I’m gonna need my family members to understand that just bc I like something doesn’t mean I’m not also extremely eager to criticize the shit out of it.

Watch me eviscerate my favorite pieces of media. I love to complain about shit. I’ll trash talk my entire netflix queue and then rewatch half of it, I don’t give a fuck.

I’ll walk out of a movie theatre, say I enjoyed the film, and then immediately give you a rundown of all the massive ways it fucked up and how it’s many failures are symptoms of larger problems ingrained into contemporary society as a whole.

can we take a moment to just think about how incredibly scary magical healing is in-context?

You get your insides ripped open but your friend waves his hands and your flesh just pulls back together, agony and evisceration pulling back to a ‘kinda hurts’ level of pain and you’re physically whole, with the 100% expectation that you’ll get back up and keep fighting whatever it was that struck you down the first time.

You break your arm after falling somewhere and after you’re healed instead of looking for ‘another way around’ everybody just looks at you and goes “okay try again”.

You’ve been fighting for hours, you’re hungry, thirsty, bleeding, crying from exhaustion, and a hand-wave happens and only two of those things go away. you’re still hungry, you’re still weak from thirst, but the handwave means you have ‘no excuse’ to stop.

You act out aggressively maybe punch a wall or gnash your teeth or hit your head on something and it’s hand-waved because it’s ‘such a small injury you probably can’t even feel it anymore’ but the point was that you felt it at all?

Your pain literally means nothing because as long as you’re not bleeding you’re not injured, right? Here drink this potion and who cares about the emotional exhaustion of that butchered village, why are you so reserved in camp don’t you think it’s fun retelling that time you fell through a burning building and with a hand-wave you got back up again and ran out with those two kids and their dog? 

Older warriors who get a shiver around magic-users not because of the whole ‘fireball’ thing but the ‘I don’t know what a normal pain tolerance is anymore’ effect of too much healing. Permanent paralysis and loss of sensation in limbs is pretty much a given in the later years of any fighter’s life. Did I have a stroke or did the mage just heal too hard and now this side of my face doesn’t work? No i’m not dead from the dragon’s claws but I can’t even bend my torso anymore because of how the scar tissue grew out of me like a vine.

Magical healing is great and keeps casualties down.

But man.

That stuff is scary.


Bernie Sanders issues a scathing takedown of everyone who won’t call Trump a liar

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a fiery response to critics who take issue with him labeling  Trump a “liar” on Tuesday, penning a Medium post titled “What should we do if the president is a liar?”
  • Sanders took specific issue with a recent Washington Post piece by Amber Phillips denigrating the senator for lowering the “state of political discourse” by calling Trump a liar. 
  • Phillips argued several of Sanders’ “corrosive” tweets represented how “Political norms — like, don’t accuse the president of the United States of lying without evidence, or don’t accuse the former president of the United States of wiretapping your phones without evidence — have been eviscerated.”
  • Sanders was not pleased, to say the least. In his post, he burned Phillips, saying her “complaint appears to be that it is improper for a United States senator to state the obvious.” Read more (3/7/17 8 PM)
The Crisis of Governance

America is in a crisis of governance. There is no adult in charge.

Instead, we have as president an unhinged narcissistic child who tweets absurd lies and holds rallies to prop up his fragile ego, whose conflicts of financial interest are ubiquitous, and whose presidency is under a “gray cloud” of suspicion (according to the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee) for colluding with Russian agents to obtain office in the 2016 election.

He’s advised by his daughter, his son-in-law, and an oddball who once ran a white supremacist fake-news outlet.

His cabinet is an assortment of billionaires, CEOs, veterans of Wall Street, and ideologues, none of whom has any idea about how to govern and most of whom don’t believe in the laws their departments are in charge of implementing anyway.

He has downgraded or eviscerated groups responsible for giving presidents professional advice on foreign policy, foreign intelligence, economics, science, and domestic policy. He gets most of what he learns from television.

Meanwhile, Congress is in the hands of Republicans who for years have only said “no,” who have become expert at stopping whatever a president wants to do but don’t have a clue how to initiate policy, most of whom have never passed a budget into law, and, more generally, don’t much like government and have not shared responsibility for governing the nation.

