Hunting ghosts in an affliction tee shirt (so he can show off his biceps) and a respirator (because he’s been doing this for ten years and physically cannot breathe in any more asbestos): ‘These raindrops fall around me, and I can’t help but think that these are the tears of the orphans that lost their lives so violently here, at this haunted orphanage’ 

spirit box: calls him a douche

im watching fucking… ghost hunter shows bc my life is a mess but i can’t stop thinking (and laughting) about like gansey and co. being on one 

imagine like some ghost hunter group want to talk to ppl in henrietta about findings etc and they find gansey and they love him bc the ENTIRE TIME gansey is talking there are CRAZY EVP readings and chilly air and the cameras fucking up and flaring and the crew is totally freaked out the entire time  but like its just noah, sitting behind gansey and saying stupid shit and howling

“maybe i have my own personal ghost i never knew about,” says gansey in his best gentleman’s voice

imagine gansey is walking them down the monmouth stairs and noah just tosses a fucking book at them. they are THRILLED.

blue cant stop laughing while she tries to talk about her moms business because noah keeps making faces and climbing onto gansey’s back and gansey is just.. trying to look unaffected by it

adam freaks the crew out too much for them to talk to him for very long at all like they are literally more comfortable with ghosts than this boys unsettling expression 

when they ask ronan he tells them to eat shit and looks right at noah while he says ghosts aren’t real

noah’s laughter is caught on tape and ronans bit actually ends up being the highlight of the show

Every Ghost Adventures episode ever
  • Zak pretends not to be terrified
  • Zak gets annoyed at one of the guys (usually Aaron)
  • Aaron makes an innuendo/ bad joke
  • Someone trips/ falls over
  • The guys hear an entire aria in an EVP that just sounds like rustling
  • “At this exact moment…”
  • “Was this spirit (Zak describes a totally random action)???”
  • Nick feels sick/ gets chills
  • The guys see a human figure in a formless blob/ an orb that looks like a moth
  • Aaron gets left on his own
  • Zak yells “SHHH”
  • Zak continues to yell “SHHH” for a full minute after everyone else has shut up
  • Nick tries to sass the ghosts
  • Zak does something ridiculous “to get evidence”
  • Nick starts full on screaming
  • At least one super close up shot of Aaron making this face:

I originally wanted to have this done like a week ago, but I’m so lazy aaah This is my first ff in a long time so like that is the laziest graphic I have ever made. I tried haha

2016 was a shit year but I wanna say thank you to all of you and especially to the people that I’ve meet and made friends with since I made this account. You are amazing and wonderful and I love all of you. I hope that 2017 is a much better year for everyone!!

♡ are people I consider friends, bold are mutuals, italicized are my favorite blogs. 

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Zak: *throws a chair across the room*


Zak, calmly, 30 seconds later: idk I just feel like…these spirits don’t want us here? Why don’t they want to talk to us? The air just isn’t very welcoming.

Zak: ….

Zak: *stomps on rare glass artifacts that the home owner told them the ghosts hated people touching*


Aaron: Hey maybe this is a bad idea


EVP box: Get…Out…

Zak: OMG did you hear that? That’s unbelievable. Wow I just feel..so…enlightened emotionally. 

Zak: Now if we could just figure out why they want us to leave

Tweek: Okay. The ghost box is working. Are you ready, Craig?
Craig: Yeah, I suppose. Can’t we just use the EVP recorder, though? The ghost box is cool to play around with but we can’t really rely on it for hard evidence-
Tweek: YES WE CAN, CRAIG. It’s given us so many positive replies before!
Craig: But what if actual EVPS end up overlapped with all that buzzing?
Tweek: Craig, just take the damn thing!
Craig: Why do I have to hold it?
Tweek: Ghosts like you better than they do me. They’ll answer you!
Craig: Fine. 

