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Dear Santa,

Oh Santa it’s been so long since I’ve written you a letter. I want so many things honestly. Material and Immaterial. I want world, peace, equality, and joy for all people. I also want 3 billion dollars and an island (Islands can be really affordable Santa, some for as low as 40,000, that’s less than a house in New York, Less than an apartment!). I could be the Queen of clearance sales and bargain bins and even afford those Louis Vuitton sneakers I wanted for so long (not to mention pay off my college debt). 

But I also want the eradication of poverty. I want everyone to at least be able to live comfortably To never have to look at their child and see them hungry. So I guess you could say I want everyone to be able to own on house and a car on their own and to together be able to send at least 5 kids to college with out even thinking about a loan or hardcore sacrifices.

But I also want high quality make up, skin care products, and precious gems (excluding diamonds!). I want to got to the spa and get whatever treatments I want whenever I want. I want a 2008 Anton Martin vanquish in black. I want to be really really happy.

I want misogyny and racism and transphobia and homophobia to go away, forever. I don’t want anymore systems of oppression or hate crimes. I want every oppressed person to truly be treated equally, not just be called equal.

I want really nice cloths and to be able to send my little brother to the UN school and to finally find waldo in one of those books. I want a lot of frivolous things but also a lot of really important things. I hope you don’t think I’m selfish Santa. I have said I want an awful lot but I do want all of these things a lot. 

So please consider getting me all of these things (maybe not the island, but everything else) 

Tell the elves thank you for me and give yourself a pat on the back for being such an awesome fellow. And remember to let Mrs. Claus know how much you love her <3



Rule #1: You gotta have fun but baby, when you’re done you’ve gotta be the first to run.

After Jackson, there’s nothing she wants more than to just forget about him. Lydia Martin was not one of those girls that spent her summer pining away after a guy that was in no way attainable. Besides, she was beautiful, intelligent and young. Lydia managed to spend most of the summer with a particularly gorgeous boy fulfilling her very womanly needs. She dated a few guys but nothing serious. Lydia didn’t want a repeat of the emotional roller coaster that was Jackson Whittemore. The first day of school, she slipped on her boy toy’s leather jacket and smiled to herself. She remembered doing something similar with a jacket that belonged to Jackson. Lydia was startled out of her thoughts by the voice of the boy in her bed. He was asking her about dating and Lydia didn’t even acknowledge him in favor of frowning and taking off the jacket. She didn’t want to date someone. He asked about having sex again and she smiled to herself, pleased with the thought. Now they were back on track. Without a word, Lydia grabbed her purse and walked out. She probably wouldn’t call this boy again the way she had during the summer. He was getting to attached and that was dangerous. 

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TEN RANDOM FACTS, GO! Also, if there are any sexy people you want to know facts about, pass this on, mishamigo!

  1. I have been very sleepy all day.
  2. most of my electronics are broken :c
  3. i made cookies :)
  4. i am trying to write smut
  5. that smut is coming out badly
  6. i miss liveblogging so much
  7. i am not wearing pants right now :D
  8. the room i am in is super hot
  9. i ate almost an entire loaf of bread today
  10. my mom is coming home from vacation tomorrow