evolution precaution

tripleflipchickenstrips  asked:

What are some allergies or health precautions I should take with Rowlet and it's evolutions? Also how should I bird proof the house?

* Rowlet doesn’t really come with anything allergy-worthy. Although yes, it is grass type, Rowlet doesn’t carry any pollen or anything like that except the leaves covering it and it’s evolutions.

* The only precautions you’ll have to take is that the entire evolution line is very jumpy and prone to slight panic attacks when spooked so make sure not to scare them or surprise them too bad out of nowhere.

* You’ll only need to set up bird-proofing things for when Rowlet is in it’s first stage of evolution. Make sure anything breakable on a table or shelf is secured in case Rowlet starts flapping about and don’t leave food out in the open, Rowlet will eat it up. You don’t need to worry about leaving windows or doors open, for Rowlet will only fly about when it’s out with a trainer.