For Evonne 

  • Evonne:Baby boy I'm feeling you
  • Kelly:Baby girl I can feel you too
  • Evonne:Your touch, your kiss, them things you do...you're my
  • Kelly:I'm your dream come true... truth is you stay on my mind
  • Evonne:And I daydream about you sometimes
  • Kelly:When I'm with you, feels like I'm flyin'.....Your my
  • Evonne:Im' you're lullaby.....Won't you come rock me to sleep?
  • Kelly:I'll keep you tucked in your sheets
  • Evonne:Keep me warm don't let me freeze
  • Kelly:Won't let you freeze..
  • Evonne:Will you leave me?
  • Kelly:I'll always stay.... I'm your lullaby night and day
  • Evonne:I promise you I'll never stray
  • Evonne & Kelly:You're what I ask for when I pray

조규찬 - My love will be true (feat. evonne)


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