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my favorite Ghost type(s):
ALL OF THEM, no really I love every single ghost pokemon design, you will see them appear in so many other days too, I tried to only use them when I had no other option for that category (like sandygast on ground) and of course I am still following the no repeats rule…

so for this pic I chose one of each region whose evoline will not already appear on other days   
so have seven ghost 
If I were to name them they’d be: 
Wrath (Haunter), Gluttony (Pumpkaboo), Sloth (Shedinja), Envy (Yamask), Pride (Decidueye), Greed (Drifloon), Lust (Misdreavus).

anonymous asked:

The scrappers as Pokémon trainers? How do they pick their Pokémon team and which is their favorite Pokémon???

me and bee have done the girlfriends before! no yerzhi and aedre yet, but I will bug bee and cait to do them because we have their teams picked and I want to see them LMAO

I also drew ellie with the rockruff evoline here

Elliel’s signature pokemon is Sneasel, Naelia’s is Pikachu, Yerzhi’s sig is Eelektross, and Aedre’s is probably Rowlett