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I love all three final evolutions for the Sun and Moon starters!


There are 52 episodes which are 20 minutes each making that 1040 minutes, which is 17.33 hours which means you CAN finish this series in a single day
—  Me pressuring my friends into watching a series
Top 10 Things to Know About Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder/ASD)

1. Autism is CLEARLY an autosomal recessive genetic trait that is not effected by gender, class or race. (Meaning black women are just as likely to be autistic as white boys.) This also means autism doesn’t just magically go away at age 18; it is  forever.  Negative symptoms of Autism can get better or worse by learning coping strategies or getting more/less overwhelmed physically and mentally.

2. There is no way vaccines could cause autism; even if autism wasn’t a genetic trait, which it is!

3. Autistic people tend to be far more creative, intelligent,have high I.Q.’s, unique, strong willed, and honest more so than the average person.  Autistic people are more likely to be college students, college professors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, artists. leaders and be experts in their field more then the average person.

4. If a person cannot speak this doesn’t mean that person can’t hear you, understand you, or that they are incompetent or unintelligent.

5. Being “socially stupid” does not mean that you are stupid at everything else.

6. Some Autistic kids really need home school and some really need the push for more social interaction in public school.

7. The main “problem for autistic people” isn’t “behavior issues” it’s communication issues and having a nervous system that makes the person 10 times more physically and mentally sensitive then the average person which is mentally and physically overwhelming.

8. Because autistic people are so overly sensitive to everything, people need to realize things that are just a little harmful for all people like :

dust, pollen, gluten, high sugar diets, sound pollution, light pollution, florescent lights, everyday chemicals

are horrible for autistic people and can cause them to be so overwhelmed they cannot speak/ are in extreme discomfort daily.

9. Because autistic people are so overly sensitive to everything, people need to realize things that are just a little good for all people like:

building ramps instead of stairs to houses, living in a clean, quiet, peaceful environment. Using pet therapy, swimming therapy, occupational therapy, seeing a councilor once in awhile, brushing therapy, weight therapy, having a very comfortable bed, eating and exercising correctly, being your own best advocate

can REALLY help any autistic person be so much happier, healthier and independent.

10. Sometimes a parent and autistic child can do everything right and an autistic child will still not be able to be independent, safe alone, will still be in agony and cannot speak. Until we recognize that the main problem for Autistic people is a hyperactive nervous system and address this scientifically there will be little hope of change for these people.


25 favourite characters ever - 8/25

Henry Higgs (Selfie)

“I hear there’s a new bird Pokémon out there called Rowlet. A friend described it as a Grass-type Hoothoot, which sounded really odd considering the dual-typed Grass- and Flying-types we have so far are more plant-like than bird-like. There’s that Sky Forme of the mythical Shaymin, but I never really got why they classified it as a Flying-type when the most Flying-type quality about it are its leafy wings.

“But when my friend sent me a picture of Rowlet, I completely understood why he described it like that and why he said he wanted to catch twenty. It’s an adorable little critter, and those bowtie-shaped leaves on its chest sure give Honchkrow’s fedora-shaped crest a run for its money! It looks like a friendly and easy-to-tame bird, too, but I already know that its evolutions are going to look awesome. I mean, look at Noibat, and Rufflet, heck even Starly. Those cuties evolve into fearsome spectacles, and I bet Rowlet’s evolutions are gonna follow suit.”