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SpeedKore carbon-fiber 1970 Dodge Charger packs a 996-hp Demon engine

SpeedKore Performance does some pretty neat things with carbon fiber. SEMA is always the place to show off new and interesting builds, and SpeedKore has a few new offerings on display. We talked about the lightweight carbon fiber 2018 Dodge Demon late last week, but now that SEMA 2018 is in full swing, we’ve got a look at something even cooler, an all-carbon, Demon-powered 1970 Dodge Charger “Evolution.”

SpeedKore Performance is based in Wisconsin and has been churning out SEMA showstoppers for years. In addition to the Demon, take a look at this Shelby GT350R the shop modified a few years back. The Charger Evolution is named so because it further modifies the SpeedKore Charger “Tantrum” that was used in the “Fast and Furious” films. That car used a carbon composite body and was fitted with a 9.0-liter Mercury Racing twin-turbo engine making an absurd 1,650 horsepower.

The Evolution might be down on power — only 996 horses thanks to a modified Demon crate engine — but the goal was to create something a little more usable than the Tantrum. Upgrades include a smaller supercharger pulley, larger fuel injectors, a custom cold-air intake, stainless steel headers and a custom exhaust with SLP mufflers. There’s also a Dailey Engineering dry sump, upgraded oil cooler, and Saldana radiator.

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The Origin of Species
by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the struggle for life
Charles Darwin

London John Murray Sixth Edition with additions and corrections (Forty Third Thousand)
The sixth edition [shown here] (first printed in 1872) - is the edition in which the word “evolution” was used for the first time (although Darwin used this term in the Descent of Man, published a year before; in 1871).
This edition was also the last that Charles Darwin revised during his lifetime, including the addition of an entirely new chapter.  In 1876 Darwin added a few small corrections, and all subsequent printing were copies of that printing.

a clean tight fresh presentable copy - which remains largely unread - even after 124 years -  a large portion of the book remains unopened [the leaves of the book remain joined at the folds; not slit apart]

Code Lyoko collection Not a drawing ✍️ xD but been collecting for huge amount of time hunting these vintage figures the focus was the figures much huge to obtain still little far from complete ^^ by artdemaurialashawn21 on @deviantart