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Attention Mara Dyer fans! 

We have created a new group in Goodreads to discuss the books and all of you are welcomed to join. The group is called G1821 (yes,that’s the name) and you can find it here.

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Book recommendations for horoscope signs

Aries:  Mara Dyer Trilogy
Taurus: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Gemini: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Cancer: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Leo: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Virgo: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Libra: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Scorpio: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Sagittarius: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Capricorn: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Aquarius: Mara Dyer Trilogy
Pisces: Mara Dyer Trilogy

“We Are The Most Bullshit Superheroes”

“We’re mutants now?”
“Don’t tell Marvel. They’ll sue us.” 

A playlist for the Mara Dyer gang


Polarize ~ twenty one pilots // Make Me Wanna Die ~ The Pretty Reckless // Tomorrow Never Dies ~ 5 Seconds of Summer // Pieces ~ Sum 41 // Heathens ~ twenty one pilots // Dark Doo Wop ~ MS MR // Antichrist ~ The 1975 // Heaven Knows ~ The Pretty Reckless // Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) ~ The Neighbourhood // Angel With A Shotgun ~ The Cab // Medicine ~ Daughter // Lose It ~ Oh Wonder // Lifespan ~ Vaults

My name is not Mara Dyer, but my lawyer told me I had to choose something.

                                    A pseudonym.

                                                    A nom de plume.   



It looks like Mon Mothma is wearing a simplified tabard variant of her Revenge of the Sith robes over a jumpsuit or leggings (the side fastenings of the tabard may be concealing a waistline, but Rebels is very pro-jumpsuit.)

Ceremonial but practical, this is a neat way of maintaining Mothma’s air of dignified authority whilst logically placing her mid-action. I believe that by this point Mon Mothma will have left/fled the Imperial Senate, so this look is very much a statement of intent that she is continuing her role as senator and representative of Chandrila, even as she is fully and openly wearing the role of Alliance leader. A militant adoption (arguably along similar lines to the influences of Padme’s Mustafar costume.) This is also another case of adaptation of costume from one medium to another: live action to animation. And within that, the fairly rigid aesthetic of Rebels which is made of clean simple silhouettes, leaning towards the utilitarian.

Next Time: The explosive aesthetic of Sabine Wren

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                 Fashion under the Empire


“The man you called Lukumi, whom I knew as Lenaurd, manipulated your mother, recruited her, then introduced her and me so we could breed. You were planned, Noah. Engineered.

Noah practically radiated frustration. “For what?”

“To be the hero,” David said, looking at Noah like he was his greatest disappointment. “To slay the dragon. But you fell in love with it instead.

It’s going to be dark. It’s going to be twisted. It’s going to be sexy. I think you’re going to love it. I really, really hope you do.
—  Michelle Hodkin (on The Shaw Confessions, Volume One)