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How The Great Comet Evolved Into a War and Peace-Sized Tony Nominee

Dave Malloy, Rachel Chavkin, and others on the team behind this immersive Broadway musical discuss its transition from the 87-seat Ars Nova to the massive Imperial Theatre.

In the unlikeliest success story Broadway has seen in many years, a small, immersive musical that once played an 87-seat venue off-off-Broadway has moved to the 1,000-plus-seat Imperial Theatre and has received 12 Tony nominations. Dave Malloy’s Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 may have had a strange evolution (it made a pit stop at a specially constructed tent in the meatpacking district as well), but there’s no stopping its momentum. Malloy, director Rachel Chavkin, cast member Lucas Steele, and the design team recently discussed the trajectory of this improbable hit with TheaterMania, sharing the joy of their Tony nods along the way.

One day I would have all the books in the world, shelves and shelves of them. I would live my life in a tower of books. I would read all day long and eat peaches. And if any young knights in armor dared to come calling on their white charges and plead with me to let down my hair, I would pelt them with peach pits until they went home.
—  Jacqueline Kelly, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate
INTP-INFP - Remarkable likeness
  • INFP: You played Starcraft 2, right?
  • INTP: Yea.
  • INFP: You remind me of Abathur. He's exactly like you.
  • INTP: WHAT!?
  • INFP: The fat, worm-like Zerg in the Evolution Pit.
  • INTP: Yes, I know what he is, but WHYYY??
  • INFP: He's the character that makes the most sense when he speaks.
  • INFP: He speaks in chunks with pauses in between, just like you. And each time he speaks, it's only information or sarcasm, just like you.
  • INTP: OMG!!!! This is so ridiculous! I never thought I'd ever be compared to Abathur, ever!
  • INFP: I like him.
  • INTP: Me too!

sammy-and-crew  asked:

Are you intending to continue the show me series as a permanent thing? if so, i'd like to see a very unique noodle.

I am, now that the Christmas break is over! A unique noodle… hm hm hm, well, how about Azemiops feae (Fea’s viper), the viper that breaks all the rules?

At first glance, Fea’s viper doesn’t look all that special. It’s a beautiful snake, for sure- those orange bands on the black body are striking- but what really makes this animal unique is that it’s not very much like a viper at all. It’s a very tiny little viper- neither males nor females attain lengths greater than one meter (about three feet, if you’re a Yankee). It has a strangely-shaped head covered in big shield scales (like a colubrid) as opposed to small scales (like pretty much every other viper), an odd skull that’s more oblong than the typical viper triangle, tiny venom glands, bizarre stubby fangs that look more like a rear-fanged snake’s than a viper’s (they have this blade-like structure on the bottom/back that rear-fanged snakes and some asps have), and smooth scales covering the body (instead of keeled scales like most vipers). Its lifestyle is strange for a viper as well. They’re entirely oviparous, meaning that they lay eggs. This is not a typical viper trait; in fact, vipers actually get their name from their tendency to have live birth. Vi- derives from vivo, meaning to live; per- derives from pario, meaning birth in Latin. But these snakes lay eggs! 

So… why do we consider them a viper? Simply put, they’ve got more in common with vipers than they do with any other flavor of snake (though at times they’ve been lumped with both colubrids and elapids)- it’s just that they are more primitive than the others. Their venom is also characteristically viperine- well, some of it. When you look at the non-enzymatic characteristics (their venom doesn’t clot blood, cause hemorrhaging, or cause paralysis via myolysis), their venom doesn’t look viperine at all. But when you look at the enzyme activity, it’s a dead ringer for viper venom, giving good evidence of where the heck this thing fits taxonomically. 

In addition to the above, its threat displays are kind of interesting. It basically mimics the eventual direction pit viper evolution took; it rattles its tail and flattens out the head to look not hooded but triangular, as opposed to the really ovoid shape it typically has. Seriously, look how round its head is!

