evolution of thought

your little daily reminder

not to be too hard on yourself.

Humans didn’t develop/evolve/come to be with instincts and abilities based around technology. We aren’t born with eyes that are meant to stare at screens for prolonged periods, or minds that are supposed to handle mathematical, political, social, and linguistic problems every 15 seconds like we do in this modern world.

If you look at the human span of existence, language, business, ‘the work day,’ and all of these modern problems are the tiniest blip at the end of the spectrum. In a body that for millenia specialized in survival practices such as hunting, gathering, and procreating, you are making spreadsheets, completing homework assignments, going to weddings, cooking on a stove top, inventing machines, using smart phones, having relationships dependent on small bubbles of words, Snapchatting, motivating, reading, writing, driving heavy machinery, and making art in the process.

It’s okay to procrastinate a little. You’re not inhuman or a failure. You are far ahead on the learning curve, and there’s much that you have made yourself able to do through desire and willpower. Written language is not innate, nor is mathematics, etiquette, or any of these constructs we use daily. In fact, studies show that there is a recorded shift in the dominant part of the brain and the patterns of brain growth after written systems of language and calculation came about. Before this, this part of the brain was a rarely used tool, something that came up very rarely when looking for patterns. 

We as humans collectively shifted our major. ;)

We as humans taught ourselves beyond our ‘evolutionary capabilities’ and created society. 

Any time you are feeling down on yourself, just realize “I have these problems because humans decided they were going to kick biological convention on its knees and do one better.”

You were not born to make spreadsheets.

but you can make spreadsheets.

That alone makes you pretty groovy. Go ahead and make some hot cocoa and watch Supernatural. History might just let you have the night off.

This is a serious X-Men thing

Like, so serious.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before.

Sooooo, Sabertooh/Victor Creed is feral, yeah?

His main animal counterpart is a cat, yeah?

He freakin’ said “meow” in X-Men Evolution.

So tell me.

When he is affectionate, or when he is super tired and preparing to sleep…

…Does Sabertooth KNEAD?




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As I gazed into the cosmos I realised the expansiveness and connectedness of all things. We are a collective consciousness forever evolving in perfect harmony, bound by love, raising our vibration to transition to higher states of awareness… with this realisation my perception changed.

Some cute stuff to finish today off. 

I just wish for Alan and Manon to be happy okay. 


-You don’t have to keep in mind of whatever those lame people are saying. You don’t have to keep those tiny matters in mind and you don’t have to be anyone’s reincarnation.

-Perhaps you are far weaker than I expected. But, I think you must be far stronger than you think you are.

Do you ever think that your suffering is a part of your spiritual journey for a reason? Maybe a call to action from your higher self, or Spirit prodding you into another direction? So it begs the question: Are they problems or gurus? There is always a lesson to be learned.
The Shaw Confessions

When people think I’m just excited for TSC because there’s more Noah. No, I want to know how he thinks. I want to know how his mind works. How he thinks of himself. Or Mara. I want to know what keeps him up at night. I want to know if he still blames himself for Jude hurting Mara. I want to know if he still thinks about the blade. And how it was the sharpest kind. I want to know how he thinks when he doesn’t want to live anymore. I want to know how he thinks of Mara’s family and if he wants a family like hers. I want to know why he never spoke of himself about his mental illnesses only when he got pissed off. There’s so many things I want to know about him. I want to know his thought process. I want to know what bothers him the most. I want to know what sets him off.

We know how Mara thinks. We know that she thought she was crazy. We know a lot about her, and how her mind works, but we hardly know how Noah thinks.