evolution of the masks

Inspired by the pokemon @gastrictank and @droolingdemon made based off themselves, I decided to jump onto the bandwagon. 

Asprite, the “Aspiring” pokemon: A wayward spirit that haunts the mask of a hero that fell in battle. It has little direction in the world, and hopes just to find purpose. Ability: Run Away

At level 40 it evolves into Spectaire; the “Heroic Spirit” pokemon. Spectaire is the evolution of Asprite. It evolved after putting on the mask of the hero it once adored after fighting a cause to fight for. Al it wants is to be a hero, and will push itself to its limits and beyond, often to its detriment. Ability: Justified.

To elaborate on my Zora theory

I’ve always been a fan of the idea that Zoras have different looks based on different fishes. Majora’s Mask supported this theory, with having a pufferfish Zora, a hammerhead Zora, Mikau being a tiger shark, and more. Meanwhile, the river Zora we see in Ocarina, and more importantly, Twilight Princess, are softer and more gentle looking. It was always my headcanon that the river Zoras, being based on herbivorous inland fish, are much more tame than the ocean Zoras, which have the traits of sharks and poisonous fish, making them more suited to be warriors. And BotW is the perfect example of this, with the cute red Zora girl possibly being freshwater river royalty, given her likeness to queen Rutela and more humanoid features, and the shark and manta ray Zoras we see possibly being saltwater ocean Zoras that evolved with more animalistic traits to facilitate survival in a harsher ecosystem. What do you all think?


“Slipknot Evolution”

1 and 2 - “Slipknot”

3 and 4 - “Iowa”

5 and 6 - “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses”

7 and 8 - “All Hope is Gone”

9 and 10 - “.5: The Gray Chapter”


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Out of all the ghost type pokemon, by far, the most terrifying one of all has to be Cofagrigus.  First off, it’s pre-evolution Yamask is actually a deceased HUMAN holding the mask of the face it once had.  Once the mask engulfs the lost soul, it become a territorial sentient coffin.  Anyone unfortunate enough to try and grave rob this pokemon’s treasures will be stuffed inside it’s golden chest for all eternity.

As for this animation, I only animated one hand and warped/flipped it for the rest.  Somehow making an effect that’s both grabbing and intimidating.  Fun fun!


Rust Cohle, True detective, S01E01 “The Long Bright Dark”

“There is no nature to things […] There are no faces except masks… [There is] no true growth or evolution in this life… but only transformations of appearance, an incessant melting and molding of surfaces without underlying essence. There is no salvation of any being, because no being exists as such, nothing exists to be saved–everything, everyone exists only to be drawn into the slow and endless swirling of mutations…”     

             — Thomas Ligotti, Noctuary 

True detective, S01E05 “The Secret Fate of All Life”

The Evolution of Suzaku Kururugi

This is something of a continuation of the masks series, except, considering Suzaku doesn’t change identities like clothes, it’s more his evolution throughout the series as per the serious shit he’s been through - and I think we can all agree that Suzaku has been through a lot of it. How does Suzaku evolve throughout the series?

1. The Kururugi Heir 

This is the small and angry Suzaku who had a habit of beating up Britannians in brilliant irony to what would come later.

Lelouch: And it was a very specific Britannian he beat up… 
Suzaku: Hah! Those were the days, right, Lelouch? 
Lelouch: …I generally preferred the days where my face was free from sustained knuckle impact .
Suzaku: Nah, that one was the best! In retrospect, anyway. 

2. Warrant Officer Suzaku Kururugi 

This is Suzaku as we know him at the start of R1 - innocent, idealistic, and a lot more mellowed out than his previous incarnation. So much still ahead of him. Whatever went wrong? 

Suzaku: GEE, I WONDER 
Lelouch: [gulps] 

3. Sir Suzaku Kururugi 

Suzaku as knighted by Euphemia. Suzaku being Suzaku, he doesn’t let his new position go to his head, and is mostly the same as the Warrant Officer - only in love! 

Lloyd: Oh, look, our little Suzaku is all grown up! 
Cecile: …You’re not much of an expert on that, Lloyd. 
Lloyd: Fair point, but either way the Lancelot gets more funding! 
Cecile: Phew, I was worried for a moment!

4. The Knight of Seven 

Oh, Suzaku, you poor thing. This Suzaku was conceived at Euphemia’s deathbed, and had fully formed by R2. His previous hope and optimism brutally smashed, Suzaku is now, frankly, kind of emo. 

Gino: Jeez Suzaku, you need to lighten up! 
Gino: So sure, maybe your girlfriend died right before your eyes - but look, giant robots! 
Suzaku: …Thanks, Gino. 

5. The Knight of Zero 

“Results are all that matter” Suzaku. This personality came into being when he accidentally nuked Tokyo - it was the Suzaku willing to betray the Emperor to become Knight of One, and the Suzaku willing to wage a war against the world to finally bring peace. 

Lelouch: Not to mention “maniacal laughter” Suzaku. 
Lelouch: What the hell, Suzaku? 
Lelouch: That was my thing. 
Suzaku: … 

6. Zero 

And, finally, we have Suzaku taking up the mantle of his worst enemy, forced to live on when he only wants to die; his final atonement. 

Random Black Knight: …Did Zero used to do so many spinkicks?