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Dear Game Freak, 

if you ever decide to make those Sinnoh remakes - and let’s face it, a lot of the features you introduced in Sun & Moon seem to be building up to that - I have composed a list of things I would like to see:

- Incorporate a lot of the ideas of alternate timelines, worlds and dimensions that Gen 7 introduced.

- Incorporate the Ride feature to replace those HMs.

- Give rival!Dawn/Lucas a full team, and actually give us a chance to battle them AT LEAST once.

- Since the Sinnoh games introduced a lot of new evolutions for existing Pokemon, it would criminal of you not to incorporate Mega Evolutions for Pokemon. In particular, I would suggest Megas for the Starters and Luxray.

- Can Shinx be the fourth starter?

- Bring back the old events, like the ones for Rotom, Shaymin, Darkrai and especially Arceus.

- Character customisation plz.

- Make @tumblunni happy and give them ALL THE CHARON. ALL OF IT. And give him a team so we can battle him at least once.

- Heck, just give all our favs more to do. Give me more Barry, give me more Rowan, give me more Cynthia. Give the Gym Leaders more to do.

- Make the Poketch all fancy and give it a bunch of awesome new apps.

- I like the snowy look of Platinum. Keep the snow. Snow is good. And keep Dawn, Lucas and Barry’s warmer outfits. I prefer them.

- Give us something like the Delta Episode, but with Giratina… actually, can we ride Origin Giratina around the Distortion World? And would it turn out that the Distortion World is somehow a part of Ultra Space?

- Speaking of, more Ultra Beasts. Or heck, give the existing Ultra Beasts alternate formes.

- Give Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and perhaps even Arceus Primal Forms like Groudon and Kyogre have. Heck, Dialga already has a Primal Form so you’re already partway there.

There’s probably more but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.  Just give us a great game. ORAS was such a good update. You know what works. Just give us that in Sinnoh.

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I always want to know what was happening in Arceus' mind when it tried to make certain Pokemon evolve only if you trade them. And I'm pretty sure Link Cables don't exist in the main Pokemon world for trade Evolution.

in the past i’d say that there’d be a split between gameplay mechanics and the pokeworld’s reality but in moon kids are constantly acknowledging things like wondertrading and unfortunately nicknamed pokemon so like i don’t know anymore.


Here’s my thoughts on the weird crystals in Sun and Moon:

Everyone’s so wrapped up in thinking that they are the Burst Crystals from an obscure Pokemon manga from gen 5, but I think differently about this.

TLDR: Solgaleo and Lunala energize each other. The yellow/blue crystal emits Solgaleo/Lunala’s energy, and is used to summon Lunala/Solgaleo. The crystals are also used to fuel Mega Evolution (if it still exists), as well as provide a new mechanic involving Pokemon moves, which Prof. Kukui researches.

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