stardom is the worst: part 2

hi so hopefully you read my friend sasha’s post about why stardom is the worst and if u haven’t please do i’m just here to add onto why stardom is the worst from another fan in korea’s perspective with the more minute details of their shitty management regarding td and hell i’ll throw in evol and amazing ability to destroy all their own opportunities! incredible

stardom has always been a shithole, we knew that from the block b incident, but actually most of td has been around since before that time and were already locked into this hell, and probably had some dreams still that everything would still actually be okay because you have to have /something/ to hold onto after you sit through all of that

the stardom philosophy is: we have only one plan if that doesn’t work then fuck them i guess! for topp dogg you can see they thought they were going to promote like crazy for one year, hit the big time, and go on tour. and even though they don’t have enough fans for this, they decided they were going to continue with the tour and pretend they had enough fans to do it anyway. instead of doing the smart thing and just promoting in korea and trying to gain more of a fanbase, while not losing their loyal korean fans (which actually are now leaving, girls that had been around since the debut times). these concerts that they basically did for fucking free have not only gotten them zero money, but they’ve also destroyed topp dogg’s korean fanbase in the meantime while their intl fandom loses all interest as well!

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[NEWS] Topp Dogg's Kidoh, Yano, and EvoL's Jucy to join 'Show Me the Money 4'

Topp Dogg’s Kidoh, Yano and Evol’s Jucy to join Show Me the Money 4

Stardom Entertainment said, “EvoL’s Jucy, Topp Dogg’s Kidoh, and Yano will be going on ‘Show Me the Money 4’. As Cho PD’s label is known as a hip hop house, they’ll be showing explosive rapping and charismatic stages.

Are you excited to see them compete?

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[150812 | NEWS] Cho PD’s statement, “No such thing as a certification of contents..Kidoh & Gohn in the middle of recording”

Cho PD stated that the news of ToppDogg’s Kidoh and Gohn sending a certification of contents is “not true”.

A representative of ToppDogg’s company, Hunus Entertainment, told Daily Sports on August 12, “We have confirmed with Kidoh and Gohn’s parents that no certification of contents was sent. Topp Dogg is working with the aim of a comeback in October.”

In addition, it was revealed that currently Kidoh and Gohn are in the middle of a smooth recording.

Earlier on the day, reports of Kidoh and Gohn filing a complaint about poor calculation of profit and unfair treatment to Cho PD had circulated. Cho PD also stated that last month Stardom had merged with Hunus and members of girl group EvoL—J-Da, Hayana and Yull—have terminated their contract.

Source: Naver
Translation by: Topp Dogg Intl

Most of us fans already knew that Stardom was shady af since the beginning but instead of letting that push us away from Topp Dogg it made us want to give them even more love and support and I think thats one of the best things about this fandom, lets try our best and continue doing what we have always been doing and support not only Topp Dogg but EvoL too