In conclusion, this mountain-dwelling, water-loving, shrew-devouring Asian species is really something special and strange. Alone among vipers it displays some truly primitive characteristics… and where it fits with the rest of the vipers also makes it special. It’s an Asian species, but it’s actually more closely related to the New World Crotalinae pit vipers. There are Asian crotalines, but they’re more closely related to the rattlesnakes, bushmasters, and other New World pit vipers than they are to the Fea’s viper. 

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anonymous asked:

I have so many mixed emotions and questions around this chapter. It does look like noragami is ending in a way and am I the only one who feels it a little rushed? Especially if tsukiyomi is somehow involved.. About that, could Amaterasu executing Yato kind of interfere/disprove that theory?

Mm, taking into account how Adachitoka has paced the story so far, I genuinely don’t think the ending will be rushed. I know we all keep saying that it’s going to end soon, but we’re talking maybe 10-15 more chapters, here.

And since we get monthly updates…it’ll be around for another year or more, most likely. I wouldn’t worry about it, honestly–Adachitoka seem to be very dedicated to explaining details that they incorporate. I feel that most, if not all, questions will eventually be answered by the last chapter. Kind of how their previous Sensei (Tadashi Kawashima) paced his work, “Alive: The Final Evolution”.

Just a small pit stop to give this work some praise, sorry! It’s the first manga that Adachitoka illustrated for. You can see their art style improve from beginning to end. The story is brilliant and very involved–carried out beautifully with so many fleshed out characters. I highly recommend it!!

Anyway, as for Amaterasu executing Yato, it could either prove or disprove it–though, as much as we are all worrying about Yato’s death, I don’t sincerely believe that Adachitoka would kill him off. Not in this way, anyway. There are too many questions that would be left unanswered if they did. (Or maybe, it would answer those questions? It’s something to think about. Still, I don’t see the point in having Yato killed and/or reincarnated when so many issues remain. 

Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old, 9,000 Years Old, or 13,000 Years Old?
How biblical literalists get their numbers.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., called evolution “lies from the pit of hell” in a speech and argued that the Earth is 9,000 years old. Scientists have determined the Earth’s age is 4.5 billion years, based on evidence from meteorites and molecular decay rates. How do biblical literalists come up with their estimates?

Using Greek history. The Bible provides plenty of internal chronological information. Adam lived 930 years, and his son Seth 912 years. The Israelites lived in Egypt for 430 years “to the very day.” Saul reigned as king of Israel for 42 years. Summing up the dates is tedious, but it’s doable. The real challenge is that the Bible is a “floating chronology:” It doesn’t date the beginning or ending of its story. Irishman James Ussher, the 17th-century archbishop of Armagh, famously solved this puzzle by comparing events in the Bible with histories from other civilizations. Most critically, Ussher found a reference to the death of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar in the Second Book of Kings. Ussher then used Ptolemy’s history of Babylonian kings, combined with Greek historical events of known dates, to pinpoint the death of Nebuchadnezzar in 562 B.C. Adding together the generations of Old Testament begetting and the reigns of kings, Usher surmised that 3,442 years passed between the creation and Nebuchadnezzar’s death. Ussher thereby arrived at his now famous estimate for the Earth’s creation: 4,004 B.C. He eventually went one step further, marking the Earth’s birthday as 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22, 4004 B.C.

Many biblical chronologists have come up with roughly similar estimates. Second-century St. Theophilus of Antioch guessed 5529 B.C. In his 1583 work De emendatione temporum, Frenchman Joseph Juste Scaliger put the creation in 3949 B.C. There are, however, occasional outliers. American doomsday evangelist Harold Camping believes that time began in 11013 B.C.