Craig: Okay, to start the session: Hello, my name is Craig, I’m here with my friend, Tweek. Is there anyone who would like to speak with us?
Ghost Box: Shhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzhhhhhhttttt
Craig: In our hands we have black boxes. They’re tools we can use to hear you. Can you speak into one of them for us?
Ghost Box: Bzzzzzzzzzzttttttshhhhhhhhhh
Craig: Tweek this box isn’t picking up anything but static and-
Ghost Box: Shhhhhhh- hello- bzzzzzzzzt
Tweek: Oh, god! It’s made contact! 
Craig: This is surfing hundreds of channels! Of course, one word is gonna slip through that makes sense. 
Tweek: Well then, ask it something specific!
Craig: Okay, fine. I have a way to settle this. 
Craig: Thank you for making contact. Can you prove to us you’re here by saying one of our names?
Ghost Box: Shhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
Tweek: Say a name! We know you’re there!!

20 Facts About Ghosts That Haunt

1. Spirits that haunt, want your attention.

2. Spirits have absolutely no sense of time.

3. Spirits do not always realize that they are dead. To them, its like they are stuck in an aweful nightmare.

4. Spirits can communicate with us in various ways. In dreams, through subliminal thoughts, automatic writing, via the use of a pendulum, and intution. Other, more scientific ways are through white noise and evp.

5. Spirits are sometimes mischevious and always curious.

6. Spirits have a profound sense of smell! They are often attracted to certain scents.

7. Spirits are more active at night. Some people think that this is due to less electronic disturbance and that they are able to produce more energy when not having to compete with varous electric and electronic devices.

In the same sense, you are more likely to experience ghostly disturbances when your house is quiet.

8. Spirits can and often do, manifest. Orbs, streaks of light, mists, dark shadows, shadows within shadows, and blurs within the air are the most common. Full-body appritions are always possible, but are not likely.

9. Most ghostly disturbances are actually residue or risidual haunings. Events that play themselves out over and over again, often without the spirit having any control over it whatsoever.

10. Gostly activity is often more prevalent around children and young adults due to the amount of energy they give off. The higher your personal energy, the more spirits are able to absorb.

11. Spirits often retain memories and emotions of their physical life. And most certainly the memories and emotions associated with the time right before their death.

12. Not all ghosts are “trapped.” Some choose to stay within the earthly realm.

13. Spirits retain their personalities.

14. Animals and children are more likely to “see” a ghost.

15. Even the spirits of animals can “haunt.”

16. Spirits can often be helpful.

17. Spirits can often be protective of the families they “haunt.”

18. Ghosts may actually exist in a state of confusion and not have a clue as to what happened to them, why they are here, why you cannot see or hear them, etc.

19. When spirits are bored, they often cause trouble or become mischevious.

20. Certain locations are vortexes or portals where ghosts/spirits can transport themselves from one realm or place to another.



Anne’s Rock

This large and legendary rock formation left behind by a glacier hangs out over a small creek in Colwyn, PA. Legend says a young Lenape girl named Anne committed suicide on the rock after she was forbidden from marrying an English settler. Either she jumped from the rock, which used to be much higher but has been damaged by weather, or she was struck by lightning while standing on the rock. Either way, her image is now apparently burned into the rock. This part of the legend is not true, but there is a figure painted on the side of the rock.

People have reported feeling watched near the rock. People have been scratched, bruised, and choked by a heavy, invisible presence while walking by or near the rock. Burning herbs or incense have also been smelled. Multiple EVP sessions and other ghost hunts in the area have always reported a male spirit. Clear responses from EVP sessions show a male voice, who answers intelligently to questions, though not ones about who, or what, he is. His messages are also often requests to lure people into the creek. 

It’s clear that whoever, or whatever, is haunting this rock formation isn’t the spirit of a star-crossed lover, but perhaps something far more sinister.

Ghostbusters Headcanon

The girls watch paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures, Monsters and Mysteries, and Ghost Hunters like they watch competitive gameshows, screaming at the TV and throwing popcorn when they get something wrong.

“You don’t use an EVP device like that! You’re contaminating the evidence!”

“We developed a dead-accurate PKE meter! Why the fuck are you still using dated equipment?!”



