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Rex Salazar’s face in battle...

Originally inspired by kineticallyanywhere‘s earlier post (that I shamelessly added visual refs to).

People like “this kid is pants shitting terrifying.”  So I figured why not, time to go find some more examples of Rex getting way too into a fight.

Scraggy and Scrafty Headcanons

(For @charliedaydreamer. Enjoy!)

  • Groups of wild scrafties are known to beat up and mug lone wanderers for no particular reason. It is unknown whether this behaviour is innate or something they have picked up from watching humans. The fact that it is more common in areas with higher crime rates seems to suggest the latter.    
  • Scraggies are often observed headbutting vending machines until food falls out of them. They rarely eat what they receive, but will fill their flappy skin with as many chocolate bars, cans of pop and packets of crisps as they can before carrying them back to a secret place. About a third of out-of-order vending machines in Castelia are thought to have been broken by scraggies.
  • In Unova, the mohawk hairstyle is believed to have been partially inspired by scrafty.
  • Despite having a diet comprised predominately of meat, neither scraggy nor scrafty have any canine teeth. Instead, they have only incisors, which are fairly useless when it comes to tearing and chewing. They mostly swallow food whole.        
  • The non-loose skin of a scraggy is incredibly sensitive, so they tend to dislike being touched. 
  • Young scraggies enjoy sleeping in dumpsters. Public information posters remind people to check their dustbins for signs of movement before putting their rubbish out for collection, and incineration plants must also scan waste for life forms prior to its destruction.  
  • The shed skins of scraggies and scrafties, owing to their elastic qualities, were once used in the making of percussion instruments such as drums and tambours. 
  • The collective noun for a group of scraggies or scrafties is a ‘hood’. 
  • Wild scrafties, even in isolation, are never to be approached. Where scraggies can fracture bones with their headbutts, an agitated or angry scrafty is fully capable of kicking hard enough to rupture internal organs.
  • Scraggies show affection by gently butting people or pokémon with the top of their head, and sometimes by tugging at their trainer’s arms or legs for attention. Scrafties are less openly affectionate, but they demonstrate trust by looking away from their trainer and refusing to make eye contact with them. This is a sign of respect, and would, in the wild, be afforded to the leader of the hood.    

i love laura kinney. i love x-23. i love laura kinney not being sexualised. i love laura kinney canon that doesn’t adapt the prostitute storyline. i love media that draws from her original evo appearance. i love laura kinney so much.

You can never call yourself a true car enthusiast until you learn to respect all makes/models and eachother.

“I have money, It’s trust and character I need around me. Who you chose to be around you, lets you know who you are. One car in exchange for knowing what a man’s made of, that’s a price I can live with. Look at all those people down there. They follow the rules for what? They’re letting fear lead them.”

“What happens if they don’t?”

“Life’s simple. You make choices and you don’t look back.”

I Hated Incineroar Until

So ever since the release, I was never a fan of Litten’s final form, Incineroar. I LOVED Litten. Torracat looks wicked awesome. But something about Beltigre’s design seems…forced? Idk. I’m still kind of against it.

Then I had this story idea so I thought I would share the Litten-Evo love.

Ever since receiving my starter, Litten, he has been my best friend. He always had this habit of laying across the back of my neck as I walked. I called them his “piggy-back-rides” He seemed to enjoy it, and I didn’t mind. He would sleep and I’d walk the beaches tossing Pyukumuku into the sea. It was a fun thing to do, and it was quite the bonding activity.

We battled hard, trained hard, and played hard. We became inseparable. When the time came and Litten evolved into a Torracat it was an extatic moment for both of us! My little starter and best friend had grown into a big strong Pokemon! But even after growing so much larger, he still loved his piggy-backs.
He was SO much bigger now, so I had to hold his hind legs behind my back while he placed his paws on my shoulders. This never lasted long because of his new weight gain, but short bursts along the jungle trails were tons of fun (and a great leg work out!)

As a Torracat, we faced a lot of rivals, had our own foot races, and napped in the shade of resting Exeggutor. He was big enough for me to rest my head on as a pillow, my Torracat. He loved it too. Probably because it reminded him of sleeping on my shoulders when he was smaller.

