I’ve made it my mission in life to use Orphan Black quotes at every available opportunity no matter where I am or who I’m with.


So as a fast update: I’m going to Las Vegas tonight to cheer on friends at EVO for Guilty Gear. I’ve been working every day for the past 3 months. And have decided to quit the second job soon to do art. I got equipment now to do speed paintings and tutorials. 

Oh and I went back to blonde for the summer. ✌


I did spend the entire weekend either driving my car or photographing my car or looking at my car or thinking about how it was too bad I couldn’t drive it and look at it at the same time*.

Really, the best moment was on Friday afternoon when I got to the vinyl-wrapping shop and saw a design that I’d conceptualized at 2 a.m. in between chapters of Blue Lily, Lily Blue made into a concrete thing — a 3,100 pound brilliant yellow vehicular weapon.

The worst part is realizing that now I can’t decide if I’m taking this or the Camaro on my cross-country book tour this July. My life is full of difficult decisions.

(for those just tuning in, the history of this car is that I spray painted it, readers spray painted it, and then I took a rag and gasoline and rubbed off the big chunks and designed this wrap for it).

*I also recorded a song, but the photos of me in the studio aren’t as sexy as these**

**also the song can’t be revealed until the trailer is done



A million years ago, I designed a vinyl wrap for my Mitsubishi Evo (top pic) as it is right now very scabby (bottom pic) — one recalls, perhaps, that I spray painted it, then let readers spray paint it in Kansas City because it pleased me to see readers with spray cans, then worried most of that paint off with gasoline and a rag, and then got restless one afternoon and dumped paint and WAR all over the back of it.

Anyway, I just got word that the wrap is finally going to the printers. SOON THE CAR WILL BE GLORIOUS and I will post photos whether or not you want to see them.