last week a lightskin guy asked me if I like white boys. He continued with “you probably do because most darkskin girls have low self esteem….” then kept going with a backhanded compliment “I love chocolate, but they’re so angry…they most of the time grow bitter because their low self esteem…..” 

I just stood there eating my pringles while he enlightened me on how much of an ignorant fuck he was.

I do date a white guy.

but I didn’t scope him out like “hey white guy, I don’t like black men because I’m self conscious sooo YOU’RE MY BOYFRIEND NOW!!”

no. It didn’t happen like that lightskin guy assumed.

I date this white guy because he makes me feel like a queen. I didn’t ever think it would get as good as it is with him. There are no catches no fine print no scams, I can be myself 100% and all he does is love me and let the world know I’m his.

So with that said, this doesn’t mean I hate black men or I “sold out”, black men are the most beautiful creations on this earth mmmph!

But i do worry, with all the abominations and exploitation of our race amongst EACH OTHER, it makes me frustrated that instead of prospering we submerge due to playing the blame game with each other. NO, I’m not bitter or angry at our black men, i just have hope that one day we’ll work harder together so that I won’t ever have to hear another stereotype due to the color or tone of my skin.