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“Notice Earth is a Timeship on a galactic mission. Time is the current dictator or creator of life and limits its functions on this planet. Many people feel stuck in what may be termed 3-D time loops. Until awakening, one cannot recognize programmed thought patterns, repeating situations and energetic interactions. This is reinforced by regularly-celebrated occasions and the nature of the calendar imposed behind it all. Collective perception is manipulated away from galactic central Time and the hidden power of numbers is widely forgotten. The result is illusions of separation, amnesia about equality of everything from gender to how we unconsciously co-create each moment based on the degree of active/ inactive DNA, and how DNA is reprogrammable via frequency. The orbits of planets in our solar system hold different frequencies of different stages and levels of consciousness. The Sun however, is undergoing inner transformation as part of stellar evolution. Its process mirrors the ongoing expansion of human consciousness. Human beings are re-calibrating genetically and changing sense of time according to a galactic harmonic timing frequency. Information upgrades are transferred via radiogenetics (light codes/ infrasound). Synchronicity is crop circles emerging near sacred sites. The cells of the plants are constantly communicating with all other cells, including human body cells. Imagine human beings are creating/ co-creating ‘real’ crop circles on an unconscious level with a galactic plan. The point is to establish a telepathic matrix where a critical mass of humans bond with Earth’s etheric, magnetic and biopsychic fields to function as a planet (The word ‘planet’ means ‘wandering star’) and active member of a wider galaxies. Each human being is then, 'the Living Book of God.’ The story of life is held within chambers of the human genome expressing our species’ evolution through time. It is encoded as sacred geometry, the language of consciousness which we are each gradually unpacking. It’s like a computer store of the memory is encoded in our DNA, a crystal microchip specific to each individual. Once DNA is fully active, infinity is no longer simply the illusion created by measure of linear time. The Spiritual Sun arises.” - Liara Covert

Happiness isn’t a pursuit, it’s a state of being which is strongest when chosen consciously or intentionally auto-suggested. Happiness becomes a pursuit when you become afraid. When you try or pursue as an excuse to become happy, failure becomes encountered. For every “needing”, the less you receive. Everything is vibrational, energy exists in all forms, waves and matter/mass, so if you are in the vibration or feeling of needing, that will continue to perpetuate.

Love whatever emotion arises.

In loving and forgiving someone, we heal ourselves by letting go of our expectations of who we used to be and allow ourselves to be who we may through choice, someone better.

So even in feeling negative emotions, love those emotions that come up because you deserve more love not less. You deserve more love never less always, everyone, equally. because the world is abundant.

We regain our freedom by letting go of our rigid beliefs. Children are free! Children don’t have rigid beliefs. Beliefs and expectations limit you. Let go of expectations. And in your happiness, your balance and center, go after what you love, because you deserve what you desire.

Who are you? Does that matter anymore?

It’s time to ask something deeper, “Who are you when things don’t go your way?”

Once you answer that ask you can ask yourself, “Who are you when things don’t go other peoples’ way?”

Namasté, 💜 🙏

~ listeningtospirit

There is a whole universe out there.

Balance and diversity to create harmony within our lives.

To live a spiritual life is about living life experiencing all different aspects of our existence. Taking many paths of exploration and discovery of corners, aspects and layers of Earth and Universal energy.

A spiritual life is fucking messy, its playing around with the soul, its exploring and being curious, intrigued and falling vulnerable with discovery. Its the cosmic art of manipulating our own energy to focus on mastering energy to our highest favour of manifestation and fulfilment.

Many especially in the holistic world put pressure on themselves to be a beacon of spiritual perfection. A spiritual life is not about holding up a mask of spiritual personality. A spiritual life is not putting ourselves on a pedestal of I am perfect. The perfect life is driven by experience and DEEP internal exploration of reaching deep wisdoms and transformations, as we continue to be reborn again and again through many intuitive choices and path ways of our journey.

We run around with no time for ourselves self trying to gain some enigmatic approval of existence. But we will never find it until we realise all we seek is found within the internal learning, trying and vulnerability of energy play throughout our existence.

The enlightening life is not just lighting incense, eating kale and preaching namaste. No one tells us about the deep death and mourning of self that comes with spiritual discovery. No one tells us that peace and harmony is shedding continuous layers of internal illusion, programs and masks without searching for any outside achievement.

No one tells us the emotions we are told to hide are perfect. That anger, sadness, frustration, pain, our stuffing up, curiosity,venerability, our inner child, our love whatever has risen, all that we we are is divinely worthy.

No one tells us we have absolute right, free will, to feel safe and secure within ourselves to express our sexuality, to live expressively through our sensuality and our playful creative natures without shame guilt and fear.

No one tells us that just being alive is a cosmic treasure of spiritual richness to create and experience love within many different forms, layers and teachings.

As in these moment of emotion the key is handed to our willing to transform from one energy to another where the key of spirituality it discovered, chosen, risen and awoken to a new birth or SELF discovered and made.

We are worthy as we exist there is no perfect life, perfect way or right direction. Every path leads to where we are most needed for our growth, ascension and evolution.

There is not one path to ‘purity’ more so the unravelling of our purity grows as we do.

OPEN the mind to know there is more to know..


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“To get really high is to forget yourself. And to forget yourself is to see everything else. And to see everything else is to become and understanding molecule in evolution, a conscious tool of the universe” -Jerry Garcia

To get really high is to forget yourself - and to forget yourself is to see everything else - and to see everything else is to become an understanding molecule in evolution, a conscious tool of the universe. And I think every human being should be a conscious tool of the universe. That’s why I think it’s important to get high
—  Jerry Garcia

Passion and Confidence ~

Passion and confidence are intimately connected. How can you not be confident when you’re filled with the spark of the divine? When you trust in something greater than yourself, passion and confidence become your natural expression. I have always admired journalist and international correspondent, Jorge Ramos. No matter what his television topic for the day, he exudes confidence and passion. He brings his heart to everything he does. And, as a result, he is successful, loved, respected and supported by millions of people around the world.

If I were to pick my favorite movie, I would say Auntie Mame. I’ve probably seen it more than twenty times. As an eccentric heiress who raises her nephew to be a free spirit in Auntie Mame (1958 ), Rasalind Russell personifies passion. Filled with what I call the light of God, or God’s presence, she radiates passion in everything she does - climbing mountains, playing with children, singing, dancing, exploring, or immersing herself in art and life. That passion strengthens her confidence. 

It has been my experience that solitude - living more in the present moment and letting go and letting ‘the light’ guide my way - all nurture and foster passion and confidence. If we stop looking back in anger or regret or forward in fear and uncertainty, but instead look around us in awareness and joy, then passion and confidence become more our way of being. In his wonderful book Where There Is Light, Paramanhansa Yogananda wrote, “Live each present moment completely and the future will take care of itself.” Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each instant.“

Thank You for reading. Take Care for now and as always, I send you much love.

Maritza Alvarez, Creator, Our Journey to Balance