Okay so. I tried to do some fancy picture art/collage showing the evolution of Adam Sackler, but I failed at making it look cool.

So, here are pics of Adam from each HBO Girls season, (in order) including the upcoming season 6.

I don’t know why this is making me sad though. This was supposed to be fun. Maybe cause the show is ending? Or maybe evolution in general makes me sad?

Haha I’m sorry. Enjoy.

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Freaks and uniques: evolution's weirdest creatures
Our planet's huge range of environments has led some animals to evolve some bizarre but very useful features.

Whether it’s in response to extreme temperatures, or through competition for mates, some of the most unusual feats of evolution have to be seen to be believed. Here are some of the most eye-catching and impressive examples.


at times we are pretty , others we are the monsters lurking ;  the beauty can be sort in the details ; all beautiful and the monstrous keep on evolving as we move toward the end that never changes and we can only hope to create the kind of beauty we hope to be 

much like my approach to this painting , we build on the surface of our lives , obscuring or emphasizing what is underneath , our structure our core, to compose our selves as we are for the world to see , somedays that is not as flattering as others , somedays it’s nothing at all

much like this painting we have a long way to go before the end , and as horrible as it looks now , I could only be confident that I will transition past this phase in emphasis and not obscurity