almondmilkhipster  asked:

top 5 moments of johnny+noely's friendship, if you're still up for that

im always up for talking about my fave lil dudes:

  1. when noel was working for a signwriting company in levenshulme, apparently he was working late stapling signs together (??) and heard ‘this charming man’ on the radio and although he had heard ‘hand in glove’ it didnt click with him until that moment and he knew the smiths were his band (awe)
  2. when bby noel saw the smiths on totp he came under the spell of jmarr, obvio who wouldnt?, he said to himself: “im going ti be like you!” and it made him relaize he wanted to play guitar, even tho according to him: “None of my mates liked them – they were more hooligan types. They’d come into work and say “Fuckin’ hell, did you see that poof on Top Of The Pops with the bush in his back pocket?” But I thought it was life-changing.” aweeee
  3. the story of how jmarr met noely “in a duffel coat” x aweeeee
  4. when they play onstage x you can see how much noel loves his hero its so sweet ahhh i love them both aweeeee
  5. and finally when johnny played on nghfbs ballad of the mighty i he made that song so fuckin goood thanks johnny aweee

in the end their friendship is so beautiful and pure and i love my two tiny manc dads,, also thanks for asking me this i will legit never tireof themtwo