Then…he evolved into Incineroar. It was out of nowhere. We were strolling on our usual jungle trail when he began bursting with light. He grew taller than before- taller than me! Before I knew what was happening, a Incineroar was standing in front of me. There was a big fangy grin on his face, most likely proud of his new achievement. Out of shock, all I had to say about it was, “You look…different. I don’t really like it.” The look of shock and pain on his face made me regret saying it immediately. I was about to attempt an apology when Incineroar bolted off into the deeper woods.

It was hours of searching before I found him again. The sun had gone down and the moon already getting low. I found him sitting on a large rock that we liked to call our mini mountain. We came here tons of times before to train and just watch the sunrise. It was large enough to just peak out over the canopy and had its own tiny cliffs and caves. Beltigre was sitting on our usual viewing cliff facing the ocean.

I walked around to the back and climbed up. I know he heard me, but he didn’t acknowledge my presence.

His back, I noticed, shared the same pattern from when he was a Torracat. It reminded me that this was STILL my Pokemon. My starter and best friend; and I had hurt him so badly.

“Hey,” I tried to start talking with him. He refused, and still sat with his feet dangling over the ledge and hung his sulking head.
“I’m…” I began, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. You have to know that it was a shock to me. I never expected you to look-” I was caught in the middle of my sentence be what I saw. At the words ‘expected you to look’ Incineroar had wipped his head at me with a fang-filled frown, low growling, and tears swelling in his eyes. I noticed the fur under his eyes had been dampened, too… he had been crying. And seeing that broke me.

I stopped trying to talk. We held each other’s gaze for a while, then Beltigre went back to facing the water. I didn’t know what to say at this point. So I didn’t say anything. I decided to sit with him.

We watched the moon dip slowly below the horizon. The sky changed from a dark, navy blue to an uneasy twilight grey. The stars, which had swarmed the sky like Wishiwashi dissapeard one by one. It was a transformation from night into day. A metamorphosis. A…

“Like an evolution.”
Incineroar turned to me.
“The sky,” I said, not turning to him but not ignoring him either, “It’s like an evolution. It looks so much different during the day than at night, but it’s still the same sky.”
I turned and, for the first time, looked up at my Pokemon. “You’ve gotten really big, and you look different from what I thought you would,” he seemed to cringe at my words, “But you are still my Pokemon. You are still my starter and my best friend; and I still love you.”
More tears began to form in his eyes, only this time accompanied by a massive grin. He flung his new arms around me and squeezed me in a tight hug. I thought he was going to break my arms and ribs! But I didn’t mention it. Being held close enough to hear him purr was more than I could ask for.
“C'mon, buddy. Let’s go home. I’ll give you a piggy-ba—…” I cut myself short realizing that I could never lift this skyscraper of a cat. The two of us shared a blank look, both coming to the conclusion.
Incineroar quickly flashed a grin and I was whisked up from my sitting spot and placed promptly on his back, arms around his shoulders, having my legs held up by his massive paws.
It took a second to understand what had happened. Then I chuckled. Then laughed. Then laughed even harder. I caught my breath enough to say to Beltigre, “My turn now, hey?” He gave me a proud growl of confirmation. I laughed again, “Well it’s about time!” I gave him a tight squeeze around the neck. “I love you, bud.” I was responded with a deep purring and a whiskery face rubbing against mine.

So we walked home like that. Being carried by my starter through the jungle trails while the sunrise lit up the new sky.

thornaw  asked:

X-Men: Evolution both wrecked and raised me. Like this shit was my middle school experience, and it's how me and my girlfriend met. I'm so glad that you're here to reblog these trash posts about these trash children. Like, I love you for allowing this content to cross my dash.

X-Men Evolution was probably one of the most amazing and best shows to ever be shown on tv and I will defend it with my last breath! It deserved more seasons and every character was amazing and I miss it so much.

Been a slow week due to crap at work and me being mostly drained. My twitter actually has a few WIPs posted though for anyone curious what’s coming on the more “larger” projects. I am slowly working on things. 

Anyways, here’s the Timburr I drew from last week’s stream as my pokemon “cooldown”. I forgot how adorable this mon is. I don’t fully mind the evos, but man, I love this base form. 
I was too lazy/sleepy to detail the wood better.