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“Oh my god, what you wrote for my prompt was more than I was ever…”

But wouldn’t a healthy, non-sexualised, poly relationship still be spiting the abo trope? (Tbh I thought that was where you were heading?) esp since the abo trope is typically used as an excuse for people to get their ships together sexually afap? Whereas you’ve taken the time to have their personal relationships developed to the point where a romantic (is there a word for something between friendship and romance?)relationship is not only feasible but feels like a natural progression/evolution – rather than being shoe-horned in for the sake of the plot. The way you’ve framed their relationship(s) comes off like a really well written slow burn sorta, the romance would be a comfortable next step but not necessary to the relationship? I mean they know each other so well and they obviously care for each without the biological imperatives that are typically used to force people together in this trope. (I lack the vocab to accurately describe my thoughts sorry)

No, you don’t have to apologize, you did a fine job describing your thoughts on the matter. I was just worried that people would be upset if I decided to move it into poly territory, given I was attempting to avert the trope. Like, that by throwing them together later on in the series, it would undo exactly what I had been working towards, inadvertently or otherwise. But it’s good to know that’s not the case, and I’m still in the clear for that kind of stuff.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Progress
(Fall 2017)

Fukurodani Cast List

Bokuto Koutarou - Yoshimoto Kouki
Akaashi Keiji - Yuuki Kousei
Konoha Akinori - Higashi Takumi
Washio Tatsuki - Miyake Jun
Sarukui Yamato - Matsunami Yuuki
Komi Haruki - Takane Masaki


Lickitox - Alternate Lickitung Evolution

Name: Lickitox
Licking Pokemon
Type: Normal, Poison
Size: 6′3″ | 287.4 lbs
Ability: Sticky Hold or Cheek Pouch (Hidden Ability: Poision Touch)

Evolves from Lickitung with Poision Jab

Description: Lickitung’s gooey saliva possesses a slight toxicity that leaves a tingling or numbing sensation when it licks enemies. When Lickitung evolves into Lickitox, the toxin they naturally produce becomes more potent, poisoning opponents on contact. A special sac in their throat stores their toxic saliva; it is said that the toxin can dissolve anything, and that its virulency increases dramatically if the Pokemon feels threatened. Their long tongue is extremely deft and maneuverable, and has replaced the function of their arms. Lickitox are capable of launching their tongue at incredible speeds, with the resulting strike impacting enemies with several hundred pounds of force.

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Progress
(Fall 2017)

Karasuno Cast (Part II)

Shimizu Kiyoko - Nagao Shizune
Yachi Hitoka - Saitou Ami
Tsukishima Akiteru - Yamakawa Souichirou
Tanaka Saeko - Sadachi Momoko
Shimada Makoto - Yamaguchi Kento
Takeda Ittetsu - Uchida Shige
Ukai Keishin - Tsuyoshi Hayashi 

The world began with just one tree. One tree, one patch of dirt, and six fledgling gods. Each god slowly found their role in creating this world, their world.

All six started equal, with limited knowledge of what it truly takes to craft a new world. They began together, as a team, learning and building side by side. Through this they began to discover their expertise, their realms and roles.

The first to find his place was Haywood, the god of Machines,Evolution, and Progress. He built the devices that provide resources for the others and developed new technologies, he strived to automate and simplify life, to make everything better and faster. He brought industry to the world before the others had learned where they belonged.

The second to find their talent was Pattillo, the god of both Life and Death. He developed agriculture beyond the simplicity of trees to provide nourishment to his fellow gods. Corn, carrots, watermelon, inferium, redstone, and much more, all could be found in the farms of this god. He also developed the spawners, to safely acquire materials from the monsters that also inhabit the world.

Free was the next young god to learn where he belonged. Originally the god of Playfulness, he found his true calling as the god of Light and Energy under the guidance of Haywood. Free used the light to develop clean energy, and from there developed wireless energy to power his fellow gods devices and machines. He was the most carefree of the gods, often pulling small pranks, much to the ire of the more serious of the group.

Quickly after, Ramsey found his calling in the way of Animal Farming. The eldest of the gods created all of the animals in the world, from cows to sheep and so forth. He favored his chickens the most, however, and he bred them carefully and with purpose. These chickens of myth could provide resources to the gods, everything from iron to ender pearls, they were the pride of Ramsey’s farm.

Dooley was the last god to find his place. Originally, as the youngest, he was a simple helper. He grew tired of this role and began toying with spare materials, and discovered something entirely new. Dooley became the god of Magics that day. From blood alters to mana pools, he quickly developed his skills, creating wands that would summon water, burn foes, and even allow him to fly higher than Haywood’s jetpacks. The youngest god had found his place.

