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Posting this week’s update early in celebration of Pokemon Day!  Happy Birthday @pokemon, and here’s to many more!  Here’s everybody’s favorite Pokemon poster child, Pikachu and its family~

Part of the reason I chose to do the Johto regional Pokedex is because the Johto Pokemon are pretty inseparable from the Kanto Pokemon.  The Johto region brought new pre-evolutions (along with breeding mechanics) as well as new evolutions (with new evolutionary stones, day/night mechanics etc.).  It’s why in my opinion Johto felt so fresh while also refreshing some old Pokemon.

Also I’m a big fan of how chubby and cute some Pokemon were in their old GBC sprites that have been slimmed-down and stream-lined in recent years.  Raichu and Pikachu used to be such fat little beans and I’ll always have a soft spot for their original pudgy designs.

If you want to see more Pokemon, check out my Johtodex tag!

Crystalline Energy - Evolutionary Stones

Evolutionary Stones; A rare, stone-like item that radiates a strange energy which causes some Pokemon to evolve when they come into contact with it.

Evolutionary stones allow the user to trigger the evolution of the receipt Pokemon, often causing drastic changes in physcology and their ability to learn moves. The changes can vary from an extension of the elemental powers the Pokemon already possesses, to a complete change in genetic make-up.

Although they range in shape, coloration, and Pokemon that respond to them, they all are effectively the same; concentrated, crystalline forms of powerful elemental energy.

How can one apply this knowledge to one’s interaction with a Pokemon spirit?

If you wish to help a Pokemon evolve, and they would require the use of an Evolutionary Stone to do so, then you can go out and make one for them yourself. What would be required would be for you to collect a large amount of powerful, elemental energy in a condensed space, in a stone, or otherwise, and present it to them.

For example, if one wished to help an Eevee evolve into a Jolteon, then one would require the use of a Thunderstone. To create one, you would need to collect energy from thunder, lightning, and electrical energy, from something even as simple as your household appliances.

You could collect it in a receptive stone, and make a Thunderstone proper, or some other medium, even including one’s own body.

Once prepared, offering it to the Pokemon and allowing it to consume the energy would in theory, trigger their evolution and allow them to change into a Jolteon.

A similar process can be extrapolated to produce stones of the other varieties;

The energy of elemental fire for a Fire Stone.

The energy of elemental water for a Water Stone.

The energy of plants and nature for a Leaf Stone.

The energy of the Moon for a Moon Stone.

The energy of the Sun for a Sun Stone.

The energy of brightness and light for a Shiny Stone.

The energy of darkness and shadows for a Dusk Stone.

The energy of new beginnings and perceptions for a Dawn Stone.

The energy of the cold and snow for an Ice Stone.

Admittedly, some may be harder to come by than others, but with some ingenuity, one can accomplish the creation of their desired stone.

The Evolution of a Pokemon is naturally an extreme and energetic one, because often times, the entire physiology of said Pokemon is restructured. The use of Evolutionary Stones is no different, but in the case of a partnership between a Pokemon and Person, your assistance may be required to expedite the process.

Pokemon Asks: Evolutionary Stones

Fire Stone - What are you passionate about?
Water Stone - Are you go with the flow type of person?
Thunder Stone - What immediate, drastic change would you take in life?
Leaf Stone - Are your heart and mind currently in sync?
Sun Stone - Share an accomplishment.
Moon Stone - What do you dream of doing?
Shiny Stone - How are you a positive influence?
Dusk Stone - In what ways are you a negative influence?
Dawn Stone - What adventure would you like to embark on?
Ice Stone - How adaptable are you?

Ghost Eeveelution (Cont.)

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I’m so embarrassed, I momentarily forgot that the leaf stone existed.. (shameful). I definitely agree with Leafeon evolving with the leaf stone, though I’d still argue that Glaceon should evolve with the ice stone over the dawn stone. Glaceon and Leafeon have my least favorite evolution methods out of the Eeveelutions; none of the others are location specific, and I think it’s silly and annoying that you have to evolve them in one specific place when the other evolutions aren’t location specific.

The sunstone and moon stone would fit Espeon and Umbreon really well, and if the others evolved via stone, then I think that would be a good substitute for those guys.

