evolution of conscious

“Notice Earth is a Timeship on a galactic mission. Time is the current dictator or creator of life and limits its functions on this planet. Many people feel stuck in what may be termed 3-D time loops. Until awakening, one cannot recognize programmed thought patterns, repeating situations and energetic interactions. This is reinforced by regularly-celebrated occasions and the nature of the calendar imposed behind it all. Collective perception is manipulated away from galactic central Time and the hidden power of numbers is widely forgotten. The result is illusions of separation, amnesia about equality of everything from gender to how we unconsciously co-create each moment based on the degree of active/ inactive DNA, and how DNA is reprogrammable via frequency. The orbits of planets in our solar system hold different frequencies of different stages and levels of consciousness. The Sun however, is undergoing inner transformation as part of stellar evolution. Its process mirrors the ongoing expansion of human consciousness. Human beings are re-calibrating genetically and changing sense of time according to a galactic harmonic timing frequency. Information upgrades are transferred via radiogenetics (light codes/ infrasound). Synchronicity is crop circles emerging near sacred sites. The cells of the plants are constantly communicating with all other cells, including human body cells. Imagine human beings are creating/ co-creating ‘real’ crop circles on an unconscious level with a galactic plan. The point is to establish a telepathic matrix where a critical mass of humans bond with Earth’s etheric, magnetic and biopsychic fields to function as a planet (The word ‘planet’ means ‘wandering star’) and active member of a wider galaxies. Each human being is then, 'the Living Book of God.’ The story of life is held within chambers of the human genome expressing our species’ evolution through time. It is encoded as sacred geometry, the language of consciousness which we are each gradually unpacking. It’s like a computer store of the memory is encoded in our DNA, a crystal microchip specific to each individual. Once DNA is fully active, infinity is no longer simply the illusion created by measure of linear time. The Spiritual Sun arises.” - Liara Covert


How To Make Spiritual Growth Easier

 You are on a continual journey of learning and growth - you are becoming wiser & stronger every day. There is no need to judge oneself during this process because it hinders our progress. Instead of being harsh on ourselves for not knowing yesterday what we know today - be thankful for the lessons.

The only person you’re in competition with is the person you were yesterday - use every experience as a learning opportunity to be better than you were before. There is no end goal where you can say “I’ve learnt enough now” - there is always more to learn.

With this in mind I’d like to encourage you to be kind to yourself during your process of conscious evolution. Know that you are becoming a more enlightened spiritual being with every passing day. Detach from all ideas of where you “should be” and accept where you are right now.

Celebrate the progress you’ve made on your journey so far - see how far you’ve come from who you once were. Appreciate that without the mistakes of the past you would not be who you are today - they have helped to make you who you are now.

Indeed, it’s easy to judge ourselves when we reflect on some of the mistakes we’ve made in the past. When you see this happening in your journey take a second to accept that these mistakes were made and then acknowledge what the experiences have taught you.

This is how we become better every day - which is the goal of being on the journey of personal development and conscious evolution. The road ahead will be difficult but loving yourself the whole way will make the journey more enjoyable.

Be kind to yourself while you’re learning.

Peace & positive vibes. 

“To get really high is to forget yourself. And to forget yourself is to see everything else. And to see everything else is to become and understanding molecule in evolution, a conscious tool of the universe” -Jerry Garcia

Happiness isn’t a pursuit, it’s a state of being which is strongest when chosen consciously or intentionally auto-suggested. Happiness becomes a pursuit when you become afraid. When you try or pursue as an excuse to become happy, failure becomes encountered. For every “needing”, the less you receive. Everything is vibrational, energy exists in all forms, waves and matter/mass, so if you are in the vibration or feeling of needing, that will continue to perpetuate.

Love whatever emotion arises.

In loving and forgiving someone, we heal ourselves by letting go of our expectations of who we used to be and allow ourselves to be who we may through choice, someone better.

So even in feeling negative emotions, love those emotions that come up because you deserve more love not less. You deserve more love never less always, everyone, equally. because the world is abundant.

We regain our freedom by letting go of our rigid beliefs. Children are free! Children don’t have rigid beliefs. Beliefs and expectations limit you. Let go of expectations. And in your happiness, your balance and center, go after what you love, because you deserve what you desire.

Who are you? Does that matter anymore?

