💖 So Evra still calls Cristiano ‘Christian Dior’ 💖

Let me bring back this golden treasure from the past!
Cristiano & Patrice interviewing each other. Watch it!
(my translation)

  • Evra greets Cristiano with his nickname “Christian Dior"!
  • Patrice tells the story when they first met as opponents in their national teams and there wasn’t so much of affection.
    Cristiano makes a gesture of ‘clash’ with his fingers and laughs
  • Then he praises Cristiano as a nice normal guy and perfect professional
  • He says Cristiano speaks a bit of French, Cristiano gestures ‘so-so’
  • Cristiano (in Portuguese) in return loves Evra’s happy personality.
    “He’s always laughing, always happy, a person with a good heart.”
  • Patrice (in French) says that he uses to greet Cristiano with ‘‘Good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you doing, Christian Dior?”
    He uses to call Cristiano like that because of his fashion sense ☺
  • Evra says they always mix up English, French, Portuguese
  • Cristiano (in French): “First, I saw him playing in the France NT”
  • Evra (in French): “Many people judge him, but they don’t know him. They judge him for his way of dressing, his behaviour on the pitch. But for me, he is a normal lad. What surprised me most is his professionalism, he’s always the last one to leave training. He knows his talent, but he always keeps on working to be on top. I learnt a lot from that attitude.”
  • Cristiano (in Portuguese) tells how great the team spirit is at Man United
  • Cristiano (in French): “What do you do after a match?”
    Evra (in English) “I go to sleep because I’m very tired.”
    (both laugh)
  • Evra (in Portuguese): “Why do you always win all the trophies ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Playboy Star’ …  Why?”
    Cristiano laughs like only he can ♥
    Answer (in French): “Because they award me. It’s because of the team work”.
  • Cristiano (in Portuguese) “This club is like a family. We spend more time with our teammates than with our families.” … “I love football, so I love playing in all competitions.”
  • Evra (in French): “Christian Dior, would you like to win the Ballon D’Or again?”
    Cristiano (in English): “Yes! I want to win it again because the feeling to win it is unbelievable. I’ve had the opportunity to win it one time, but I would like to have the opportunity to win one or two more. I work for that.”
  • Cristiano (in English): “What is your dream for your individual awards?”
    Evra (in English): “Win the Golden Ball! My dream is to win the Golden Ball, my friend! But I know with a player like you, it’s impossible. That’s why you need to give sometimes some space to me.”

Did you know that Cristiano can speak French?


paulpogbaAprès une belle victoire..tonton pat et MOI nous vous offrons une belle petite dance 😏😂goodnight France we love you and we love this game offcourse hahahahahah#fierdetrebleu @equipedefrance@patrice.evra


@cirquevonfreak = Evra Von

@crispley = Larten Crepsley 

@sharrendan = Darren Shan 

@albinomemelord = Steve Leopard 

Please add more because these are the only ones i can think off the top of my head