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Creature profile: “Sea Wolf”
This elusive cryptid is represented in the art and folklore of Pacific Northwest tribes. To the Haida people, it is the Wasgo, to the Tlingit, it is Gonakadet. Depictions vary, but it is generally described as having only forelimbs, small horns, a long body, and some fur on the back/behind the head. And on top of that, big enough to kill orcas.
Sounds suspiciously…..like a weird offshoot basilosaur, yea?
Solitary and reclusive, they exist as a bizarre relic of Eocene fauna. Instead of dying out like its warm water relatives, the northern ancestors of the seawolf toughed it out in the cooler seas of the Oligocene onwards, adapting to life on and around the ice sheets near the arctic circle. Nowadays, they exist in isolated pockets on coastal Canada and Alaska, hunting mostly fish such as salmon, halibut and cod. However, they are also capable of ambushing seals near the shore, dragging themselves all the way out of the water and writhing towards prey for short distances. Wearing the skin of a sea wolf or possessing pieces of its body is believed to grant the owner supernatural fishing abilities.

Day 239 - Eivui | イーブイ | Eevee

Eevee’s genes are unstable and have the capability of undergoing changes immediately due to different energy radiating from certain specific sources. There may be more evolutions not currently known.

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The longer the tail the more virile the male. The long dramatic tail of the male Emerald Prawn is a physiological marker to females of a males prowess, health and virility. Months prior to mating season, males will begin to seek out large expanses of feeding territory, to engorged, store fats and grow segments of their tails. The more dominant the male the larger the feeding territory, the larger the tail and chances of mating.

His long tail will be offered as a gift to his mate once copulation is complete. Females are entombed within tree hollows, where she will lay and rear her young. They will exclusively feed upon the tail offering.

The male will act as guard, protecting the tree from predators. Once matured, His large jaws will break the sealed tree hole, releasing his captive family. They will separate from that point.

Picking a suitable male is a serious matter. Juvenile males have been known to abandon their mates, resulting in the death of his mate and young.