One of my favorite ‘it" girls, Vanity Mann, better known to you all as Patty Mayo, Atlanta’s own lipstick and latex, tattoo bandit, army strong fashionista. The pictures above are from Xposure Fash Co’s Spring Fashion Show. All pictures were taken by me but I own no rights to any of the designer’s pieces. Some of the designers featured are Calapo Inc, Lakisha Beauford, ThrowNShade, BeatEarz, 3rd World, many more.

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Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” is undoubtedly one of her most greatest records alive, next to several other greats. The song came to me early this morning in my music theory course, when my instructor was explaining some theoretical aspects of the music composition at large. In essence, the record is one of the most powerful, lyrically, focusing on self-preservation and dignity. The instrumental exudes such an invigorating, empathetic and moving melody which softens the heart and incline the ears to the depth and seriousness of the text. The symphony movement throughout the instrumental is completely beautiful, and it compliments the mood of the record, tastefully and precisely.

Listening to the record definitely put me in the mood for more of Whitney’s music–who wouldn’t enjoy a little Whitney Nostalgia?


I just want them to know that I gave my all, did my best, brought someone to happiness, left this world a little better just because, I was here! I lived, I loved!

John Legend for Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"

First and foremost, I must first acknowledge that John Legend is one of my favorite male vocalist. His voice is beyond incredible and I absolutely adore his voice control. Moving on, I’m totally astonished by this cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. John’s unique and soul complimented Adele’s passion and conviction very well. The words alone to this track speak volumes and I’m at a complete awe as I continue to play this cover. Below is the video of the cover. Enjoy! 

       Songwriter, vocal connoisseur and tastemaker, Tiyon Christian, better known to the world as “TC”, is best known for his effortless vocal talent and ‘pen game’. He has done covers to many popular songs (found on his youtube channel) and they’re all beyond GREAT. This cover of [Beyonce/Frank Ocean]’s “I Miss You”, in particular,is currently on repeat. This cover is DOPE on so many different levels. First, the song is off of one of my favorite albums of 2011, Beyonce’s [4]. Second, TC’s voice totally compliments the record. Third, his arrangement is so subtle yet tasteful. Pay close attention to the harmonic vocal lines he included and the contrast in dynamics and emotion. Often times, I find myself listening and loving his covers more than the original artist. 

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–Jingle Bell Rock