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people sharing their embarassing sex stories makes me feel so much better about my own thank you U_U

dude i love all of my embarrassing sex stories. SEX IS EMBARRASSING. human bodies, when naked and pressed together, do unanticipated and often mortifying shit. NEVER FEEL BAD ABOUT THE EMBARRASSING SEX YOU HAVE HAD, BECAUSE TBH I THINK EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD SEX HAS HAD EMBARRASSING SEX? sex is just like that sometimes, it is nothing to worry about <3 <3 <3

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here is the thing about christohper marlowe: kit marlowe somehow simultaneously managed to do everything i required him to do (translated ovid, wrote a weirdly gay hero and leander, wrote a play about a devil deal, wrote a play about FUCKING DIDO) and absolutely nothing i required him to do (write a play with shakespeare, WRITE A FUCKING PLAY WITH SHAKESPEARE JESUS CHRIST, NOT DIE AT TWENTY NINE)


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i'm asking this off-anon so you don't have to put it up on your blog but i saw the snap chat post of the embroidered sigil -- would it be okay for someone who doesn't know you/didn't request a specific sigil to do something personal like that?

my policy on glyphs right now is that they sort of exist as public concepts and dont really “belong” to anyone.  just going off the reblogs and comments the glyphs get it’s pretty clear that a lot of people identify with glyphs they didn’t personally request and i think that’s sort of the whole point of symbolism.  i have a couple requests though:

  1. please dont sell glyphs i drew, like on shirts or buttons or stickers or whatnot.  that would be pretty rude
  2. actually that’s probably the only request.  other than that, go hog wild

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hey what are numbers stations they sound really soothing

NUMBERS STATIONS! they are both soothing and TERRIFYING because they’re super creepy and nobody entirely knows what all of them are for. (i mean, espionage, yes, that’s the general idea, but some of them dON’T MAKE ANY SENSE.) they sound really unsettling and surreal but are also repetitive and full of soft noise so when the static doesn’t get too shrill i find them INCREDIBLY CALMING. (no, for real, one time i was having a nasty anxiety fit at work and spent my break sitting in the break room doing breathing exercises and listening to numbers stations on my ipod until i felt better.) (also incredibly creepy things… are soothing… to me… shut up…)

here are some recordings of numbers stations! the first one is my favourite i love it so much it was probably programmed specifically for me to control me which is why i love it so much but IT’S SO NICE I CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO CARE this is probably a bad pls don’t let me become a soviet sleeper agent even i don’t know about 

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skulpine fresh (skul/serpine), romantic cliche: lingerie gifting

im screaming just so you know. i had to pause my music because i was laughing too hard to hear it. anyways here’s the fic

Skul was sitting in his room being all “oh no boo hoo” because Val was FUCKING DEAD (or might as well be at least). A sudden knock on the door made him jump, both physically and metaphorically jumping to the conclusion that it would be Val knocking on the door. It wasn’t. “Hey baby,” the figure said, smiling really seductively like wow Skul was totes floored. “I’ve got a present for you,” Serpine said, and held out a pink box containing a bra. Skulduggery’s only response was to stand there, dumbstruck — there was no snarky comeback for a bra in a box.

“Boy, do I love chicken strips. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some chicken strips fresh out of the oven and rub them in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way they feel running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. Yum,” he finally said, leading Serpine to the bedroom where they had steamy skeleton sex. Not as steamy as sex with Val, though, so Skul kicked him out and kept the bra.

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what a surprise that someone who feels ‘nominally heterosexual’ feels at place in a wizarding world where there is tonnes of representation for him

right!!! its almost like i might have said something about that. happening in the real world.  terecita replied to your postHA  HA HA HA HA HA. HA. remember…

why did any of this at all no thanks????????? i want to put him out to sea in a locked chest sorry

dont be sorry id be so glad if someone did. im . vibrating with anger what a shitlord

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what. what ??? ? ? ? … ??

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what a patronising douchebag. ‘gay dude not appropriate for children, ‘Fan Fic” my ASS

HA HA YEAH WE ALL FEEL VERY LOVED, US QUEER YOUTHS, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN. i feel very accepted. so grateful. thanks, jkr. you genius misogynist you.

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Wow, this dude just completely dismissed the argument while dodging the issue entirely. That takes some kind of talent.

i think the talent is called. being a 60 year old white cishet dude.

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would you mind terribly if anyone else started using ' #fetch the caviar it's rinkydink curdlesnoot the great ponce' as their bendydick cumberbutts tag? because it's the best. if it's a personal thing, i totally understand!

No, go right ahead! I nicked it from this article about his latest case of foot-in-mouth, being as that’s about the point where I started leaking tears of laughter.

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new witch hunter abellona!!!!! guy, you should definitely pick up the first 4 books and then this, because each short story/novelette is less than the price of a single biscuit in starbucks and is much, much sexier. do you like witches? yes? how about gay witches? you like that too? Gay witch porn with a different themed witch (and different kind of sexual scenario?) each story?
Then get your copies. Seriously, I look forward to each new release a lot.

wow you are a sweetie

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also there’s the fact that (i may be wrong, this is according to my GCSE teacher) there’s a large possibilty that robert cecil actually manipulated guy fawkes and co. in order to get james to trust him more! …. i oversimplified. but yeah.

it’s entirely possible that the WHOLE PLOT was, in fact, a set-up in order to smoke out and then execute catholic rebels

so it’s not just like

yay religious persecution!



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hi! i have a marimo and it recently got covered in brown algae. i spent ages cleaning it off, changing its water and tank lots, and now the algae is back? i've cleaned it 3 times now. i don't know what to do!

There could be a couple reasons while your getting brown algae-

  • Light
  • Rocks or sand containing silicates and silicon
  • Excess waste in the water
  • Still or stagnant water
  • Hard of mineral rich water

(The rest is under the read more, this reply is quite long!)

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