As a result of all this, the most powerful nation in the world with the largest economy in the world is rudderless and leaderless.

Where we need thoughtful resolve we have thoughtless name-calling. Where we need democratic deliberation we have authoritarian rants and rallies. Where we need vision we have myopia.

The only way out of this crisis of governance is for us – the vast majority of Americans who deserve and know better – to take charge. Your country needs you desperately. 

A Druid's Guide on How to Upset the DM (And Make Your Party Love/Fear You)

Context: We’re trying to rest in an evil corrupted forest when part way through the night we’re rudely woken up by four saber-toothed tigers.

Druid: [first turn] Um, my turn right? Uh, I’m gonna try Conjure Animals. [never casted this spell before]

DM: Okay, what do you summon?

Druid: I summon… Eight… wolves. Eight wolves.

DM: [not prepared] Oh shit…

[wolves proceed to eviscerate the saber-toothed tigers]

Whole party is laughing and losing it.

Ranger: [barely getting his words out over his laughter] Oh my god, this spell is awesome. I love it. This is so awesome.

DM: Damn. When you said you’d conjure animals, I thought it’d be like 2 or 3.

Rogue: And now I’m even more afraid of [druid]. Wake her up, and either get a Lightning Bolt to the face or a pack of wolves pop out of thin air to eat you.

Comey’s statement was not surprising, but it was nevertheless devastating. To hear the head of the FBI in essence call the president a liar or wide-eyed conspiratorialist is bracing, if not humiliating, for the chief executive. And reflecting on the morning tweet, Trump now seems desperate, childish and vulnerable. He’s been tripped up by his own grandiose lies. At some level he must know it.

Perhaps now Republicans can stop treating the president’s outbursts seriously. They need to call them what they are: Wild lies and accusations designed to distract from the very real investigation into Russian attempts to throw the election his way. In just a few brief lines, Comey eviscerated whatever credibility Trump still had. Whether the intelligence agency will find evidence of collusion remains to be seen. But what we do know is that Trump will not be able to lie his way through this nor distract the public


Comey’s testimony humiliates Trump

But what we do know is that Trump will not be able to lie his way through this nor distract the public

Except we know that he’ll do precisely this, because not a single sitting member of his party will do anything about it, his base gorges themselves on his lies, and democrats can’t seem to figure out what to do about any of it.


We were playing Yawgh at a friend’s Christmas party and I managed to accidentally give my character the magical pox that make you glow blue, lose your mind, and indiscriminately kill everything that gets near you, eviscerate an entire party of travellers in the forest so bad the entire forest was closed off to everyone for the rest of the game, become a vampire, and eat everyone at the arena all in the same playthrough.

Yawgh nothing, *I* was the tragedy that destroyed this town.

The Two Resistances to Trump

It’s important to distinguish two lines of resistance to Trump:

1. Resistance to Trump’s regressiveness: repealing Obamacare, turning Medicare into vouchers (that will leave many elderly worse off) and Medicaid into state block grants (depriving the poor of health care); attacking Social Security; giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy and to large corporations; eviscerating environmental laws, regulations and treaties; defunding Planned Parenthood; putting people in charge of departments who are intent on doing the opposite of what the departments are set up to do (DeVos at Education, Puzder at Labor; Pruitt at EPA); putting a right-winger on the Supreme Court; and so on.

2. Resistance to Trump’s tyranny: repeatedly telling big lies; demeaning government scientists and intelligence officials; undermining the freedom and independence of the press; threatening critics; creating “registries” of Muslim-Americans and a religious test for entering the United States; cozying up to foreign dictators; blaming economic stresses on immigrants and fomenting public bias and even violence against them; attributing acts of domestic violence to “enemies within,” and using such events as excuses to beef up internal security and limit civil liberties; creating a personal security force rather than a security detail accountable to the public; and personally profiting from public office.

Both resistances are critical. But the second has nothing to do with partisanship or the age-old fight between Republicans and Democrats over the reach or role of government. 

Resistance to tyranny must not be seen in partisan terms. We need Republicans to join in resistance to Trump’s tyranny. Conservative Republicans have traditionally been vigilant against tyranny, and they must be invited to the cause and become part of the coalition.