evs a babe

evetorresgracie: Raeven finally let me finish @officialajmendez #CrazyIsMySuperPower (Every time I read it he would steal it, grasp it in his arms and say AJ. AJ. AJ. AJ. He also says it any time he sees a brunette now). Here’s what I thought of it. I’ve always known that AJ is witty and talented, but I have never seen such a raw expression of her skills. I laughed (out loud), I cried, and I learned so much about someone who I shared the ring and the road with. Seriously, go read this. Everyone in the world benefits when we learn to understand mental illness, as likely, we or someone in our lives has or will experience it.
After reading this I couldn’t help thinking that I wish I had read this book at age 19. AJ’s ability to see past others’ expectations of her and only follow her vision for herself is something I actually envy, and can still learn from. Every young person can learn so much from her story… and it’s so well written, REALLY funny, and super entertaining. Go Amazon it up peeps and read this one!


“There aren’t many actors of her [Pamela Rabe] calibur in the world.” - Kate Jenkinson


It’s Christmas Eve, here’s what some HQ babes have been up to!