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my favorite Ghost type(s):
ALL OF THEM, no really I love every single ghost pokemon design, you will see them appear in so many other days too, I tried to only use them when I had no other option for that category (like sandygast on ground) and of course I am still following the no repeats rule…

so for this pic I chose one of each region whose evoline will not already appear on other days   
so have seven ghost 
If I were to name them they’d be: 
Wrath (Haunter), Gluttony (Pumpkaboo), Sloth (Shedinja), Envy (Yamask), Pride (Decidueye), Greed (Drifloon), Lust (Misdreavus).


Digifake week Day 2 - Dragon’s Roar

Another digimon design made after a pre-existing character of mine!
This one’s a demon dragon. Though it starts out as a Dragon’s Roar / Nightmare Soldiers species, it becomes a part of the Virus Busters family around Perfect level.

Name Origin: Latin and English. Rufus = red, red headed. Dragon.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Demon Dragon.
Family: Dragon’s Roar, Nightmare Soldiers.
* Demon Dragon Claw – viciously attacks the foe with her demon claws.
* Shatter Punch – punches the foe with her demon fist, with enough power to shatter rocks.
Personality: Cheerful, relaxed and outgoing, she loves being social and meeting new people. She’s got a strong sense of justice and always defends the weak, and isn’t afraid to go against authorities if she knows they’re corrupt. She has a tendency of going into a sort of battle rage in a fight.
Trivia: Digimon with combined Demon species and Dragon species data, it is rumoured it got some of it’s data from Megidramon. However, there aren’t any Digital Hazard symbols on its body, and it is said they become fearsome but justful digimon. They fight like demons, though.


??? -> ??? -> Rufudramon -> Alikodramon -> DragoonDevimon -> Valacmon

( Álikos is Greek for crimson.

Dragoon’s were a class of mounted infantry. Devil.

Valac is demon in Ars Goetia, a President of Hell. )


Digifakeweek Day 3 - Wind Guardians

Aaah, I missed a day and sadly don’t really have the time to color these now, maybe later! Imagine these guys being shades of purple, blue and black mostly.
Another digiline based on a pathfinder~
Starts out as just Wind Guardians and then the Mega is Nightmare Soldiers too.

Name Origin: Starling is a type of bird.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Small Bird.
Family: Wind Guardians.
* Magic Shield – creates a small magic barrier to protect themself.
* Summon Gust – creates a magic circle in the air and summons forth a rush of wind to batter the foe.
Personality: Excitable, friendly, kind and all around a nice digimon. They genuinely want what’s best for others and if someone is in trouble, they want to help. Percieved as naïve and childish by others because of their kindness, and that’s probably true, but Starlimon is also fairly intelligent and knowledgeable about many things. They just hate it when people are jerks.
Trivia: A small bird digimon who always carries around a bundle of herbs, it claims it can use these herbs as materials for magic spells. Mainly small and harmless, but it’s said its magic potential allows it to evolve into something powerful.

??? -> ??? -> Starlimon -> MageCrowmon -> Yatagaramon (Savers ver.) -> Noitamon

( Mage and Crow.
Yatagaramon is an official digimon, it just fits this evoline pretty well.
Noita is Finnish for Witch. )