evolution pit

INTP-INFP - Remarkable likeness
  • INFP: You played Starcraft 2, right?
  • INTP: Yea.
  • INFP: You remind me of Abathur. He's exactly like you.
  • INTP: WHAT!?
  • INFP: The fat, worm-like Zerg in the Evolution Pit.
  • INTP: Yes, I know what he is, but WHYYY??
  • INFP: He's the character that makes the most sense when he speaks.
  • INFP: He speaks in chunks with pauses in between, just like you. And each time he speaks, it's only information or sarcasm, just like you.
  • INTP: OMG!!!! This is so ridiculous! I never thought I'd ever be compared to Abathur, ever!
  • INFP: I like him.
  • INTP: Me too!