evolution of lara croft

🎮🎮 🔫🔫I love this trilogy never gets old
And I miss the Lara Croft badass .. This Lara of the new games games is boring
bring back the badass Lara Croft 🔫👊 who had dual pistols, fought, did several acrobatics and had a ducati 💕❤👊🎮🎮


[E3 Ambassador Blog] Concept Art & Direction in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Author: Maxime Turpin – Tombeau Croft, France

Behind the game we all love, there is a team of passionate people. They are deeply devoted to the fans and inspired by a powerful desire to revamp an icon through a modern-looking game, while staying close to the roots of the franchise as invented by Core Design 20 years ago. These people strive to put Lara back to the place where she used to be during the nineties, to the place where she belongs, in the front line. It was my recent pleasure to act as a community ambassadors for the French-speaking countries throughout the world and represent them at E3 this year. Thanks to Crystal Dynamics and Xbox, I’ve lived an almost life-changing experience that inspired me and taught me a lot.

From what I’ve seen, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a compelling game full of promise. While it remains mainly based on the previous title, you’ll quickly notice that the developers did a great job in bringing back that “tombraider-ish” feeling. It’s time for us to welcome back our beloved tombs and venture through an incredibly vivid wilderness in the good company of Lara Croft, as she lives the middle chapter of her evolution as a Tomb Raider. She’s more confident, she’s wiser, and she’s stronger, but she’s not quite there yet.

The work of the artistic team has been primarily to deliver a realistic experience to the player in terms of character evolution. Additionally they played a key role in making sure that Lara Croft advances and evolves in an environment that will still challenge her. To write this article and take you behind the scenes, from the inception of the project to what you have seen at E3, I have had the immense pleasure to interview both Brian Horton and Brenoch Adams, respectively Game Director and Art Director at Crystal Dynamics.

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