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i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

What if?

What if Sasuke and Sakura were never a thing, and her feelings were suddenly written off as something Sakura started because she wanted to one-up Ino, which then evolved into an intense rivalry.  What if they just dismissed all that she did for Sasuke for the sake of something as petty as a competition, just because she didn’t want to lose to Ino? Would pro-enders accept this if it led to NaruSaku becoming canon? ( it wouldn’t need to, NS has enough development already, but just for the sake of asking.)

Can’t accept it as something she would do? Think that Sakura seems too cruel for doing something like that? Refuse to let all the scenes between Sasuke and Sakura be trashed by such a stupid reason?

 Well the very harsh fact is that Naruto’s love for Sakura was written off for the exact same reason.

And there are still many people who are quite okay with that.


I swear the song is absolutely perfect for Xena and Gabrielle. Describing their relationship and all that they go through as an adventure that makes them grow and evolve so intensely from friends into lovers. Especially India and all the Spiritual references.

“Take me down to the river
Underneath the blood-orange sun
Say my name like a scripture
Keep my heart beating like a drum”

And yes, they definitely should be LEGENDARY LOVERS. But then again, they are to us, aren’t they? 

Edit: I want to put this video in my TOP 50 Xena: Warrior Princess playlist but it means getting rid of one to put it in. It’s so hard for me. HELP! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNRIqCDQMZPjFJePiViBfGCRIGoc2xOOx

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(Tumblr just asked me the 'I'M NOT A ROBOT THING'. It was about bread. Click on bread images. What have you done, Elise.) Can you talk about hogwarts!enjoltaire a little, please? :3

The power of gluten compels you citizen! Ok so I usually sort Enjolras in Gryffindor but what the heck let’s Slytherin him a bit

  • Muggleborn Grantaire and Pureblood Enjolras with Enjolras always asking about muggles because he’s so damn interested, he’s the local Arthur Weasley. Grantaire doesn’t get his fascination, what’s so amazing about dishwashers anyway but indulges him all the same
  • Midnight snacks in the kitchens that evolve into intense make-out sessions on a counter while the house elves are like “Can I get you guys anything? Some snacks? A condom? Let me know!”
  • Grantaire who gets a kick out of changing water into wine in Charms and Enjolras doesn’t get the reference like “…Yeah? What messiah? What are you on about?”
  • Hufflepuff Grantaire being the fiery fighter type, always ready to take on people talking shit of his friends while Enjolras is the embodiement of cold impending rage, too intense to be reckoned with. So your knees singing La Cucaracha when they team up against you (provided you are, of course, a douchebag)
  • I’m just saying, Quidditch commentator Grantaire during a Slytherin vs Whoever match is the most hilarious shit : “Montparnasse passes the Quaffle to Enjolras-doesn’t he look splendid in his uniform guys I mean look at that hunk of a-sorry professor” “Enjolras scores! Just like he did last night ifuknowwhatimean”
{Naruto Fanfic} Leaning Towards the Sun, Chapter Four {SasuNaruSasu}

A/N: Just a reminder that this fic takes place in the mystical world of AusPan, where names etc. are in Japanese, but it’s clearly in the southern hemisphere because it’s Summer in December and Winter in June >_<.

Also, there should be one more chapter after this, and an epilogue. Also also, this chapter killed me and now I’m dead, oh god @_@. 

[previous chapter]

Once again, Sasuke was spending hours at a time just wandering around aimlessly, without any actual destination in mind; he just went wherever his legs took him. Here in London, he had no real responsibilities- no studying, no work. It meant a lot of free time, so…he walked.

He got lost a fair bit. It was cold, and rainy. And there were a lot of people around, no matter where he went. He didn’t mind that; those things didn’t bother him. But it occurred to him that he’d come full circle, and despite all the progress he’d made in the past two years, he was back to where he’d started- wandering aimlessly, drifting, floating. He was in limbo, and he didn’t know what to do about it.

Naruto had kissed him. It probably barely counted as a kiss; it had only been a few moments, and it had been so light, so gentle- nothing, really. But it was still a kiss, and Sasuke could still feel that warmth on his cheek. He still remembered, vividly, what he’d felt like, standing there in Naruto’s arms on that day.

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Which is the most correct latin pronunciation? I mean, did they have the same accent as italians or other modern neo-latin languages speakers? Do we even know??

“Correct” isn’t really the most correct word to be using here, because there are several “correct” Latin pronunciations–four, actually.

  • Classical Latin - the pronunciation used by the Ancient Romans. As such, it’s the pronunciation taught in schools today (thanks to the Renaissance). This was pretty much identical to modern English except v’s were always pronounced like u or (the Romans didn’t have either of those letters), ae sounded like aye (cry), always sounded like and never s, never sounded like modern j, j wasn’t a letter but could be used in its place (sounding like consonantal y). There are a couple of either changes, and you can read those here. As for how we know that this is how the Romans pronounced Latin, W. Sidney Allen published Vox Latina in 1965, detailing the reconstruction of classical pronunciation. His arguments included that the Roman alphabet was intended to be purely phonetic so that you could perfectly predict how the word would be spoken just by reading the word. We can read surprisingly detailed explanations of the Latin language from classical authors themselves. Common misspellings can provide clues to the pronunciation of the word. We can compare Romance language pronunciations to each other. There’s more, and you can read about that here.
  • Medieval Latin - When the Roman Empire expanded, so did the reach of Latin. Latin was influenced by many local languages, including German. We know it was about this time that j (pronounced like the consonantal y) entired the language, and diphthongs were contracted (ae became e, so we can assume that it was now pronounced like e). Latin also started forming local dialects, which evolved so intensely that we now call them different languages. This was the origin of the Romance languages.
  • Church/Ecclesiastical Latin - the Latin of the Catholics. This is where a lot of modern misconceptions about Latin pronunciation stem from. The Catholics determined that, for the purpose of Mass, Italic pronunciation just sounded better. Vowels were no longer long or short, could sound like ch or k, g could sound like the modern sometimes, sounded like ysounded like the modern v, and some more. You can read about that here. Church Latin was only used for church purposes, however.
  • English/Business/Legal Latin - the pronunciation used today when people want to sound smart by using Latin words and phrases but don’t actually sound smart because they don’t know how to pronounce Latin. English Latin simply pronounces Latin as though it were English, with ending i’s in plurals sounding like aye (even though that was never a thing in either Classical, Medieval, or Church Latin.

As for which pronunciation is the most correct, most Latinists nowadays will point at Classical Latin. You can read my posts about the history and development of Latin here, here, and here.

Hope this helps, Anon!


Home Sweet Home Part 3

Olicity goes to look at the house.  The thought of putting down roots sparks a couple of conversations about the present and the future.  Not very angsty conversations, mostly fluff, and of course, some flirty banter.  Dedicated to @onlyhere4olicity and @emilybuttrickards for their enthusiasm and support over the first two parts.  

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