The internet is freaking out over this “submerged” Central Park design

First-place winners of the 2016 eVolo skyscraper design competition have imagined a skyscraper complex that would run along the entire perimeter of the famed Central Park. The concept aims to bring the Manhattan park to more people. The contest entry suggests digging 100 feet below the earth in order to erect a 1,000-foot tall structure.

The design doesn’t just suggest wrapping Central Park with buildings. Rather, the proposal reimagines the park entirely.

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It’s 3015, and Times Square is crammed inside a giant skyscraper.

In this startling concept for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, a re-designed Times Square in a thousand years is home to a single, massive skyscraper. “Times Squared 3015” contains not only homes, shops, and offices, but also vertical farms, a beach, a miniature “mountain range” and a redwood forest. “Peaking over a mile above the city, the tower pushes the boundaries of how vertical a skyscraper can be,” explains the team responsible for the concept. “When fully taken advantage of, Times Squared 3015 proves the skyscraper typology capable of fitting an entire city within itself." 


Central Park terraform, a proposal for a radical future

As the last resort in a world where an out-of-control real estate market popped its bubble and all air rights have been exhausted, Architects Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu propose that New York City will overturn countless laws and landmarks to excavate Central Park and line its perimeter with “a continuous, thousand-foot-high reflective glass structure housing thousands of New Yorkers.”

It’s a dark vision, brightly rendered. 

The eVolo contest, invites designers to engage the public through brief, illustrated narratives, like the one above, affording them a rare opportunity for architects to reach a wider audience with jargon-free storytelling that can bring clarity to complex issues. 


Hosted by Canterbury School of Architecture, the exhibition showcases Thesis work from 11 Graduate Diploma in Architecture Students, as developed from their recent Evolo Skyscraper Competition entries. Featuring research and design into the a variety of topics effecting our urban areas today including population increase, scarcity of resources, pollution, waste management and the digital revolution, the exhibition questions ‘What role can the Skyscraper play in improving our urban areas?’

Ergodicity provides a unique opportunity to see some of the school’s most exciting and promising work ahead of the End of Year Summer Show. We would be delighted if you could join us for this event.

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