I honestly love how, no matter who you ask, everyone has a favorite pokemon. And they all have their own reasons, like

Onix is your favorite because it was the first Pokemon card you ever owned?

Of course

Mudkip is your favorite because it’s the first starter you ever chose?


Venipede is your favorite because you love bug types?

Heck yeah

Rockruff is your favorite because it’s just so freakin’ cute?


Reblog and put in the tags what your favorite Pokemon is and why!

an-evolved-dinosaur  asked:

You can't just say that and not show us, please show us this soy-sauce-conspiracy

the basic idea is that soy contains estrogen and therefore soy sauce and product containing soy are making men more effeminate, completely disregarding the fact that the amount of estrogen soy contains is so utterly minimal as to be negligible

anyway the new alt-right insult is Soy Boy so get ready to be called that some time in the near future



s1 vs s6

Can we all agree that eventually, Doomfist became a meme for the Overwatch members? Like, every time something happened there will be someone yelling “Only through conflict do we evolve.”

Did someone hit their toe against the furniture? There will be someone there to yell it.

Winston would say it to justify himself leaving banana peels around the quarters.

Jack would say it to justify harder trainings. Everyone says it at some point to get our of trouble because everyone laughs.

Lúcio would be the one that starts it/says it the most. And he’s the only one that dares to say it during missions, like:

Genji: I need healing!

Lúcio: Come here then!

Genji: You’re too far!

Lúcio: Only through conflict do we evolve!

And Doomfist hears him.