“Oh my god, guys, we should totally try and catch Mothman! I could whip up a containment net…”

Collectively: HOLTZ NO!

“A hellhound would make tracking entities so much easier…”

Collectively: NO!

Inside ‘Hairspray Live’s’ Social Media Push
By Debra Birnbaum

It’s an hour before the live broadcast of NBC’s musical “Hairspray Live,” and the show-within-the show is going through last-minute rehearsals. Darren Criss, who’ll be serving as the night’s “multi-platform host,” is running up and down Baltimore (a.k.a. New York) Street on Universal’s famed backlot, practicing the opening that will kick off the evening’s events. Just down the street, director Kenny Leon can be heard giving the cast a last-minute pep talk: “We’re on sacred ground,” he tells them.

Fresh off his starring run in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at L.A.’s Pantages Theater, Criss was chosen for his appeal to the target demo for the musical. “We got really lucky,” Rob Hayes, NBC’s EVP of digital, tells Variety. “He’s a massive Broadway fan.” Criss was tasked with hosting several Facebook Live hits throughout the night, which went on to draw 2.8 million unique viewers. “His role is to be a surrogate for the fans,” adds Hayes. “He’s the viewer.”

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random thoughts
  • can we all stop to appreciate just how many boobytraps/pranks that abby and holtzmann must’ve had hidden throughout that lab at kenneth p. higgins? like… the queefing EVP wasn’t something they did just to screw with erin. they’d had it. for a long time. and left it there for just such an occasion.
  • come to think of it, how did that conversation even go? “hey, abby. abbAY! i got something. i got… oh… yea– yep– brrrrrrrrr!” the world may never know~
  • pause for a moment to appreciate the times that holtzmann got dr. gorin into the lab at KPH. pause to appreciate the utter disdain gorin must’ve felt at yet another prank that yatesmann cackled at like thirteen-year-old boys. and her repeated self-deprecation at being lured back into that hellhole because holtz’s creations are always too ingenious to ignore.
  • holtz is definitely the one who added “stupid” to abby’s warning sign to not write things on the lab door.
New Age Madness: A Call For Discernment For The Spiritually Blind

It is fair to say that in The Paranormal field there is an overflow in New Age belief systems in place. You would be hard pressed to find someone of a set religion for everyone seems to have come to their own beliefs and more often than not, those beliefs are a slippery slope and a door that leads to deception, opression and snares of The Devil. In the following article I will approach the subject of discernment and spiritual blindness in detail and the dangerous Irresponsibility  that is plaguing  The Paranormal Community today and how The Darkness has worked its way in and misleading countless. I ask that you drop all previous standings and beliefs and really listen and consider the information and concern I offer here and ask yourselves What If?….Just what if? As well as what that could ultimately mean for your life over all. Lets begin.

In the world of The Paranormal very few things are set in stone. At the current time researchers are developing theories and equipment and our work is still only in its infantcy. As time goes on mainstream science is slowly beginning to accept the legitamacy of this field and for the sake of professionalism, spiritual saftey and good old fashioned common sense, the majorly leaking open mind thats being allowed to run rampant has many dangerously decieved. This deception and and frightening level of unknown factors is not only putting the Investigators at risk but the lives and spiritual well being of our clients who turn to us for answers. Since we are in the spotlight we have the responsibility to set the example and promote healthy and safe measures in our investigative conduct.  That being said, I would like to address a few pressing issues and out right dangers that are flourishing in the field and a pressing cry for discernment and wisdom.