It’s time to ask something deeper, “Who are you when things don’t go your way?”

Once you answer that ask you can ask yourself, “Who are you when things don’t go other peoples’ way?”

Namasté, 💜 🙏

~ listeningtospirit


5 Ways To Create Happiness

 The law of attraction states that you attract what you are and what you are is determined by the dominant thoughts and feelings you hold in your mind. Therefore if you want to attract happiness - you must become that which you seek. 

1. The first step is to assess your environment. Look at the world outside and see what you’ve attracted so far. Assess what no longer aligns with that which you are seeking to attract and identify what you need to change about yourself to attract better in the future. This is vital in helping you along your journey of conscious evolution.

2. What’s your self-talk like? Observe the thoughts that run through your mind in your daily life and identify what activities inspire positive self-talk and which do not. If you have positive thoughts whilst drawing or painting and negative ones whilst in the company of certain people - you know what changes to make.

3. What media are you consuming? Become conscious of what you’re feeding your mind. The subconscious mind is a vault - we can only withdraw what we deposit. Be aware of the imagery and energy you’re feeding the mind and how it affects your behaviour and mental state. When I stopped watching TV I noticed a massive positive impact on my mental health.

4. Remove negative associations. Anything and everything negative must be removed from your life if you are seeking to build a life of happiness and fulfilment. Whether they are friends, family or colleagues - removing negativity allows room for positivity. Identify who, what and where is negative and remove them from your life.

5. Spend time with yourself. Knowledge of self is the key to attracting happiness into your life. Once you know yourself well enough to determine that which no longer serves you - you can create a life that inspires you with happiness instead of one you need a vacation from. Knowledge of self is acquired through spending time alone in nature and listening to the voice within.

Bonus tip - being grateful for that which makes you happy is a great way to attract more happiness into your life. Gratitude allows you to occupy a state of abundance - which the universe will repay in kind with more abundance.

True happiness is created, not found.

Peace & positive vibes.

Passion and Confidence ~

Passion and confidence are intimately connected. How can you not be confident when you’re filled with the spark of the divine? When you trust in something greater than yourself, passion and confidence become your natural expression. I have always admired journalist and international correspondent, Jorge Ramos. No matter what his television topic for the day, he exudes confidence and passion. He brings his heart to everything he does. And, as a result, he is successful, loved, respected and supported by millions of people around the world.

If I were to pick my favorite movie, I would say Auntie Mame. I’ve probably seen it more than twenty times. As an eccentric heiress who raises her nephew to be a free spirit in Auntie Mame (1958 ), Rasalind Russell personifies passion. Filled with what I call the light of God, or God’s presence, she radiates passion in everything she does - climbing mountains, playing with children, singing, dancing, exploring, or immersing herself in art and life. That passion strengthens her confidence. 

It has been my experience that solitude - living more in the present moment and letting go and letting ‘the light’ guide my way - all nurture and foster passion and confidence. If we stop looking back in anger or regret or forward in fear and uncertainty, but instead look around us in awareness and joy, then passion and confidence become more our way of being. In his wonderful book Where There Is Light, Paramanhansa Yogananda wrote, “Live each present moment completely and the future will take care of itself.” Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty of each instant.“

Thank You for reading. Take Care for now and as always, I send you much love.

Maritza Alvarez, Creator, Our Journey to Balance

I -S U R R E N D E R- TO - F O R G I V E N E S S❤️❤️

❤️ I forgive myself for my past continuous internal absence and self-conflict. The struggle and the inability to connect and see my truth from a bunch of fear driven illusions and unresolved emotions that I did not acknowledge or had been ready to commit to resolving at the time.

❤️I forgive myself when I judged others. For placing my own judgements with my eyes blinded by personal fear as a reflection of my own inner conflict. I forgive myself for the times I was unconscious by my own unshed emotions that were calling for my attention. I forgive myself for being led, misguided, misunderstood and living behind fear that made me believe I was unsafe.

❤️I forgive myself when I chose to disconnect from myself and became ungrounded as an escape of not taking responsibility for the present moment in the ‘here and now’ as it was too frightening and confronting at the time. I forgive myself for being a woman, for growing up, my teenage years, my body changes and having to take responsibility for my own life.

