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hahahahhahha movies from the 70s being guy movies um no theyre just good. movies. what the fuck does being female have to do with anything jfc.

Well no, not just 70s movies, but ones with Robert DeNiro in them.

But yeah I mean gender has nothing to do with anything and I’m aware that what he said was a sweeping generalization so I kind of brushed it off in the post. But such belief in that generalization was something I found funny so I tried to apply that sort of thinking to my movie taste and it just seemed “sexless.” But I wouldn’t say that in any other context. Pls.

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can u help me find a user for twitter related to ewan mcgregor pls? <3

sure, love! i just checked and evvanmcgregor and ewanmcgrcgor are both free. sorry, this was all i could think of right now, if you want other suggestions feel free to talk to me again :)