Actually, I think it’d be a good retcon for Eevee in general if it had to have high friendship + an evolutionary stone to evolve into any Eeveelution.

@5kindsofmagic YES PLEASE (See above!)

@dowmatic The Eeveelutions tend to be very straight forward with their representation of their types, so I think a ghost-type Eeveelution would probably go down the spooky ghost/spirit route, since most ghost-types are classic ghosts. But that said, I don’t think it would unfitting if the ghost-type presented more stealthily like Decidueye instead.

@thatknittinglady I guess there’s no reason they couldn’t go that route (although, it’s not the only evolution method that hasn’t been used by an Eeveelution yet; there’s also evolution when the Pokemon knows a certain move, when a certain Pokemon is in the party, as well as a handful of weird one-offs), but I find it unlikely. Eeveelutions have been used to highlight new features, like Espeon and Umbreon having day/night and friendship dependent evolutions in the generation where the day/night cycle and friendship was introduced, Leafeon and Glaceon have location specific evolutions in the generation that introduced location specific evolutions, and Sylveon having an affection dependent evolution in the generation that introduced affection. So new Eeveelutions would probably evolve using a new method, instead of a method that’s always been around but hasn’t been used for an Eeveelution yet.

@emerald-quill brought up a cool idea in a chat message with an Eevee evolving in Ultra Space, after beating the ultra beast.“Like it’s responding to the radiation in Ultra Space triggers Eevee’s unstable DNA. There are tons of pokedex entries that talk about ‘other worlds’” I think their idea about Ultra Space is a good example of a new, relevant evolution method.

@someoneintheshadow446 Yeah, it’s neat to discuss, but I don’t think the games would ever impliment that.

@pigcatapult Aw, that’s very sweet! I like the evolution method, too!

@sableaire Haha oh man, that’s pretty cute!

chibi-tika  asked:

How exactly would evolution work in this AU? You said that Spike was reaching the Dragonair/Charmelion phase. So is it more gradual? In stead of just suddenly changing.

For the most part, pokemon’s “evolution” in this AU is generally a mix of both a natural progression and a magical progression, although there are indeed exceptions to this in which their natural progression doesn’t involve a radical change in shape/anatomy (aka, the lack of evolving) OR their evolutionary growth depends entirely on outside influences (pokemon that typically need stones to evolve).

Take a pikachu for example; a natural growth of a pikachu is from it’s youth to adulthood (pichu to pikachu) and generally, the “pikachu” form is seen as the natural progression of the breed. However, a Pikachu can be “evolved” into a Raichu if during its Pichu stage it’s fed copious amounts of concentrated extract vitamins that are extracted from magic-based ore with a high concentration of electricity, otherwise known as “thunderstones”. Like all “evolutionary” stones, they must be ingested for it to fully take effect, simply having the pokemon come into contact with it won’t do much of anything. That said, it’s a popular myth that, if you have your pokemon wear the appropriate stone while it’s being fed the appropriate amount of the vitamins, it helps your pokemon evolve faster.

Another case is Eevee, who’s known for being the most adaptable pokemon in existence because it can morph and change its “mature” state depending both on its location and on what magic-concentrated gems it ingests. Generally in the wild, eevees don’t eat magically charged gems and as such their “evolutions” can occur naturally if the environment calls for it. Vaporeon, for example, is what happens when an eevee lives near coast-lines or areas with dense bodies of water, whereas Flareon typically occurs if an eevee lives near volcanic soils or hot geysers or hot deserts, their dense fur protective of extreme heat (in turn making them sensitive to the cold). Jolteon very rarely occurs in the wild but is common among domesticated eevee. Domesticated eevee could also simply grow into larger eevee instead of “evolving”; this breed of eevee looks slightly different from their more adaptable counterpart and are better seen as family companions than battling pokemon.

And then there are unique pokemon like Wartortle who, upon growing into it’s Blastoise phase, will enter a hibernative state for an entire year to allow the metamorphosis-like change required for it to gain it’s gun-like structures within its shell, and then magnemite, which enters true metamorphosis to “evolve” into Magneton.

