just one campaign, kar, not evven a dangerous one, he said.  it’ll be fun, he said.

you weren’t expecting him to be right.

rampant-noodle i hope you feel better soon hon, in the meantime I drew some nerds on a romantic dashing and daring date role-playing campaign. UoU 

gemin-aye asked:

People say I'm too young to amount to anything in my life or career, and they also say that I'm a 'foolish girl'. How can I get people to see that I'm trying? Any words of advice/positive words?

CA: though apparently fightin angels is considered “an unproductivve use a time”

CA: anywwavves the smart people wwill knoww youre tryin and realize just howw damn amazin that makes you

CA: and evven if no one seems to notice just keep goin for yourshellf and laugh at all the morons you leavve behind