❤️I forgive myself for my sexuality that was objectifying and disconnected from the essence of my heart, truth and soul. I understand I was longing for intimacy within myself and to connect with my sexuality that I had buried and had hidden in shame, pain and fear of exposure. I forgive myself for keeping my heart and sexuality closed for personal protection and any masks I had carried to suppress any painful emotions that were to confronting to be surfaced for healing at the time.

❤️I forgive myself for any past verbal outbursts which were only a reflection of my own internal rage and disconnection from my emotions that wanted my validation. I forgive any conflicted emotional pain I had thrown on any individual or experience that created chaos within any reality.

❤️I forgive myself for suppressing and running away from love. For wearing my heart on my sleeve running after another’s fulfilment and abandoning my own. I forgive myself for not allowing others close to my heart and keeping to individualism as a safety net.

❤️I forgive myself for holding myself responsible for the emotions and reactions of others. For surrogating and carrying external conflict to save, heal and keep peace within the lives of others and my own. I forgive myself for blaming, punishing, sabotaging and neglecting myself for being made responsible for the lives of others when they could not take responsibility of their own.

❤️I forgive myself for having to say goodbye to unconscious family members that did not support my path and wanted me accountable for their lives choices and actions which was emotionally dangerous to my well-being. I forgive myself for not listening to the red flags and learning the harder way through tests initiations and painful challenges that reminded me of my truth.

❤️I forgive myself for allowing to struggle, live in lack, and hit rock bottom to allow myself to ask and receive help , realising that I am worthy of receiving, support, care and love. I forgive myself that my inner child needed to learn the longer way for reassurance and to feel completely safe.

The truth of a spiritual warrior acknowledges and holds all 'errors’ of their ways. They know that all motives, actions and reactions are always for their highest alignment of their purpose and needs in that moment. When you reflect on the courage it took you to open your heart in the presence of the egos resistance, when you FORGIVE, you are healing for the collective consciousness to the divine masculine and divine feminine evolution and unity.

When conscious individuals are in a conscious unity. You have a relationship of two soul hearts that beat in the same direction without appearance or gender identified, but the presence of both being so connected to source, they invite each other in their godly presence, deeper into a devotional fulfilment of transformation that is so imperfectly perfect.

- Tara Florence Churchill

I keep thinking about spirits. place-spirits, land-wights, call them what you will. and in particular city spirits.

see, the thing is [and I can’t pretend to know quite how this compares to rural areas, because I am at heart and by lifestyle a city girl] there are just so many of them. you can’t just say ‘the spirit of London’ and have done with it - there is I think a spirit of London in its entirety, but that’s too massive and complex and so very Other and I can’t communicate with it directly - because it’s not that simple.

there’s neighbourhood spirits. and they interlock and intermingle with one another in webs I’m only starting to get a feel for. and they are separate - or at least if not wholly separate from then not wholly the same as - the spirits of the land itself. of the soil and the rock and the grass and the sky. the spirits of the trees. the flora and the fauna. the rivers. the lakes. the ancestors. the Dead, whether resting or restless or merry or glorious.

and then there’s the house-wights, the spirits of houses and offices and businesses. the hearth-spirits. spirits that are half-inherent and half-created - growing and evolving with the history and inhabitants of their Place. and the spirits that are organisations, institutions, in their individual characters, more than the sum of their parts, that may reside in a certain place but are not defined by it. my old college had a spirit, as does each line and each station of the Underground.

I suppose I feel there’s a kind of reductionist, human-centric view of the spirit world that says, one place has one spirit. that London would have this one London-spirit and that is that. all done and dusted. but I don’t think the spirit world can be mapped like that. it’s an infinite regress of complexity, more and more wherever you look. the more I understand, the less I am sure I know.

spirits are multitudinous and complex and they are individuals and also interlinked - as we are all of us interlinked. humans and spirits exist in symbiosis, co-evolution, whether we are conscious of it or no. and if we’re going to understand one another, if we as humans are going to engage with the spirit world, we need to appreciate that. appreciate that to say 'spirit’, as though the spirit of London and the spirit of the Northern line and the spirits that inhabit the cracks and crannies of Mornington Crescent station and the spirit of the earth it’s built in and upon are all the same class of being, is fundamentally flawed. appreciate the multi-dimensional nature of that world. come to that world on its own terms. with a little humility and respect for the enormity and complexity of the beings we share our world with.

we as humans are only a tiny part of the equation. it’s good to remember that.