Day 1.

Hello everyone, this is a blog i have decided to make to go along on my weight loss journey. Hopefully - it will give me some more motivation to stay on track and any of you who wish to join me can look back on this and know you’re not alone :)

I’m currently just cutting out bread, rice & pasta i’m yet to find a diet i like or have heard any good reviews about. I will also be reviewing diets on here as i have a few i’d like to try out and i found the lack of reviews on the internet very frustrating.

Thank you for reading, and starting my journey with me.

<3 Nicole.

this morning, i woke up - feeling like shit as always. i dreamt about you again, i do every night. i got ready for work, and waited for my bus, same old routine. an old friend boarded the bus, i have to say i did sigh as i felt like i didn’t want to carry on conversation in the mood i was in. we spoke, about how she was going - no mention of you. before she got up to get off at her stop, she turned to me in front of the whole bus and said “chin up babe, i know it’s hard. but if anyone can do it, it’s you - you’re a fucking strong woman and i know that for sure.” and i realized, i AM strong. i will always love you, but eventually i WILL get over you and by that time it will be TOO LATE for you. sure, i’ll still cry and miss you like fuck but, i’m fucking dope, no one will ever love you, know you or care for you as much as i do - and you’re missing out.