I’ll uh… I’ll stop here because I can drone on and on. I hope that answers the question. ^.^


Eevee, native to the Kalos region, is one of the most commonly distributed Pokémon worldwide and a general favourite among trainers and normal folk alike. The diversity of its evolutionary paths make it a common research topic among scientists, and its friendly temperament makes it an ideal pet. Whilst some trainers choose to raise eevee from a young age, adopting one with the intention of evolving it into a specific evolution is generally discouraged, as it can be hard to control the path it takes. 

The most common eeveelutions are vaporeon and leafeon, as their natural enviroments are widely available. Wild vaporeons are found in a myriad different aquatic areas, and their features and statures vary depending on whether they inhabit fresh or saltwater. Primarily, they live in small groups in lakes and docks, and are rarely found far out at sea.   

Leafeons are mainly solitary, but will occasionally travel in pairs. Sightings of them are fairly few, as they are shy Pokémon who flee quickly when spotted. As expected, they reside most commonly in forests and woods.

Jolteons often inhabit cities, but can be found virtually anywhere; eevee often evolve into them unexpectedly. They travel in groups and can sometimes cause a nuisance chewing on power lines and digging in dustbins. Nonetheless, they have eager, dog-like temperament and lots of energy, making them favourites among many.

Flareons are more scantily dispersed, confined to hot, volcanic areas. They are slightly more apprehensive of humans, but will approach if exposed to them for long enough. Though gentler than jolteons, they are capable of exerting just as much enthusiasm when it comes to battling; the two are seen as a complementing pair, and train well together.

Glaceons are, as one might expect, found commonly in cold, snowy environments. They are mainly independent, but trusting, thus form relationships fairly quickly with both humans and other Pokémon alike. Territorial disputes involving them are uncommon, if not unheard of.

Umbreons are sparse, but are sighted most commonly in urban areas. They hunt alone during the night, cause little disturbance, but slink away quickly at the sight of human activity. Unlike jolteons, they rarely leave any evidence that they have been in a certain area, and this makes it hard to determine their population. 

Espeons are perhaps the rarest of all the eeveelutions, and can be found in any mild-weathered area; there is no real correlation as to what environment they seek. They do not flee when discovered by humans as leafeons and umbreons do, but nor do they approach cordially like jolteons and, to some extent, vaporeons; they simply ignore them. Predominantly, wild espeons are fairly removed from human life, but have been known to steal titbits food from restaurants and homes, often through thought-out, clever methods (of all of eevee’s evolutions, espeon is the most intelligent).

Sylveons can be found in grasslands, but they exist primarily in domestic environments. Often the most pampered and adoring eevee evolve into Sylveons, and they make incredibly loyal, if a little clingy, pets and allies. 

Controlling eevee evolution is a difficult feat. Whilst evolutionary stones would be a viable option for those seeking vaporeon, jolteon or flareon, I imagine that they wouldn’t be as foolproof a method as the game suggests. Evolution via use of a stone requires prolonged exposure to it, often whilst the eevee sleeps, and its effects can still be nullified if the evolution evoked by the stone would be completely inappropriate for the eevee’s environment. For example, you’ll have a hard time getting a flareon if you live within a few meters of the beach.

Evolving an eevee into espeon or umbreon is even harder, as it often depends on the personality of the Pokémon at hand and the relationship it has with with you. If a trainer seeks either one of these eeveelutions, they are encouraged to buy them outright, despite their expense, as it is much simpler and less stressful. Many eevee are abandoned or hurt when they evolve into something outside of their owner’s preference, so check ups and interviews have to be conducted before a person can adopt one.   

Glaceons and leafeons evolve only when exposed to their ideal environments, thus meaning that it is far easier to prompt an eevee to flourish into the latter. Frequent training and play in forests and grassy areas is often all that is needed.

Sylveons simply require that you adore them, so whilst it is true that they are often formed from the most spoil eevee, they are still found in poor households in which they receive nothing but a home and limitless amounts of love.

Sometimes, of course, eevee will never evolve at all. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t always infringe on their strength, as well-trained, adult eevee can hold their own in battle, and are sometimes used in friendly matches.  

