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What a difference 24 years makes Evolution of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: Evolution I, 1992; Evolution II, 1994; Evolution III, 1995; Evolution IV, 1996; Evolution V, 1998; Evolution VI, 1999; Evolution VII, 2001; Evolution VIII, 2003; Evolution IX, 2005; Evolution X, 2007. When production of the Evo X ended in March of this year it was not replaced

Bonded Strength, Boundless Power - Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution; it is a transformation a Pokemon can go through to gain immense strength by drawing on the power of their bond with their trainer. Mega Evolution can only be achieved by certain species of Pokemon, when both it and the trainer have possession of its species-specific Mega Stone, and a Key Stone, respectively.

It is said that the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve were a Lucario, and Rayquaza himself.

Long ago, a Lucario and it’s trainer garnered such a close bond that they were able to achieve this transformation.

Rayquaza could perform this feat itself, and did so when it needed to resolve the growing issues between Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre in ancient times.

Mega Evolution, at it’s core, is an exercise in sharing your strength with your partner Pokemon, to allow them to surpass their limits and gain access to greater strength in a form they otherwise would be unable to reach.

This can be easily applied when one is working with a Pokemon spirit.

If you were to encounter a Pokemon spirit, and develop a close bond with it, you could potentially share your own energy with it, to allow it to gain its Mega Evolution form, if a additional strength ever arose; To defend you from something else, for example.

One could use a pair of stones as substitutes for a Key Stone and Mega Stone, if you so desired, but they would not be necessary, if you’re bond and ability to share your energies was developed enough.

Mega Evolution is a relatively simple concept in practice, compared to vast wealth of knowledge one can derive from the Pokemon World, but for a concept so simple, the results could be incredible. All it would take is dedication, practice, and bond between you and a Pokemon of your own.