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Your spiritual progress

I’m getting a lot of questions from people regarding their “spiritual progress” and how they seem to be stuck or how they’re not doing a good enough job of “being/becoming spiritual enough” (which is a pretty funny notion, if I may add). 

Important thing to remember is: if you have to *force* your “spiritual progress” in any way, you’re not ready. Your personal evolution will come as naturally as the Sun rises in the morning. 

Many people worry, because they feel they’re not doing enough work on themselves or that they have to do something in order to become “enlightened”. They try one thing (a book, a workshop, restricting themselves…) and when it doesn’t work, they get desperate and try another thing, which also doesn’t work. 

Because you *can not* force it. It will unfold naturally when it’s supposed to. Most people are making huge progress without even realizing it, but because the changes are very subtle,  and because they have their own rigid mental beliefs of what enlightenment should look like, they think nothing is happening. And the next thing you know, they’re focusing their energy on “how it’s not working” and how it will never happen. And they’re creating exactly that. 

Patience. Be patient. Have compassion toward yourself. You are already doing so much. But you keep thinking you should do more. 

We are at the point of time when you don’t need years and years of studying and practice anymore. It can happen over night. So don’t despair. Just trust the process. ;)

- You are another Me


Keystone…. Respond to my heart!

Alain cosplay test! I still need a few things for it like some gloves, a bigger bracelet for my mega-ring, hopefully a charmander (mudkipz just wanted to join in the fun) and if I see a lighter blue scarf then that might work better. I’m pretty happy though considering it’s my first cosplay!

A mistake I’ve made in my life is that I confused settling with being grateful. I accepted mediocracy in every aspect of my life because I know things could always be worse… But now I see things could always be better too.
—  Ms. Mimi
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Stargate SG-1 meme: four quotes (4/4)

“The SGC may be the single most important human endeavor for the future of mankind.”  Jack O’Neill (quoting Daniel Jackson), Forever In a Day


Okay so
I saw this old drawing and I was like “wtf why did I think it is good enought to publish it, shame on me, shame on my cow”.
As you might notice, I love redrawing my old, poor uglies. Well, this one was a perfect ocasion, wasn’t it?
So, voila! 2015 vs 2016. I’m pretty impressed.
I’m sure it won’t take long before I notice that the new one is ugly too, but now shh, let me be proud of myself.

PS their height is fucked up, so just imagine Bonnie is 2 meters tall, Freddy is 185 and Chica & Fexy are 170, k.

…Bonnie, what on Earth happened to you.

I love seeing people complain that certain Pokemon in Sun and Moon have evolutions that don’t make sense because their inspirations aren’t the same species as the preevolutions.

Seriously?  Do you think that’s never happened?

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