To conclude, eeveelutions are commonly used amongst gym leaders and elite four members, as they are all strong, friendly Pokémon that are widely available to those prepared to commit to them. Espeon, despite its rarity in the wild, is a popular choice for psychic trainers and established coordinators.  

(Astral Body) “The astral body refers to the concept of a subtle body which exists alongside the physical body, as a vehicle of the soul or higher consciousness. It is usually understood as being of an emotional nature and, as such, it is equated to the desire body or emotional body. However, some philosophies conceive that the astral body is a body made of ether (the soul body), built by each individual during the current evolutionary stage (the Philosophers’ Stone), which is said to give support to the desire (emotional) body during the astral projection.” by Breaking Silence

Send me an Evolutionary Stone and I'll Answer!
  • Fire Stone: What is your favourite fully evolved Pokemon?
  • Water Stone: What is your favourite base form (unevolved) Pokemon?
  • Thunder Stone: If you had to have a team of six base form (completely unevolved) Pokemon, what would it include?
  • Leaf Stone: If you had to have a team of six completely evolved Pokemon, what would it include?
  • Moon Stone: What Pokemon would you like to see gain an evolution?
  • Sun Stone: What Pokemon would you like to see gain a pre-evolution?
  • Shiny Stone: What Pokemon would you like to see gain a mega Evolution?
  • Dusk Stone: Do you prefer fully evolved Pokemon, or unevolved Pokemon?
  • Dawn Stone: What is your favourite evolutionary stone?
  • Ever Stone: Would you force your Pokemon to evolve if it didn't want to evolve?

anonymous asked:

I just had this random but I had an idea for the evolutionary stones. So since the everstone might possibly exist in this universe, what if there were like shops that sold stone jewelry, and it was like a tradition for the eeveelutions that they would go to the store (if they hadn't already transformed into espeon, umbreon, or sylveon) at a certain age (like 10) to pick a stone. So, for example, Lucas might have a moss stone bracelet around his ankle?

That’s a super cute idea!!
But I already have a canon as to how evolution works in our own gijinka-verse and im not sure if it would go with it well”“

the pokemon thingo

(Basically in this fantasy, Pokeball technology and the like doesn’t really exist – Pokemon just exist as wild animals and bond easily enough that most people take one as a companion animal.)

(this is not a complete fic, this is two separate fragments of fic that I’ve mostly given up on but somebody asked to see it)

(Percy’s Growlithe was named Smoke because it was a chubby, happy puppy who was so excited about everything that it just puffed smoke out of its mouth all the time. It eventually got so big as a Growlithe that he felt he couldn’t evolve it because he knew it’d turn into a hilariously big Arcanine who wouldn’t fit in his workshop.

Years later, he wonders if he had evolved Smoke, if he could have fought back against the Briarwoods.)

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gardevoir variants based on different kinds of fairies

standard - the pure-bred, domesticated gardevoir, the ultimate service/therapy pokemon.

banshee - only ever seem to appear to people that are in mourning or to places of great devastation or sorrow; graveyards, places of previous battles, hospitals, and the like. form very close bonds with their trainers; this is the variant that made gardevoirs notorious for defending their trainer to the death. they’re not inherently unhappy creatures but they are so in tune to what their trainers are feeling that they cannot help but express it with them, usually via heart-wrenching song

yakshini - appear in places where there’s a lot of naturally occurring evolutionary stones, but prefer warmer climates and lush environments. territorial towards other yakshini-types, but not to people; they like to show people where these stones are and are naturally predisposed to being cheerful & generous because of this stream of joy and gratitude they receive in response to this. however, this is not to say that they aren’t capable of being malevolent, and can be extremely vengeful should someone rouse their ire. trainers who manage to tame one should watch out, because they have a tendency to get possessive of their trainer and the trainer’s pokemon, and will protect them viciously.

tennyo - prefer high mountains and cold climates. very rare because unfortunately of over-poaching for their hair and crystal which were said to have psychic-empowering qualities. Very shy and skittish; will mostly choose flight over fight if confronted but can get vicious if they feel trapped. the most difficult to tame, both because of their rarity and because of their initial cold demeanor towards any potential trainers. it is extremely common for them to run away immediately should a trainer manage to catch them. gain their trust and you have a lifelong companion. betray it, and you’ll never see them again.