWvhhen;n I s.see ttheew ay yo,,u  ,looook
s,hssak,,en  By,, hhoowo llogn,, i.tu; ttoofk
fI  coou;ld,, doo.. a;b'o;utt  an,ygthi,,Hnng

I I,, c  cou,,ld, Evxen   lleaarn hho,,w to l, oovee,, l;ilkk;;e ,, ,,y,ou

L  ove m eiikey  ou

- :’)

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eridan, have you written anything recently?? did you ever start a thing 4 your writing? it's amazing.

i mean it’s amazing when it’s not about vore

come on that vvore thing wwas great youvve got to admit it wwas quality evven if it wwas just me messin around for the explicit purposes a makin kar uncomfortable

seriously though thanks pal it means a lot wwhen anybody says nice shit about my wwritins an honestly i am wworkin on a feww things as wwell as i managed finally gettin back into my ao3 account so im gonna put em up on there wwhen im done

kars been kickin me in the arse about it too since im horrible at motivvatin myself wwhen it comes to actually wworkin on serious wwritin but i promise ill get some stuff up soon since you asked so nicely an all

my brother just referred to eridan as Me & god i feel so fukcin vvalid in this chillis tonight