evrgren replied to your postyo someone remind me that random pain in body =/=…

Feeling pain doesnt mean youre going to become terminally ill! Your body is always adapting and changing and working. there is always the chance that some things might get a little achey. Do some self care maybe, have tea or a hot drink <3 idk luv u!

thank youuuu, it’s really good to hear someone else say it

i get myself really really worked up, especially at night if i don’t have someone else to keep me from thinking about stuff like that or to reassure me that everything’s going to be okay

you’re really great :D

evrgren asked:

ur in da q crew? Luckyyy. I know im in homestacy but still. The q crew is socool. Ive been w them a few times?? but only with zoe cuz were a duo an theyre just taking me bc they want him. u can publish this if u wanna

haha yes I’m in the q crew idk

i feel like all the official members of the q crew have seen my tits

is that an acceptable initiation ritual?

(also we definitely want you all you’re all such great folks)

(that goes to you too tarah)

evrgren asked:

"if i was ur partner" i would come over all the time with random lil presents for you and take you on adventures near our homes and we would goof of in parks and befriend the toddlers and i would always buy you things even if i was down to my last two dollars (im actually just describing what i want our friendship to be like why the fuck does it need to be a RELATIONSHIP for this fun stuff to go down)