#yoga #love From beachyogagirl - Today I really didn’t feel my best. Travel is really hard on my body. It takes me a long time to get back into a routine and my #fibro seems to flare up with inconsistency. I spent some time in meditation today seeking wisdom from God. What I heard refocused me on what it is that I’m supposed to do and how nothing is by accident. My flaws make me special. My imperfect-ness makes me perfect. I was created with intention … I know it’s extremely hard for anyone out there who suffers from #chronicpain but there is hope. Smile, because you ARE special and it’s going to work out exactly as it should. 🙏🏻 From beachyogagirl and loved by Evolation Yoga Loved by Evolation Yoga - http://ift.tt/1kGABdc