also when will men evolve to the level of women fashion wise?? like can we ban tuxedos from now on, why are men even praised for wearing the same thing every single year??


Haha, guess who’s fallen for yet another anime character? (its me) *huff* I’m a little apprehensive about posting these, but encouragement from my sister lead me to believe that they shouldn’t go unseen.

some context: I have a healing Quirk, cause its useful and I’ve always wanted a power like that. and these are just some little things I thought of that I wanted to make into comics.

5 Tips from Peter Diamandis on Finding Your Passion

“How do we know that we’ve found our passion?”

Last summer during a fireside chat with Peter Diamandis at Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program (GSP), participant Ana Cecilia Benatuil asked Peter this pressing question — it’s a question that’s top of mind for social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven professionals alike.

Unsurprisingly, it spurred an equally thought-provoking response.

But before Peter responded, he asked the room,

“How many people here honestly know what their purpose and mission in life is?”

About half of the room raised their hands.

For Peter, throughout his childhood, his passion was space. Whenever obstacles arose—as they inevitably do—he’d always go back to it for motivation and direction. Eventually, his passion evolved into focusing on moonshots and humanities biggest problems — what Singularity University calls Global Grand Challenges.

Whether you’re certain that you’ve found your passion, or feel completely in the dark, here are a few tips from Peter on ways to find (and refine) your passion.

1. If you know your passion, that’s great, but test it by also trying something new — it may reconfirm, or broaden it.2. Explore that secret career fantasy you have in a different field.3. Find people to share your passion with.4. It’s okay to have more than one passion and change it over time.5. If you don’t know your passion, try Peter’s two-question mind experiment to find it by asking yourself…

a) What did you want to do when you were a child? What was your childhood passion? Is there something real there?

b) If someone gave you a billion dollars today and told you to spend it on improving the world, what would you do with it? Search for the technology, tool, or problem you’d apply it towards.

Source: Singularity University

I was thinking I might do a playthrough of crystal using a team entirely of pokemon ive never raised before and it has led me down this path of figuring out just how difficult it would be for me to get a hitmontop with technician and rolling kick

rewrite of once upon where emma is a lesbian and has spent the entire time with a huge crush on regina which has evolved into falling in love with her

oh wait

Ghostbusters + Dog Shaming = “Terror Dog Shaming

This awesome illustration of the Terror Dogs being shamed for their involvement in summoning Gozer the Destructor is the work of freelance digital artist Jason Farmer, aka Evolving Eye. The design is currently available here as a print and on clothing.

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