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Full of Hart

I confess:
I’m officially a fan of Sabrina Carpenter.
I didn’t like her or her music at first,
but I’m a sucker for (teenie) Pop.

In my eyes
and for the longest time
(even far far beyond that phase in my life)
I thought shows from the 90s/early 2000s trumped the hell out of the shit offerings now (ie: Shake It Up, ew?…).

And they still do.
I was intrigued (but a little apprehensive) when I heard that Corey and Topanga’s love story would continue in present day New York
raising their daughter and son.
It took me a while to get into it
but I can see the show was written with care and modernized quite well. (Same producers, etc.)

I think what re ignited my intrigue most was seeing Sabrina’s unplugged/acapella performances of her songs
and now I own several EVOLution singles,
play/sing to them daily,
and have been watching GMW because honesty
I have nothing better to do with my life.

Like the original,
GMW has a good mix of life lessons
and characters that have more that meets the eye level depth.

Maya, played by Sabrina, is especially well written. She is a “bad” (influence), yet damaged young girl (not unlike myself at her age, and even now).
To boot, Sabrina is a genuinely good actress.
So once I got past the snap judgement goo (Corey as the teacher, Riley as, well, Riley),
I actually find myself enjoying Girl Meets World.

Also it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Darby Walker, so I wanted to see her scenes as a background character(!).