The First eVoting Machine (v.1.1011) Based on Embedded System in Indonesia.

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication”

Then, we made it simple and secure for Indonesian People…

Core Development Team:

  • Coordinator: Dr. Maman Budiman
  • Developer: M. Ruqy Faishal I, Miftah Salam & Jati Ekhadhana
  • Demo Machine: Isa Puncuna & Dede Sopandi
The Nigerian election: what's the tech perspective?

The Nigerian election: what’s the tech perspective?

On Saturday 28th March, Nigerians will participate in an election that is by far the country’s (and probably the continent’s) most anticipated and closely monitored. The incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is seeking a second term in office which is being challenged by the candidate of the nation’s strongest ever opposition party the All Progressives…

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So its national internet friend day..

I have so many friends of the internet to be thankful for so, I thought I’d introduce y’all to some of them:

brinafourquints was one of the first people I became close with online and we’ve been bffs for 3 years now?!?!?! Im so determined to meet her one day and she literally saves my sanity 99% of the time

d-evotion is so perfect and an amazing person and i love Amy so much even though we dont talk as much as we used to bc we’re both hella busy ( :’( ) but Amy is definitely personality goals af 

this-sick-swift Johnnie is so british it hurts and I feel like we’re actually long lost cousins or something because he understands my thoughts/opinions on a freaky level

bae-tay Sophie is the cutest and nicest and funniest and luckiest girl and I think everyone needs someone so amazing like her in their life. 

youretoocutetay hurts my feelings because she always sends me snapchats of dunking donuts and I miss my grandma way too much ;((((

some-hipster-pictures I FREAKING LOVE LAUREN 

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ninjaswiftie is my third mom(after my actual mom and taylor ofcourse)! I’m so glad I know such an amazing and kind person like Alisa. WHY CANT EVERYONE BE AS NICE AS HER?!

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Im so incredibly thankful to have you all (AND SO MANY MORE THAT I COULDNT PUT HERE ) and I LOVE you all so much even if we dont talk that much, I hope all of you have an amazing day because you all deserve it so much. 

Last year The Star ran an article detailing the merits of online voting. You get the usual benefits: increased turnout, happier constituents, and enhanced convenience. What the article entirely misses, of course, are the security and associated legitimacy issues linked with voting online. An academic blogger, writing before the article, notes that:

‘securing’ the Internet is a Herculean task. It absolutely cannot be regarded as a ‘secure’ development environment, especially when dealing with matters that are highly sensitive to political, technical, and social fault conditions. Such conditions may be worse that a fail condition, on the basis that faults generate fear and concern without a clear indication that something has gone wrong. In the case of an election, a perceived exploitable fault condition threatens to undermine political legitimacy and politically-generated solidarity on grounds that electoral results might be questionable. Thinking back our bridge example, a ‘fail’ might be a bridge collapsing. A ‘fault’ might include cracks spanning the support columns that cause motorists to avoid using the bridge out of fear, even though the cracks do not endanger the bridge’s stability. If ‘faults’ cannot be corrected, then there may be general fear about the validity of an election even if the election is not manipulated. If a ‘fail’ condition occurs but is not detected, then there may be a perception of electoral legitimacy without the election actually being legitimate.

Elections are not something to be trivially tampered with. Heightened conveniences should not trump electoral security and legitimacy. While paper voting is annoying it is a far more ‘secure’ method than online voting mechanisms. It really isn’t too much to ask/expect of people to mail in a vote, go to a polling station, or (quite reasonably) abstain from the process for their own reasons. We should not undermine a foundation of democracy just to make things a little bit more convenient.


Dibalik Proses Pembuatan Mesin Suara Elektronik (MSE) / Electronic Voting Machine (EVM

Eligo 3.0, servizi per il voto elettronico, nuovo look Mobile, Ads, più Sicurezza

Tutto pronto in ID Technology per l’imminente lancio di Eligo 3.0, la piattaforma di servizi, Web e Mobile, per il voto elettronico. I servizi sono dedicati ad associazioni, fondazioni, banche, società per azioni, casse di assistenza e di previdenza,…

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Seal security

Andrew Appel has a nice post on Freedom to Tinker on the mystique of the tamper-indicating seals often used in electronic voting systems. His conclusion: as with all security mechanisms, one should verify how well they work.

Tamper-indicating seals do not work too well, according to Roger Johnston, who with his group at Livermore and Argonne national laboratories, has assessed a variety of seals used in programs of waste management and nuclear disarmament. Their reports are scary and fascinating to read at the same time.

We did our share of testing security seals when we were investigating the security of the electronic voting systems used in California, as part of the Top-To-Bottom Review. Unsurprisingly (that is, after reading Johnston’s reports), we were able to defeat the seals in use at that time and gain access to the internals of the machines they were supposed to protect. For example, we could extract and replace memory cards, power on and off a machine, and access its mother board without breaking or altering any of the protective seals that should have revealed these operations.

The following video shows an example of the simple attacks that were possible:

The real question then is: what do you when you find that tamper-indicating seals do not work?

eParticipation and eVoting

eParticipation and eVoting

In March 2010, young people aged 12 to 25 across Scotland had the opportunity to cast their vote online via www.youngscot.org for the very first time at the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) Elections .

The platform was developed in partnership with digital agency Storm ID and the Scottish Youth Parliament, to help increase young people’s interest and understanding of political system in Scotland, and to develop voter participation and engagement.

The platform was designed to be as user friendly and interactive as possible. Using their Young Scot NEC card’s young people could log on to the Young Scot website, select their local page, read and listen to Podcast manifestos, then cast their e-vote for their favourite candidate.

e-Voting Stats

80,000 voters cast 21,000 votes

In total over 80,000 votes were cast across Scotland. More than 21,000 of those came from the 12,000 voters using the e-Voting “polling station” across the Aberdeen, Dumfries and Galloway; Glasgow City; Highland; Moray; North Lanarkshire; Orkney Islands; Shetland Islands and South Lanarkshire constituencies.

So What?

The feedback from the youth health panel is extremely vital to the improvement of our services. It allows us to directly shape, develop, and ensure our information mirrors the needs of young people living in Scotland

Young people from minority groups will develop stronger links with other young people in their area, have a greater understanding of the information and services available to them, and feel empowered to directly influence decisions that affect their needs

Through peer-led education young people have the opportunity to bring about healthy and positive life choices to other young people in their local community

Young people have access to a high quality, easy-to-use voting platform that enables them to get their voices heard in a way which is accessible to them

Young people across Scotland will have the opportunity to engage and participate in national sporting events