The first Issue I bring to the table is the utter lack of discernment when it comes to the entities/spirits we encounter during our casework as well as their nature and potential dangers. I see it time and time again Ivestigators and clients giving personal details and atributes to beings they truly know nothing about. We are dealing with spiritual forces that we can not usually see (even when we do who is it to say that it culdnt be a false vision or projection?) Barley hear through EVP and the occasional interactment with electronic devices are questionalbe at best. The worst comes in the form of Psychic Information from people with alleged abilities that have no track record to support their accuracy and no credibility scientifically as a trained and objective observer. Basically we are walking into these cases blind abd can only trust what can be backed up with scientific data and very few facts reguarding this type of phenomena. An entity can claim to be whomever or whatever it wants but the truth is there is no way to verify it. To trust these beings outright, at face value, in my opinion is utterly ridiculous and a danger that extends deep.  If we assert that evil exists, which history and the majority of researchers do, demons, negative entities, non human spirits and the like, then what’s to say that theyy aren’t on the other side of these contacts misleading not only us but our targeted clients?

The true nature of evil is cunning, deceptive and intelligent. Demonic forces rarely come at you with teeth and claws trying to scare you outright, Normally it comes in the form of innocence and something you can trust. This is how doors to the demonic are opened. This is how things get invited in. This easy access by lies and manipulation is far eaiser a way to enter your life than a straightforward attack. The Bible says that Satan is the father of lies and that he comes masked as an angel of light. Since evil IS out there we can not afford to offer trust and compassion to those spiritual forces we make contact with. It is like being in a chat room. The person on the other end can claim to be whomever they want but there are predators out there who purposley lie and manipulate you into a trusting situation.  They seek only to steal, kill and destroy. I beg and employ you all to see reason and always keep your guard uo! Stop being so careless and such easy targets for the demonic! Right now the majority in the field are like sheep inviting the wolves in for dinner. Its an utterly devastating spiritual disaster.

These things I bring before you are not hard. They are not unreasonable. They are straight forward, common sense based on the facts and perpetual unknowns we face in every Investigation. A lot of you will read this and mock it thinking you have it all figured out. Frankly, your disbelief in evil will not save you from it. Some of you will read this and consider it and im thankful for it! Work these issues out in your own mind. Think all of this over carefully and see the truth in what I say to you. Finally for those who see reason and understand and accept and apply proper precautions, let us work together to promote a safe and healthy enviornment for our investigators, clients, fans and the next generation to take the field. All eyes are on us.

“Heavenly Father, I come before your mighty throne of mercy and grace and ask that you bless, protect and watch over those of us in The Paranormal field. I pray for an outpouring of The Holy Spirit and that a mighty wave of wisdom, discernment and grace crashes over us bringing all to the truth of your Gospel and grace and through new spiritual eyes, we will all see the dangers that lurk before us and the traps and snares in waiting. Protect us LORD, In Jesus holy name I pray,

Every Ghost Adventures episode ever.

*Ton of activity going on:
doors slam, footsteps are being heard, disembodied voices…*

ZAK: Let’s see if we can catch something on our thermal camera.
ZAK: Aaron, can you hand the still camera over to me?
ZAK: Maybe now it’s time to use our SB7 Spirit Box.




This is a photo we took at Jacksonville Rural Cemetery in Phoenix, New York. It’s about 15 minutes away from Whiskey Hollow Road where we caught the last picture I submitted of the skull. We believe this to be an arm reaching out from behind the grave, because if you zoom in you can see a shoulder, an elbow, and a hand. 

We have a couple other pictures from that night that have unexplained figures in them and we also captured two EVPs that night on Whiskey Hollow Road, one of unexplained knocking we didn’t hear with our own ears, and another of unexplained metal banging sounds we also didn’t hear with our own ears. Both were in response to questions we were asking at the time.

At one point during the night we were doing an EVP session while sitting in the middle of the road in our car with the engine off and the headlights on. I was holding the voice recorder out the window and had just asked a question when all of a sudden it sounded like the wind had picked up really quickly, but the trees weren’t moving. That’s when me and two of my friends saw a shadow person walk in front of our car, from one side of the road to the other. 

If anyone is interested in seeing more of our evidence from different ghost hunts or would like to ask any questions, please feel free to send me a message!

Fuck Yeah Nightmare Moderator Gracie: 6/10 I see what you mean with it looking like a shoulder arm and hand, but it also see like a cluster of orbs and i can see two other orbs that looks similar.in different places. Thanks for chills and scares!