Most of these variations result from differences in Old Testament interpretation. For example, one of Ussher’s greatest dilemmas was choosing which text to follow. The Greek Septuagint version suggested that 2,242 years elapsed between the dawn of time and the biblical flood. Ussher rejected that estimate because, if it were accurate, Armageddon should already have occurred. (Seventeenth-century theologians thought the earth would end after 6,000 years.) The Samaritan Pentateuch suggested 1,307 years between the creation and the flood, but Ussher eventually went with the traditional Hebrew text’s 1,656-year-estimate. Harold Camping’s methodology in arriving at a vastly different date is perplexing. He added together the lifespans of Old Testament fathers and sons, assuming that their lives didn’t overlap.

It’s not clear how Rep. Broun settled on 9,000 years, but Ussher’s creation date of 4004 B.C. is by far the most cited. It was, and possibly remains, the most meticulous Bible-based calculation ever attempted. Ussher’s estimate for the death of Nebuchadnezzar is still the authoritative date. Perhaps more importantly, Ussher’s research yielded an auspicious number. Theologians and astronomers of his day estimated that Christ was born in the year 4 B.C., based on the mention of a lunar eclipse in the work of first-century historian Josephus. Ussher’s creation calculations thus suggested that precisely 4,000 years passed between the creation and the birth of the Christian messiah. The 1960 film Inherit the Wind also cemented Ussher’s place in the American imagination. In the movie, Matthew Harrison Brady insists on the witness stand that Ussher’s estimate is “literal fact.” When the crowd turns on him, Brady is reduced to hysterics, turning to his wife and memorably declaring, “They’re laughing at me, mother. I can’t stand it when they laugh at me!”

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HILARION - By Marlene Swetlishoff
June 19-26, 2016

Beloved Ones,
Love flows like a river across the face of the planet and touches each inhabitant. The winds of change are bringing constant revelation to the surface of their consciousness. Each individual is in the process of discovery about their origin, their true capabilities, and their divinity. Their soul seeks to know and touch that sublime Presence within them. There is much that is in completion in these moments of time, spiritual contracts are ended and new ones begin. There is a natural connection taking place with souls of like mind that draws each one to the next phase of their soul plan. They gather together to unite their energies in higher purpose. There is a higher love at work now, one that manifests a sense of oneness with their new liaisons.

As they assist each other to connect the dots, a higher purpose is revealed and the way forward is made clearer. Like sparks of lightning, the flame within their core essence is being lit and the seeds of truth grow upwards towards the Sun. The regenesis of the Earth and her inhabitants is now in process. The seeds of Light that have been planted find their mark and now take root. Across the planet, the convergence of Light streams into ever widening concentric circles and into the core of the planet. Those who are serving as transducers of cosmic energy flows begin to shine in their radiant luminosity.

Many are now leaving the planet in accordance with their souls plan. As they do, their Light leaves gossamer threads of Light behind them to linger and add strength to the web of life upon the surface of the planet. With their last breath, they leave the imprint of their impact upon their loved ones who are enriched by the memories that will sustain them. From the other side of the veil, they stop and give thanks for the great opportunity that living life on Earth has blessed them with. They count themselves as the lucky ones, for they were given this gift of experience in order that their souls could accelerate their evolution by pitting themselves against the challenges presented to them.

Know this, Beloved Ones, there are no souls who hold bitterness as they cross to the other side. In their hearts they hold profound gratitude for each experience that gained their soul the divine qualities they have so dearly earned. In all the universes, there is no planet that can give so much accelerated growth in such a short span of time. In all the worlds that exist, the Earth is the coveted planet of magic and wonder amid the vast richness of experience. This is usually not appreciated nor thought about when in their human body, but is always profoundly acknowledged when the soul departs.

In their lives upon the planet, humanity fears the experience of death of their human body. When their soul leaves and discards their human vehicle, great freedom is returned and the soul is reacquainted with the wholeness of their greater Being. There is great joy and exhilaration that occurs. There are reunions with their loved ones who left the Earth before them and their joy knows no bounds. They are reunited with the souls who played the roles of their pets, and they know unequivocally that life never ceases, it merely changes form. The lightness of their new body brings them constant delight and celebration. It is a time of rejoicing.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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