And what of the sixth god? What was his domain? Jones never truly discovered his place, but he never let that bother him. He became the god of Wanderers, of those who prefer to help and observe, and let the wind take him wherever it desired. He was there when Haywood created jetpacks, when Ramsey hatched the first chicken, when Dooley created his first rune. He helped Pattillo kill monsters before the spawners were born, and he encouraged Free and even participated in his pranks. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some steps need to be taken alone. It’s the only way to figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.

watching keith and lance go from butting heads—figuratively and literally—to openly caring about each other, supporting each other and being there for each other? watching keith and lance go from frequently taking jabs at the other and glaring at each other, to playfully teasing and having the sweetest looks on their faces when talking to/looking at each other? watching lance let go of his rivalry and step up to be the one that supports/comforts keith in one of his most emotional and vulnerable times? lance not flirting at all this season and almost always being there for keith? keith going from “who are you?” about lance to confiding in him, valuing his opinion and viewing him as important? lance being the only one who can keep keith in check and bring him back down to earth in shiro’s absence? keith trying to reassure lance about his place on the team, even though he’s not that good at it because he’s a loner and this stuff is pretty foreign to him? HONESTLY, I COULD GO ON AND ON BUT MY POINT IS:

“slow burn romance…”

“little hints that will pay off later…”

[jeremy shada about lance] “but i think there is, to some extent, at some point, you’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. not spoiling too much, but yeah. he’ll mature in all ways…”

[lauren montgomery, on expressions] “if we know that a character is feeling something about that- that moment- especially if we know there’s something coming up down the line that maybe hasn’t been revealed, but it would make that character feel a certain way- we try to insert in there a nod to it…”

among other things that have been said regarding these two and the romance in vld… no pairing fits the definition of a slow burn relationship like keith and lance do. no pairing fits all these little things that have been said in interviews like keith and lance do. no pairing has as much evidence in canon as keith and lance do. i have always thought this but after watching s3, it is completely undeniable to me… these two were meant to end up romantically involved. we literally know that lance is going to fall in love and at this point in the show, it would be very messy to try and develop a romance for lance that isn’t with keith… because he won’t be able to have nearly as much development with them as he’s had with keith… not on the same level, not to the same extent. we are only 3 seasons in now and their relationship has changed so much. it will only continue to do so. out of all the characters relationships, we have seen the development between keith and lance the most. it has always been a point to show, in some way, how they are evolving together. it’s a natural evolution. the progression of keith and lance’s relationship is sometimes very subtle if you are not actively looking for it, especially if you are not viewing it as romantic, and that’s what’s going to make it that much more incredible when they end up together. 

Reflection on Turing tests

Version française - Versión española

“I’m not a robot”. Check the box. The same thing every time. Ah, this one asks me to identify pictures with storefronts. A lot of these pics are really blurry and hard to identify, and some of them only contain part of a storefront and I’m not quite sure whether to count them or not. In any case, I do my best and click those that I think fit. It gives me a second set of pictures, and then a third before I pass the CAPTCHA and am able to continue with the registration I’m doing. Man, these things are getting tougher and tougher to pass. What does that say about technology, I wonder? Are we really getting to the point where computers are able to pass these tests and successfully impersonate humans?

After all, the first CAPTCHAs were just showing a picture of a number or a word with a bit of a deformation, one that standard OCR tools normally can’t recognize. There must be a reason we’ve switched to the newer form: OCR technology clearly is starting to be too good. The weird thing is… The more humans answer these CAPTCHA tests, the more it can teach the computers themselves to do better. And not just with a clear objective of impersonating humans, sometimes there’s a convenient excuse. Oh come on, a CAPTCHA with Google StreetView pictures? How is that not Google trying to score information on what elements are in each of those pictures, for other purposes such as marketing or advertizing?

Anyway, it all started with the first basic computers, only able to do what their human builders had specifically built them to do. Way back at the time of electromechanical calculators, which were perfected decade after decade to do more and more things. From IBM to Alan Turing’s works to entirely electronic computers.

Then it moved onwards to computers that could, given specific explicit criteria, make their own decisions. Autopilots and guidance computers in planes, ships, even spacecraft. And more and more of them in modeling and simulation across various sectors of the economy.

Following that, the fast development of the Internet and sudden availability of massive amounts of user information, came computers able to customize content and ads automatically, and the first actual bots, like chatbots. Now we were really entering the crux of the debate about the Turing test.

And finally, nowadays, between super-encyclopedic, precisely-programmed, subtle-thinking Watson, able to win at pun- and reference-filled Jeopardy, and trends in neural networks and deep learning, computers are likely to be able to learn to beat the Turing test more and more consistently. With, of course, the various applications for artificial intelligence in robots and the Internet of Things.

To be completely fair, computers even today are still just doing what they’re programmed to do by human users. But automation is reaching so many activities that maybe even that last vestige of human control might someday disappear.

And humans, in a way, are behaving more and more like computers too, with the programming being done by society and education, providing instructions to follow and telling them to shut up and follow the program. The brain? Just a CPU with RAM and a processor. Memory? It’s a solid-state drive. User interface? Sensory organs and expressive abilities. There are expected behaviors and reactions, and variations on those. Said variations are seen either as bugs, little errors that can be corrected by reestablishing the proper code through reeducation or corrective feedback, or viruses, deeper systemic inconsistencies that can be spread from individual to individual and cause problems and conflicts and incompatibilities.

So ultimately, what are we? Humans with natural, biological, still inimitable intelligence? Computers with an ability to understand our entire surrounding world and react to it and engage in complex multi-layered thought at high speeds?

Suddenly I feel an itch deep inside me. Looking around, I see someone has just come into the room and pressed a key on a keyboard. Suddenly my attention is entirely focused on him. He types in a command.

“C:\> shutdown”. I guess this is my cue to say goodbye.


Inspiration: This time I put it at the end, so as not to risk spoiling the story. This idea came from two of @just-shower-thoughts’ posts, namely:

“We live in a world where we have to prove to machines that we are not machines.”


“We rate machines on how well they emulate humans, and we rate humans on how well they emulate machines”

From these I imagined this story, told as a personal train of thought regarding the concept of Turing tests and the technological evolution leading to their necessity, with a deliberate ambiguity as to the identity of the thinker.